Fans & The Gust Book

All the “gusts” who have signed on. Entries are listed in reverse chronological order

Name: L, J and H
Location: Essex, UK
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 13-Dec-2005 19:09

Glad you old folks managed to get Kevvo home safely ! Congratulations and thanks for the ride.

Name: kevin fleming
Location: port lincoln
Interest: Sailor
Date: 13-Dec-2005 17:28

a fine sail from any prospective. exacuted and acheived in any sea and weather that the examiner could think off. you have done all sailors proud and for us personally glad to call australia home. kevin @ denise

Name: Ann Graham
Location: Maryland US
Interest: Friend
Date: 13-Dec-2005 17:00

Hello Alex and Pete – CONGRATULATIONS -

Name: George Compton
Location: Nanaimo,British Columbia,Canada
Interest: Sailor
Date: 13-Dec-2005 12:38

I read about you guys in Sailing Anarchy.Started reading your log and put my life on hold.Wish you all the best

Name: Wendy Moline
Location: (temporarily) Sydney, mostly near Cairns
Interest: Sailor
Date: 13-Dec-2005 11:07

hi Alex and Peter – having been briefly in Hobart to see you arrive last year when i first heard of your intended exploits, i was delighted to hear your interview on ABC this evening (other things than sailing having occupied me in the meantime, unlike you two). And Jean’s side of things when she rang in shortly afterwards! Looking forward to Berrimilla’s safe arrival dockside at RANSA (or have you deserted to CYCA, Alex???)

Name: Lilian Amato
Location: London UK
Interest: Family
Date: 13-Dec-2005 11:03

ALLELUIA! Well Done & Congratulations. Have so enjoyed following your daily Logs and progress map,anxiously but admiringly,praying daily with your mother for your safe arrival. GOD BLESS YOU BOTH and enjoy your Christmas and may 2006 be a very blessed one for you and your families.

Name: JOHN
Location: DUBLIN
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 13-Dec-2005 09:43

Congratulations — we will make an extra three million pints of the Doctor today in Dublin,in celebration !!!

Name: Ken Schneider
Location: Cape Coral, FL USA
Interest: Sailor
Date: 13-Dec-2005 08:33

Just recently got back into sailing after 30 year absense.
Best wishes from Sailing Singles of SW Florida.
Goog luck in the Sydney to Hobart race.

Name: David Carnwath
Location: UK
Interest: Friend
Date: 13-Dec-2005 05:30

Bloody marvellous – and a nail biting climax, not that you probably saw that as a priority. Anyway, good luck on the Sydney leg and even more on the S2H.


Name: J. R. Smith
Location: New Paltz, NY Hudson River
Interest: Sailor
Date: 13-Dec-2005 03:00

My sailing family wishes you guys the best.Over 55 doesn’t mean you have to stay on the beach and Alex and Pete are more than proving that. A few of the other members of the Tartan owners group will also be following your adventure.Dreams transform to realities once the dock lines are untied. You have done that in fine fashion.

Name: Jennifer Rezek
Location: Sydney
Interest: Sailor
Date: 13-Dec-2005 00:55

Alex & Pete – a great big CONGRATULATIONS to you both (and of course, Berri) on closing the loop today on a remarkable and epic adventure. Hopefully next time you will have more time to stop along the way and enjoy the scenery ;-)

Best regards & see you on the S2H startline.


Name: jenny
Location: gardners bay. tas
Interest: Accidental Visitor
Date: 13-Dec-2005 00:11

as you end this epic journey I hear about you – my partner, David read about you both today in the Australian – I then looked up your log book entrants for today – I then was driving over the Woodbridge Hill – in front of me is one of the views some only dream about – and YOU – I was terribly moved to see you both and Berrimilla gently sailing up the estuary to Hobart – welcome back to Aus. David and I cannot claim to have journeyed so far and for so long, but as long distance walkers, one younger and one a lot older than you two – may that sense of adventure never leave us – or you.

Name: Graham H
Location: Hobart
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 13-Dec-2005 00:04

Congratulations and well done. I was at the yacht club to see your arrival and think your endeavours are magnificent. Best wishes for the final couple of legs of the journey and here is to the London 2007 marathon hope to be on the starting line with you.
Graham,Ceri and the kids.

Name: Dennis
Location: Dangar Island
Date: 12-Dec-2005 19:47

Congratulations, just a H-S delivery and you are home………(for a short while) You will be VERY thirsty by the time to get into Hobart on your return visit in a coupla weeks…..Once Again……CONGRATULATIONS !!!!

Name: Aleck J Poole
Location: 40 miles east of London UK
Interest: Sailor
Date: 12-Dec-2005 18:05

Ever since finding an article in the RYA magazine a week ago I’ve been appreciating the logs of your trip. You really capture those moments that would be missed if written up later. They make great reading.
Having typed one or two journals underway myself, but only in a flat calm on a jog along the coast, I recognise the gendre. I will be following your progress regularly from here on. 13th December is my 67th birthday. I’ll raise a medicine cup to you then. Good Luck!

My contribution to the verse is one I’ve left in differing forms in a few guest books.

The yachtsmans’ Success

Nothing works to plan of man
he can but set a course
and if through change and time elapsed
a goal of sorts is claimed
he’s doing well who’s reached that place
the one at which he aimed.

If consolation is required then you need this one….

The yachtsmans’ Lament.

Nothing works to plan of man
he can but set a course
and if through change and time elapsed
a goal of sorts is claimed
the chances are its not at all
the one at which he aimed.

Name: Emma Browne
Location: Keycorp, Sydney
Interest: Friend
Date: 12-Dec-2005 18:03

Hi Alex – words can not express how amazed we all are at your massive feat. Good on you, I have been following you for almost the whole trip, Ian (Dad!)& I have been regular visitors to your logs, and have ridden the waves with you. I don’t know how you do it, but it’s fantastic. Congratulations to you and Peter, Sal, Dad and I will do our best to wave you into Sydney Harbour next week! You’re so close now, just reach out and touch it! Good on you!!

Name: Ron Brennan
Location: Cadiz, KY USA
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 12-Dec-2005 15:03

Just picked up on your seagoing adventure in the latest AARP Maz. I read everthing I can about the sea and mostly sail boats, Good Old Boats maz., etc. 70 years young and still want to try at least coastal sailing. Wishing you good luck and GodSpeed!

Name: Bob Penney
Location: Casper, Wyoming, USA
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 12-Dec-2005 11:08

I am a former naval person who weathered tag ends of a couple of Pacific typhoons, and I marvel at your stamina and zeal. Bravo!

Name: Bob Penney
Location: Casper, Wyoming, USA
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 12-Dec-2005 11:08

I am a former naval person who weathered tag ends of a couple of Pacific typhoons, and I marvel at your stamina and zeal. Bravo!

Name: Amy and Greg Lansdon
Location: mountains of New Mexico,USA
Interest: Sailor
Date: 12-Dec-2005 10:55

Your adventure makes our gunkholing in the Sea of Cortez seem like child’s play!We wish you well and if you ever sail to the desert climes of Baja we will meet for a cold one.
Best , Greg and Amy

Name: Harry Webster
Location: Souda Bay, crete
Interest: Accidental Visitor
Date: 12-Dec-2005 08:32

Abolutely incredible adventure. Best of luck!

Name: Marcus Hayward
Location: Kent .England
Interest: Sailor
Date: 12-Dec-2005 08:32

Just to let you know that I am still following your progress with awe. You are very nearly there and I wish you all the best .
p.s. Berrimilla sandwiches still selling well. Perhaps when you come to England to run the marathon you might like to take a traing run down into kent and visit my restaurant where you will be the guests of honour

warmest regards

Name: Scott Preston
Location: Canberra / Sydney
Interest: Friend
Date: 12-Dec-2005 07:23

Alex and Pete – hope you make it to the S2H start line. I’ll race you down to Hobart – my boat gets in 30 Dec and then I’ll have to navigate my way from Devonport down to Hobart:-)
If you need anything transported back up from H to S, I’ve got a mostly empty Falcon sedan available on the return leg.
Looking forward to catching up for a wee little drink new year’s eve.
Cheers, Scott.

Name: Odd-Arne Johansen
Location: Norway
Interest: Sailor
Date: 12-Dec-2005 04:44

You guys rock!

Name: Philc
Location: Sydney
Interest: Sailor
Date: 11-Dec-2005 21:39

Well the two of you are an inspiration to us all. From a little foolish thought to nearing Iron Pot with a few diversions on the way.

Your writing has been great and the book will be great, but what are we to do when this journey is over. Our receptionist, who has never sailed, is hooked on the trip. She even printed out each day when I went on holidays so I would not miss out on the story. See the effect you have on the world.

I will be out to see you into Sydney, as are a number of yachts I know, so see if you can make it in daylight.


Name: Joanna Torreano
Location: NY State
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 11-Dec-2005 20:24

Saw the article in AARP. My husband and his friend are very adventuresome,so I showed your photographs to my husband hoping he WON’T get the same idea. Both my husband and his friend, live on the “edge” so to speak. GREAT photos..loved looking at them.

Name: Campbell Cooney
Location: Melbourne
Interest: Friend
Date: 11-Dec-2005 15:34

Dear Alex and Peter.
I remember when I crewed aboard Berrimilla during the Sailing South week in Hobart, 2002, you telling me that you planned to take this trip.
Embarrassingly for me, despite being a member of the media, the trip’s nearly over and I have just learned about it. So my apologies to you for not getting in touch earlier.
It’s great to hear you have made this dream come true, and it looks you it’s been a hell of an experience.
Wonderful to hear you are both nearly home, and home safely.
Warm regards.
Campbell Cooney.

Name: Bill
Location: Michigan, USA
Interest: Sailor
Date: 11-Dec-2005 11:09

Hope you’re basking in pleasant weather and fair winds, while I’m freezing my butt. My thoughts are with you.

Name: Peter Cox
Location: Sydney Australia
Interest: Sailor
Date: 11-Dec-2005 07:56

G’day Alex, & Heartiest congrats to you & my namesake for a brill effort. Without wanting to pry, I’m amazed & heartened that 2 blokes can endure what you’ve done – sail changes immersed in spray & rain + (superburbly put) tumbling warehouses going by.
Lucky there were only 2 unscheduled swims in the whole trip, eh?

Went for a sail on SH today, & asked the owner of Anthanta II whether RANSA had a good party planned. He answered – pretty much, “You bet!!!” to sum it up.

A magnificent effort by Peter & you – but now is the time to cheer up & enjoy!!

Name: Mat Gray
Location: Bellerive Tasmania
Interest: Sailor
Date: 11-Dec-2005 05:09

Alex and Pete, we have 2 young children who have followed you all the way,it looks a little like their going to get a little time of school,because theres no way were going to miss the iron pot arrival! well done guys”

Name: TLeana Sheets
Location: Indiana, USA
Interest: Accidental Visitor
Date: 10-Dec-2005 20:48

You Aussies are absolutely awesome!!!!!! Loved the pictures on your website and admire your perseverance and courage.

Name: chuck pringle
Location: bridgewater south dakota
Interest: Accidental Visitor
Date: 10-Dec-2005 20:10

read about you in the aarp bulletinboard. sounds like you are an the trip of a lifetime wish you well


chuck pringle

Name: Grady Stokes
Location: Waynesville N .Carolina
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 10-Dec-2005 15:08

Good luck…keep sailing…inspration to all the rest of us “old farts”.

Name: Grady Stokes
Date: 10-Dec-2005 15:06

Name: Peter Good
Location: Chicago, USA
Interest: Sailor
Date: 10-Dec-2005 09:35

Read about you in AARP magazine. I race on Lake Michigan, and have done a dozen or so Chicago to Mackinac races (333 mi race). Felt rather good about my sailing accomplishments until I saw the chart tracking YOUR travels.

Hold your course, sail fast, and Godspeed!

Peter Good

Name: Mr, John F.Hurley
Location: MESQUITE,Nv.89024-8000
Interest: Sailor
Date: 09-Dec-2005 23:35

I tip my hat to you & wish you the best of luck ! I have always wanted to sail around the world some day ? In fact I hoped to get a sailboat
when I retire an sail around the world. Well I hope god give you great sailing
weather for your grand trip. GOD’S SPEED.

Name: L.C. Florence
Location: Nashua, NH
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 09-Dec-2005 19:49

Read an article about you in AARP and just wanted to say (one old fart to another)I wish you both a safe trip. Glad to see someone has the courage to fulfill their dreams. Now that I know you are out there, I will continue to follow your journey. God Speed.

Name: Barbary & Bill Chaapel
Location: mountains of West Virginia
Interest: Sailor
Date: 09-Dec-2005 15:59

Kudos to you both for courage and fortitude. We are sailors returned home from the sea.

Name: Joe Casey
Location: Annapolis, MD, USA
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 09-Dec-2005 15:40

Have been reading daily since finding you two somewhere between NZ and the Horn. Truly brilliant! A book is mandatory.

Name: George R. Wiltsie
Location: Ithaca, New York, USA
Interest: Sailor
Date: 09-Dec-2005 12:31

Ran across your site when mentioned on listserv 4 my boat, a Catalina 27. Most of us only dream of doing what you are actually doing. Best of luck!!

Name: harry melnick
Location: Las Cruces New Mexico
Interest: Sailor
Date: 09-Dec-2005 11:50

Being a retired Navy man I wish you both Fair Winds and a Following Sea.

Name: Ella May Rinehart
Location: Forsyth, Missouri, USA
Interest: Accidental Visitor
Date: 09-Dec-2005 11:37

Read about you in the AARP magazine, and have visited your site several times since. Have a son who lives in Clermont, Queensland, Au. and sent him this site also.
Good luck to you, and my husband James, says “right on” he’s one of those old farts too.

Name: Joyce Hargrove
Location: Ohio USA
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 09-Dec-2005 07:19

I read an article on your voyage in the AARP bulletin. I love adventures such as this, so I am watching everyday. Hope you have a safe voyage.


Name: Stuart Murray
Location: Hampshire uk
Interest: Sailor
Date: 09-Dec-2005 03:37

I have a son living in Aus (Brisbane) I still have to work for a doller but would love to sail across to see him. It’s the dream at the moment, which I hope will become a rality. Your adventure is definitely an Inspiration.
Best of luck
Stuart Murray

Name: Ann Graham
Location: Silver Spring MD USA
Interest: Friend
Date: 08-Dec-2005 22:31

Alex and Pete, I feel so lucky to have been able to follow your adventures. I think I joined just after the S2H race 2004. I think you guys are the greatest. Here’s a toast to your bravery, ambition, foresight, determination, perseverance, and true grit! Wish you the best in the last leg of the trip and hope you are successful in organizing all the data you’ve collected – both as a learning tool for others that will follow you and as a great book to read on a cold wet winter night. I can just see you and Pete gazing off into the sunset, remembering every toss and turn, with a broad grin on your face! I hope you inspire generations of sailors to follow their dreams… Ann

Name: Jay Belsan
Location: Nederland, CO Ogallala, NE USA
Interest: Sailor
Date: 08-Dec-2005 16:35

I pulled my 7.9M S2 out of Lake McConaughy 11/25 several months after all the rest of the sailboats on the lake had been put to bed. I hope to see all the oceans of the world in the future, but for now I will sail on my lake and join my sister and brother in law in “Born to Cruise” in NC and the caribbean.

Name: Eddie Premaza
Location: Richmond Va.
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 08-Dec-2005 15:10

anxiously waiting to hear the news that you got back
love the water, sailed once for 3 days loved it.
now not able.
good luck

Name: Karen
Location: Peoria, Illinois USA
Interest: Accidental Visitor
Date: 07-Dec-2005 20:30

Hoping the best for the both of you. Read about your adventure in the AARP magazine. Love to see others making their dreams come true and proving to themselves and the world they can do it! So good luck and I will keep watching your progress.

Name: Prudence Hulett
Location: Tenino, Washington-USA
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 07-Dec-2005 18:16

Hooray!!!! what a wonderful thing you are doing! I am 62 and a runner-I also work with wolves and hybrids-grew up with a father who loved to sail and a brother who still does! I envy you and your journey-

Name: Annie Myers
Location: Kaufman, TX
Interest: Accidental Visitor
Date: 06-Dec-2005 22:52

Found an aritcle about your voyage in this month’s copy of AARP and just had to check it out. I have a fondest for lighthouses also. God be with you all

Name: George W. Watson, Jr
Location: South Orange, New Jersey
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 06-Dec-2005 18:30

I wish you all the best.

Name: John Majewski
Location: Avalon NSW
Interest: Sailor
Date: 06-Dec-2005 15:32

Hello Alex and Peter,

I just read Yachting monthly Oct. about your fine adventure! Well done for having the knowledge and courage to undertake the many unknown risks….I can only say WOW…I have only stated to read your latest log entries I find it more interesting then most sailing books as you give a blow by blow effect on your life’s.

Your effort is of special interest, for two reasons. One I’m 60 and two, I have a sailing boat that has been waiting for many years to take it somewhere other then New Caledonia. She is nearly ready.

Lately I have been upgrading her to do just that. She a vintage 1987’sh open 50′ about 8.5 tons water ballasted. Now sitting patiently on a Pittwater mooring.

Of special interest to you for your future adventures…I have just installed a wonderful new wind generator D400 made by Eclectic Energy UK… this unit give’s me more power then I believed is possible 500 watts at 32 kn. believe it or not it keeps my 700 amp hr banks full and its quiet!!!.

I’m happy to put money in your hat, as I hope to benefit by printing out your log and read all of it over the holidays with great interest.

Welcome back and thanks, showing us what can be done!!!!

John Majewski
Skoiern iv

Name: Charlie Townsend
Location: Belton,Texas
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 05-Dec-2005 20:43

Read about the trip in AARP Bulletin on Dec. 05. Good luck.

Name: Leo
Location: Melbourne
Interest: Friend
Date: 05-Dec-2005 19:29

Hi again, with things going wellish and everything getting close to fulfillment (apart from Tas customs) I thought a bit of levity might be in order, so here’s a doggeralian update with chorus…

In days of old in Sydney town there lived a modest duo
Sir Peter and Sir Alex who did make a right fine crew-o
To sail a ship upon the sea for both could grip a tiller
So one fine day, God sent their way, the lovely “Berrimilla”

She was a sturdy Brolga and her like’s not seen today
Built to last and full of class, old salts would say, “Oh aye,
Had I a ship as good as this the world would be my oyster
I’d sail the seas just as I please and come home just to roister

Oh heave away me hearty lads / heave away me beauty
We’re both ye ken true brolga men / and we must do our duty

Word spread around old Sydney town that something big was brewing
A wondrous great adventure that would need some special crewing
At least two men, though some said ten, would see the venture started
This was the real McCoy me boys, not for the chicken hearted

Sir Peter and Sir Alex knew the call was meant for them
For as we’ve earlier implied they were both doughty men
Doughty men and sailors bold, the best there were down under
But there was one deluded soul who tried to steal their thunder

Oh heave away me hearty lads etc

Sir fenwick was a sailor too, though one not quite so doughty
But living long upon the sea he was both hale and hearty
Not one to mumble in his beard within which spit did glisten
He cried “It’s sad, these lads are mad, oh why wont people listen?”

But all his fears fell on deaf ears as people chose our heroes
And several sponsors joined the fray and promised many zeroes
And Sir Alex and Sir Peter bid their loved ones “Fare thee well,
We’re off to seek adventure now, and whither none can tell”

Oh heave away me hearty lads etc

So on a bright and sunny day they gathered at the pier
And loaded Berrimilla, taking great care with the beer
For they were set to sail the world and might be gone some time
And it’s no place upon the deep to be left with only wine

And with their needs attended to they swiftly sailed away
And all who knew and loved them settled down to pray
And Fenwick in his sorrow went to church to make amends
Then came the word ‘We’re doing fine, no need to worry friends”

Oh heave away me hearty lads etc

“We’ve had some right adventures and we’re thinking of a book
And someone out in Hollywood might care to take a look
Russel Crowe could well play me said Alex, what say fellers?
And Geoffrey Rush could do for Pete what he did for Peter Sellers

Dreams aside our epic trip comes slowly to a close
Our two intrepid mariners might make it by a nose
They’ve lived in fear fo one whole year but God was on their side
And He’ll make sure when Hobarts near, they’ll catch the running tide

Hope it fits…all the very best…L

Name: Philip Crumpler
Location: Pleasanton, Ca, USA
Interest: Accidental Visitor
Date: 05-Dec-2005 15:56

Name: Paul
Location: Canberra
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 05-Dec-2005 07:29

Peter and Alex,
Have been following your exploits now since you entered the indian ocean. Your journey is at once captivating, inspirational and bloody scary. Your log entries are compulsory reading for me – I shall miss them. Thanks for taking us along for the ride, and good luck getting to the s2h. As always, I shall be cheering for Berri at the start, all the more so this year. Good luck and may the Examiner send you home safely with an A+.

Name: Ted Sakkis
Location: Castro Valley, California USA
Interest: Accidental Visitor
Date: 04-Dec-2005 18:34

Saw your brief story at the AARP newsletter “two old farts in a small boat” and don’t know about the first part of the statement but at 33′ it is really a very small size boat for this kind of journey. Been a merchant seamen of long ago myself, and sailing onboard very large ships, I know that N & S Atlantic and Pacific oceans can get very nasty some times. Take care of your selves and God Almighty and St.Nicholas (Seamen’ Patron Saint) may be with you all the way to Sidney and who knows maybe will see you around the Greek Islands next year.

Name: Timothy Booher
Location: USA Edmond, Oklahoma
Interest: Sailor
Date: 03-Dec-2005 23:59

Enjoyed all of the notes especially the storm, heavy weather sailing. Getting a 1976 Westsail 28 soon.

Name: Ed Vomacka
Location: Fort Myers, Florida
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 02-Dec-2005 08:48

I saw an article on your trip in the current issue of AARP and as as a former sailor and commidor in Oklahoma I had to check this out.

Name: Umberto “Nappy” Napolitano`
Location: Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, USA
Interest: Sailor
Date: 30-Nov-2005 10:11

Best wishes for a safe completion of your voyage. Someday, hope to buy you two a pint or two. Cheers!!

Name: Dennis Cooke
Location: Dangar Island
Interest: Sailor
Date: 29-Nov-2005 06:36

As per your special request, thought I should say Hello……….Have watched/read with interest your voyage. Very impressive, definetly insane :)
Hope your good progress continues, and you have plenty of time to pass that last Great Cape, rather than having to go via the short cut…..( some short cut ) Sail fast, sail safe !!!

Name: jason murphy
Location: syd
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 28-Nov-2005 09:14

incredable.look forward to seeing ye at the start of the passage.

Name: Leo Taylor
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Interest: Friend
Date: 28-Nov-2005 00:54

Hi Guys, still following facinated and fandoogled. Best of luck in making the deadline. Please forgive following levity.
A Doggerallian Ode

There were an ancient mariner in Sydney town of old
By name he were Sir Alex, and his tale it now be told
With trusty old Sir Peter they made a dauntly pair
And we can now encapsulate the dream they both did share

To sail the world upon the sea, and prove the earth is round
To undertake adventure and arrive home safe and sound
To go where none has gone before, or at least to feel that way
And this their tale abridged be which none can here gainsay

The rumour down in Sydney and the word all over town
Was Sir Peter and Sir Alex would prove the world was round
And to demonstrate their theory all they needed was a boat
nothing really fancy, just so long as it would float

“Berrimilla” was a treasure rescued from a backyard pool
Waterproofed and tarted up she was the perfect tool
For our hardy two adventurers to prove their noble quest
Was more than mere conjecture, they would put it to the test

So they left one sunny morning in a gentle warm up race
To a little town called Hobart on Australia’s underface
Where the people loved their “Coopers” and their marmalade in chunks
(Though overdoing either would confine folk to their bunks)

And tweny million Sydnyites turned out to give a cheer
But one old fart, Sir Fenwick, muttered curses in his beer
“Those bloody fools, they broke the rules, no good will come of this
Mark my words these two will fail, now I must needs go piss”

So piss he did, but in that world that other folk did live in
Great hope was had that these two lads would never ever give in
They’d sail their boat and stay afloat until their point was made
The world is round, the theory’s sound, now pass the marmalade.

Well done! L

Name: Miles Barker
Location: London, England
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 15-Nov-2005 18:30

I came across this site after the Yachting Monthly article – I’m part inspired, part in awe, and much more sceptical of invites to help sail a boat back to NZ….

Whatever, given what you’re overcoming, your humour’s amazing – and it’s nice to know we’re not the only ones who recognise that “restorative” is the correct term for a G&T!!

Keep your peckers up & I hope the next few papers whisk you E in time!!

Name: Katherine and Stephen Ind
Location: Walton-on-Thames, UK
Interest: Sailor
Date: 13-Nov-2005 06:10

We are fair-weather sailors who occasionally get caught out. It’s amazing to see how you cope with what’s thrown at you. We read the logs every day and worry with you!

Name: Dave Vinnicombe
Location: Durban
Interest: Sailor
Date: 08-Nov-2005 07:27

Well done guys. I truly admire your grit – and humour. I have been following your trip down the Atlantic and into the Indian Ocean. The latter fills me with dread when I see the lows streaming through and how closely the isobars are packed. Gonna be one helluva ride. Btw I built myself a Wharram Tiki 38 that I launched last year. I doubt I will ever sail in waters cooler than 20 degrees! Haveagoodie.

Name: John McCormack
Location: Chatswood
Interest: Sailor
Date: 08-Nov-2005 06:22

Am a cruising sailor and have just bought an S&S 34 which I am refitting to go cruising, and maybe a Pittwater-Coffs Offshore series. As I hit middle age, these two guys show that you can still do it if you want to and are able to get off your freckle to go for it.

Name: Nick Creech
Location: Pittwater
Interest: Sailor
Date: 07-Nov-2005 06:16

Setting up my boat for a Southern Ocean solo and managed to buy a second-hand Merlin through Boat Books in Crows Nest and thus, for what it’s worth, I know that they can reprogram the calculator as and when necessary. Hang in there and would love to buy you a couple or three and pick your brains some time. Regards. NC (P.S. Once crewed a winter season with Peter Joubert on his own Brolga. Entertaining.)

Name: Chris Yardley
Location: Hampshire UK
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 05-Nov-2005 08:30

Started reading the site about a week ago and I’m hooked. Truly inspirational. Makes me want to give up flying (well – maybe not give it up completely)and try the same caper. Will have to learn to sail first though… Have started by mixing up some Coopers with youngest son today, so getting the important bits out of the way first. Good luck chaps – keep it as safe as you can.

Name: T M Birch
Location: Wales UK
Interest: Sailor
Date: 03-Nov-2005 20:04

Love reading your stuff, planning an Atlantic crossing-Canarys Caribbean. What is a Gust Book?

Name: Ian
Location: Chatham
Interest: Sailor
Date: 30-Oct-2005 03:13

With apologies to all poets, past and present!!

Down in the Southern ocean with seas so steep
Battles Berri onward while landlubbers sleep
Waves crash down from as high as the mast
And the crew want to know how long it will last

A consultation or two with the doctor each day
Help these two old farts stagger on their way
Not for this pair are the slippers and pipe
Should I bid for their t-shirt using Hammersnipe?

They beat to the north to escape the worst
But it doesn’t work, this ploy of theirs
For the examiner hears of it and scuppers the plan
And orders more waves, then speeds up the fan

But “How did ‘he’ know?” ask the wily old pair
The answer is behind them, up in the air!
Old alby glides by all pink in the light
And reports back to ‘him’ what’s in his sight

The examiner laughs, there’s a glint in his eye
And the bomb doors are opened as alby flies by
They jink to the left and then the right
But it’s too late now, Kevvo’s covered in shite

It gets worse each day, can they take much more
For it’s still a long way to the old barn door
The folks at home read the sitreps each day
While the old farts onboard begin to pray

And it’s not over yet for while the duo heave to
The examiner plans more than a knockdown or two
Over she goes, to one twenty or more
Gear flying about to land on the floor

But Alex writes on during this terrible spell
For this old sailor has much to tell
Stories of Merlin – defunct, dead, deceased
Lost sandals and glasses on their journey east

Jammed at the table by elbows and knees
Squinting to hit one in three right keys
Pete wedged in the bog, a little unsure
Shouts that this wasn’t in the bloody brochure

And wet socks are the order of the day
For the ferals have eaten the boots away
The doctor’s on ration, this isn’t a jest
The stock is depleted in the medicine chest

Water cannot be made without wrigglies we hear tell
And the genny and solar panel are both shot to hell
The tinnies in the eski have rusted away
Someone should have given them a monthly spray

Wet party gear on to change sail once more
As Berri is nearing the elusive barn door
Then at last, it’s here, they are finally through
And their shout can be heard……WOOHOO….WOOHOO!!

Name: Ian
Location: Chatham
Interest: Sailor
Date: 28-Oct-2005 18:20

You guys have had me worried on more than one occasion just lately, the old freckle has eaten the cushion on computer chair – and the spare! Good to hear you are in the Indian now, and hopefully on the home leg. Thanks for the mention in earlier log, and I’ll certainly try to look you up in Oz. Following your progress twice daily still, not envying the conditions but sharing the consultations with you. Best of luck guys, truly inspirational!!

Name: Eric Frank
Location: Sydney
Interest: Sailor
Date: 26-Oct-2005 18:11

Keep smiling…well done so far and a great read…will miss you as a competitor in the Lord Howe race this Saturday..Best Wishes..
Eric Frank..Debonair

Name: Wockaspeed
Location: Warrawee
Interest: Friend
Date: 26-Oct-2005 08:10

Your logs have moved me and Gunter prompted me. With great apologies to Banjo I went from movement to verse. It is unfinished but maybe some of your gusts would like to help end it!
There’s been movement on the Berri, for the storms have passed around
And the breaking swell has covered her with spray
But she’s tamed those wild white horses – she’s worth a thousand pounds
I am sure that’s what her crew will always say.
She’s a tried and steady lady with a beam that broad and far
That keeps her standing up through day and night
But her aging crew who love hard sailing where the wild seas are
Are now dreaming of the land that’s out of sight.

There is Alex, who got his piles when Titus refused the head
An old man with his hair as pink as skin
Though few can sleep beside him when his socks are off in bed
He is to Berri like a tonic is to gin.
And Peter of the galley, who came to lend a hand
No better sailer ever stood the test
For even when the going was as rough as you could stand
Peter found the Doctor and the chest.




Name: Gunter Maskort
Location: Upnor, Rochester,
Kent, UK
Interest: Sailor
Date: 25-Oct-2005

I have been reading the Log for some weeks now
and had been thinking that I ought to write something for the
gust-book. But then I have also been contemplating, for some
time now, to start a procrastination society – but not yet!

Alex & Peter, you are some guys! I am yellow with envy
(good old german expression) reading your log and only wish I
could be there with you – or perhaps not, as the growling
arthritis has got me, which is the reason I gave up sailing
We may have (and I hope we did) met somewhere
on the ocean or in one of the watering holes at the edge
during the 70’s/80’s when I was in the Med/ Indian Ocean and
then did the NA, first on the ’86 ARC with Decoy (ex White
Quailo) and later independently on Maid of Hoy (C&C35, ex
Surf Scoter of Wight).
I have come across a few old
acquaintances here in the gust-book and have made contact
after, in some cases, quite a long time. For this alone I am
grateful to you and your web site. One example is Trudi Smith,
8P6QM, who during the earlier days, together with Sheila on
Grand Turk, was a guardian angel to all North Atlantic sailors
(sorry Trudi, but I had to mention this for the benefit of the
VERY few people out there who may not know you) on Ham Radio,
giving the NA weather on a daily basis and generally kept
track of all the yachts which had checked in to the net, so
ensuring a certain safety for all of us out there. Also,
thanks to hubby, who is a med. doctor, always had good advice
for any non life threatening condition on board where a
consultation with the yacht’s doc was not sufficient.

Unfortunately the NA net seems to have been dying a slow
death, due to the advent of sat comms etc.
As you are fond
of Omar Khayyam, here verses 29 & 30 of the Fitzgerald
transliteration which I thought might be fitting to the
roaring 40’s and the wx you are currently experiencing!:

Into this Universe, and why not knowing
whence, like Water willy-nilly flowing!
And out of it, as
Wind along the Waste,
I know not whither, willy-nilly

What, without asking, hither hurried whence?

And, without asking, whither hurried hence?
and another Cup to drown
The Memory of this Impertinence!

My best wishes to you and Berrimilla. Stay safe and
get there in time. (always two hands of water under the keel
and all that…..)
If you do have a party in the UK, I would
love to shake hands and ‘buy you a beer’.
Gunter (C6ADH,

Name: Stephen Ind
Location: Moorgate, London
Interest:  Sailor
Date: 25-Oct-2005 12:07

A coastal sailor – 60
miles is a big leg, for me – I’m in awe and near to tears when
I read this log. Gripping, in the extreme! I keep shifting
from my financial systems to check in for the next update.
Thank you thank you to the support team, for sharing all this.
Bon courage (and a kindly Muse) to the sailors.

Name: Jennifer Rezek
Location: Sydney
Interest: Sailor
Date: 24-Oct-2005

Hi Pete & Alex,

the log entries 23/10
brought back so many memories of the 98 Sydney-Hobart for me.
And I fully agree that during daylight hours it is such a
vividly alive and enveloping spectacle that it somehow doesn’t
frighten … but yes, its much, MUCH scarier at night.

Fingers, toes & everything else crossed for you

Name: WOC
Location: SYDNEY
Interest: Friend
Date: 24-Oct-2005 02:17

Hi Pete, The image of
you “wedged in the bog “,puts a whole new twist on the
vernacular “i was sh…..myself”.I was reading latest logs
with Cam last night and we both hope you are locked down safe,
and send all the sailing luck as you dodge the warehouses and
footbal fields of foam.Come on aussie come on !.woc and cam.

PS Should I take your invite to Ransa Trafalgar
night…given our Nelson LInk ?

Name: Les & Karen
Location: Sydney
Interest: Sailor
Date: 23-Oct-2005

Alex & Pete,
Just a quick note to let you
know we are still following your adventure. I have to confess
to becoming a Berri-holic even from the jungles of PNG while I
am at work. Its looking like I will be in Syd when you guys
get in (as long as you get a move on!!!!!) Will definitely be
there to see you in if I’m home.
Hope the weather abates a
little for you soon, and stay safe.
Would have been great
to catch up for a beer in Cowes, to follow up on the lunch at
Hobart but it wasn’t to be.
I am rostered on over Xmas, so
wont be able to do Hobart this year, but have already started
plans for 06!!
P.S You will be pleased (?) to know Mr
Kearns is thinking of buying a new boat soon. Keep you posted
on any news………….

Les & Karen
Komatsu crew)

Name: Paul Doyle
Location: ABC TV Tech
Interest: Friend
Date: 21-Oct-2005

Trying to help solve the generator
problem. Have you had any help from manufactures. I had a look
on the web site and it looks just like a Auto Alternator in a
robust casing. I suspect some salt water has got in past the
seal and has started to corrode the metal bearings. Does it
make a rumbling noise when its under load? If so its the
ballbearings. It could have just run out of lube in the hot
weather. You can now use all those skills you lernt when you
were a TiT at the ABC 35 years ago. Can you open the casing
and clean the main bearing assembly out and relubricate it
with a good bearing grease. If no bearing grease some
vassiline will do. You can clean out the ball bearings with a
couple of sqirts of WD40, clean out all the muck and dry it.
Push plenty of grease back into the bearing assy and seal up
the casing watertight.
If you leave it too long the
bearing will collapse and all is lost.
Must go ringing at
St.Phillips tonight and Jean might be there trying to break a
bell. See you, Paul Doyle.

Name: Tim Baker
Location: Sydney
Interest: Sailor
Date: 21-Oct-2005 05:05

Hi Pete & Alex,
Still following your exploits, been with you since before
Dunedin. and still much enjoying my daily fix. Now here is a
thought for your next expedition. The other day my wife who is
into Aromatherapy brought home a gadget that works off a USB
Port. So I thought that perhaps in those really stressful
moments you could go below swich on the laptop & the
aromatherapy gizmo (hoping conection to USB dosn’t crash the
laptop) & start to relax with the soothing vapours &
with a Dr.Coopers in the hand!!! Good sailing.

Name: Bill Watkins
Location: RANSA Sydney
Interest: Sailor
Date: 20-Oct-2005

We are having a Trafalgar Day bash at RANSA this
Friday night. I will raise a Consultation in your general
direction and am sure there will be many at RANSA who will
join me. Here is a story about the Doctor and Aussie
sensitivity to cheer you on your way.

Three Aussies
were working on a high-rise building project – Steve, Bruce
and Bluey. Steve falls off and is killed instantly. As the
ambulance takes the body away, Bruce says, “Someone should go
and tell his wife.” Bluey says, “OK, I’m pretty good at that
sensitive stuff, I’ll do it.” Two hours later, he comes back
carrying a case of Coopers. Bruce says, “Where did you get
that, Bluey?” Steve’s wife gave it to me,” Bluey replies.
“That’s nbelievable, you told the lady her husband was dead
and she gave you the beer?” “Well not exactly,” Bluey says.
“When she answered the door, I said to her,’You must be
Steve’s widow’. She said, ‘No, I’m not a widow.’ And I said,
‘I’ll bet you a case of Coopers you are’.”

Name: Maureen and Ralph
Location: St Helens,  Tasmania
Interest: Accidental Visitor
Date: 19-Oct-2005

We read about you two ‘old farts’ in the Weekend
Australian (15/16 Oct 05) and are mightily impressed. See you
in Hobart!

Name: Jo Johnston
Location: Kojonup,  W.A.
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 18-Oct-2005

As a land locked occasional sailor I am watching
with interest your progress.I’m also a teacher and I bring up
your site for the class, I’m trying to inspire them with
stories of adventure and daring-do!The weather sounds awful
toay, hope all goes well-bt the sounds of your sox they could
develop into a rare type of homing sox and lead you across the
Indian.Best wishes, Jo.

Name: Mark Atkinson
Location: Perth,
Western Australia
Interest: Friend
Date: 18-Oct-2005

Hi there to the shore crew of Berri

per my email, if you need a hand with organising generator
repairs/supplies anywhere in WA, just let me know.



Name: Martin Smyth
Location:  Barbados
Interest: Sailor
Date: 17-Oct-2005

Thank you Berris for taking all of us moored
ashore sailors on such a splendid voyage of adventure with
those wonderful accounts of your daily lives and thoughts out
there in the high and inhospitable southern latitudes.
was especially moved by your log entry of 30th September re
sailing in the wooly black night. Pure genius, just like the
DD. We were all there with you that night for sure – the
cockpit must have been rather crowded!
Although the
reference to tipping lids was edited out of the YM article, I
think that all of us ‘gusts’ should tip our lids (Tilleys,
woolys, Mount Gay caps, whatever is your fancy) in salutation
to two amazing sailors who have probably done more in the past
year to spreading the good word about ocean sailing than
anybody else ever has.
Fair winds, sunny skies (unlikely,
but one can be optimistic) and safe passage back home to that
well deserved celebration in Sydney – prior to going out and
giving all the opposition hell in the next S2H! A Donf!

Name: ric
Location: wesrtern aust
Interest: Accidental Visitor
Date: 17-Oct-2005 22:06

hi was told of this
website by a fellow teacher so deciced to look in.As an
amature sailor in my younger days i found this very
interresting and a challenge.I particularly like it that its
people of my own era doing this and not veging out in some
suburban backyard thinking “if only i could….”

Name: Ann Graham
Location: US
Interest: Friend
Date: 17-Oct-2005 19:39

Hi Alex and Pete.
Just back from a visit with Isabella, Graham, Rob and Mairi
and the indominable Jillis. We saluted you many times over our
early evening libation! Since coming back from the UK, I’ve
been to San Antonio Texas and between the two trips, have been
inspired for a new quilt series. I think about fabrics a lot
and wondered what the contribution of different sail materials
(hides, wool, cotton, nylon)directly contributed to man’s
success in navigating the earth. You’re almost home, so don’t
despair! Fingers and toes crossed for your safe return to Oz.

Name: Roger Holdsworth
Location: Crowthorne
Berskhire UK
Interest: Sailor
Date: 17-Oct-2005

Continuously amazed (and encouraged) by what
people can do. Sailing the family round the Solent in a 27
foot cruising boat seems a little unadventurous, but tuning
into what you guys are doing from the desk top in sunny Slough
on a Monday afternoon makes life a whole lot more bearable!
God Bless.

Name: Mark McGee
Location: London, England,  UK
Interest: Sailor
Date: 17-Oct-2005 10:26

reading your adventures with great interest guys. I hope the
weather eases for you soon, and I also hope your comms improve
too! A chap I work with here says you should’ve taken a Mac
with you – no blue screen of death!

I just bought my
first boat – GP14 dinghy, and I’m nervous to take her out in
autumn – after reading your exploits, I think I should just
get out there!


Name: Rhodri Williams
Location: Sussex, UK
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 17-Oct-2005 10:15

Have just
discovered your log and am gripped. It has brought back many
scenes from Patrick O’Brian – I know its the wrong kind of
ship! – and his descriptions of the southern oceans. What a
great adventure. Very best of luck for a smooth and swift
passage. Not too swift, though – don’t want the log to stop!
Hope the book will have plenty of photos..

Name: Marcia
Location: Tweed Heads.NSW
Interest:  Accidental Visitor
Date: 17-Oct-2005

fascinating story in the weekend australia – what
an adventure – i hope a book comes from all this – best wishes
to you both .. Marcia

Name: Charles and Louise Blampied
Location: Jersey,  Channel Islands
Interest: Sailor
Date: 17-Oct-2005

Louise’s brother, Rowley Beckett, living in
Sydney, has exactly the same boat (Django) so brought our
attention to Alex and Pete’s epic journey. We sail an X-40
mainly around Jersey and the adjacent coast of France but also
across the English Channel.

Name: Chris
Location: Auckland
Date: 16-Oct-2005

Oops you have. Found it thanks.

Name: Chris
Location: Auckland
Interest: Sailor
Date: 16-Oct-2005 17:07

Have read all your logs over the last
few days. In a sense you are right that the meaning is what
the reader takes, however it isn’t just a pointless rabbiting
on, but an unpretentious insight, blue painted butts n all
into two senior gitts, doing a sailing marathon, a watch at a
time, and despite the wet cold etc still finding time to
contemplate the stars and their own place in the overall
scheme of things. Maybe the birds have a symbolic value.
think for armchair sailors the big fear is of high winds and
mountainous seas. Yet you seem to cope with them routinely
with a storm jib or more and no mention of sea anchors or
drogues. You were going to write of handling storms, which if
you get time would be great. Your doctors seem to be serving
you well. Cheers.

Name: Jill & James
Location: Bovey Tracey, Devon, England
Interest: Interested Observer
15-Oct-2005 18:25

Safe return to Australia. Madly
envious. Plan to escape soon. Imprisoned 50 year olds who are
just seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!! Only an 84
year old blocking our way!! (she refuses to come with us – any

Name: Richard Russell
Location: Kenley, Surrey
Interest: Sailor
Date: 15-Oct-2005

Another 63 yo admirer of what you have achieved
and are still achieving. Like many recent Gusts only
discovered your amazing voyage in a recent Times. SAGA
holidays look a bit tame now! May you only enjoy benign gusts
on your way to Sydney. RR

Name: Sid Slater
Location:  Wigan,England
Interest: Interested Observer
15-Oct-2005 11:12

Another Times reader and ex-sailor.I
think that the both of you are great and wish you the
very,very best in your adventure.
Regards,Sid Slater.

Name: Leigh
Location: Hobart
Date: 15-Oct-2005 09:10

I read about your
activities in the Weekend Australian 15 October 2005.

Fantastic effort.
I was unlucky not to be offered a
berth aboard Berrimilla during Sailing South 2003 when you
were apparently short-handed, as you ‘thought’ I would be
overqualified to sail aboard. I have been aware of your
efforts since.
Congratulations on your project,
Wishes for fair breezes, I look forward to greeting you here
in Hobart in late December (?) 2006 !
Leigh Edwards

Name: Alan Leutenegger
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Interest: Interested Observer
15-Oct-2005 06:52

Good Luck Keep it going

Name: Chuck Moore
Location: Olympia, Wa.,
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 14-Oct-2005

Sounds like a very interesting trip. I wish I was
along for (part of) the trip ! On the other hand, I do like
being dry most of the time… Good Luck !

Name: Hugh
Location: Southsea,
Interest: Sailor
Date: 14-Oct-2005

Yachting Monthly then the Times and now I am
hooked on your website. I’ve rolled across a few Oceans in
“grey-tin cans” over the years and now happily escaped to play
with a 37′ Sweden. I can really appreciate what you guys are
doing and think it is fantastic. Fair winds and stay safe

Name: Adrian Booth
Location:  S Wales UK
Interest: Sailor
Date: 14-Oct-2005

Just been told about your website, really
interesting, I’m off to S America /Caribean from the UK in Jan
06, 2 on board I’m 57 and the other guy is 75, I will be
studying your experiences closely and hopefully be picking up
plenty of tips, good luck to you both.

Name: simon kneller
Location: land locked in Luton (UK)
Interest: Interested Observer
14-Oct-2005 09:29

Fantastic sailing guys! Makes my
round the cans sailing seem a little tame…still gives us all
something to aim at. Tell us a bit about your boat can we get
one…what else would be up to it how about a folkboat???

Name: Steve Brown
Location: Essex, England
Interest: Sailor
Date: 14-Oct-2005

You wanted to know why your stuff gets read? Cos
we can’t be there and do it also. This blasted job,motgage,
garden, house decorating, et al, gets in the way of my dreams
and wants. I NEED to sail. Go boys go!!

Anyone out
there in a similar situation??

Name: Jack Seitner
Location: Doylestown,  PA
Interest: Accidental Visitor
Date: 13-Oct-2005

Thanks for helping Juri, S52YS/MM on Lunatic. I
gave him your radio frequencies and he will contact you. Juri
is 800 nm behind you headed for Capetown. Jack, AA3GZ, Italian
and Transatlantic Meritime Mobile networks.

Name: Graham Battersby
Location: Cumbria UK
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 13-Oct-2005

Read the “Times” article and now firmly hooked on
by your log – only suggestion, for the webmaster, is, how
about a Glossary? Took me ages to find out what a stokie
(?)is. Good luck with the rest of the voyage and the race.

Location: Manchester –  GB
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 13-Oct-2005

Hi, If only I’d known about your achievement
before The Times article this week – I would have been on your
website every day. A remarkable adventure by two very young
mariners. I’ll be following your progress every day from now
on and hoping you arrive in time for the Sydney – Hobart race.
Good luck & God speed.

Name: Charlie Davies
Location: New Romney,  kent uk
Interest: Sailor
Date: 13-Oct-2005

Great site just found it via the “Times”, will
follow the rest of the trip, all the best from all the crew at
Littlestone Lifeboat station kent uk

Name: John Baily
Location:  Dublin,Ireland.
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 13-Oct-2005 10:46

Dear Alex and Pete,
discovered you in The Times article – spent ALL the last two
days reading every LOG entry.Having sailed round the Horn
[from East to West – the hard way !]in 1991 on 93 foot sloop
Mari-Cha 11, -18 days from Ushuaia to Puerto Montt,I am
covered in admiration for your unbelievable spirit.
to hear from so as I can boast about it .
See you at
breakfast every day.
P.S To cheer you up — we make three
million shots of your Medicine here in Dublin EVERY day!!.


Name: Carol
Location: Birmingham UK
Interest:  Sailor
Date: 13-Oct-2005 09:24

Your logs are
amazing. I am hoping to sail in the 2008/9 Global Challenge,
so your tales of the Southern Ocean are of particular
interest, even though I will be going round the other way –
not sure that’s a good idea when I read what you have to say!
Having gone through the exciting part of making the decision
and planning ahead, I now have the boring task of raising the
funds. Your logs will no doubt keep me going. Good luck and
stay upright.

Name: Tom Beck
Location: Washington DC USA
Interest:  Interested Observer
Date: 13-Oct-2005 09:16

article in Yachting Monthly after visting Annapolis boat show.
Great story! I’m relatively new to sailing (4 years) but it
gives me hope I have still have time for my own sailing
adventures. I’ll be following the rest of the way. Best wishes
to Pete and Alex. BTW, I’m also hugely impresseed with the
marathon run in Falklands

Name: Kirsty
Location: UK
Interest: Sailor
13-Oct-2005 09:11

Great site, great mission, makes me
want to be out there – I have had plans for a while… soon
soon. Meanwhile I’ll read your logs and dream…

Name: Mark Hewitt-Park
Location:  Waverton, Sydney
Interest: Sailor
Date: 13-Oct-2005

Hello Fellas – I’m reading your site daily. I
love following passages around the world and taking an
inordinate interest in Southern Ocean forecasts. Good to hear
you are on the home straight – shame it’s the longest straight
on earth! Your comments about Peter and the meths makes me
question how good Dr Coopers is and what he puts in it.

Name: Tess
Location: Sydney
Interest: Interested
Date: 13-Oct-2005 07:48

More inspirational
with every log update. Incredible adventure and brilliant
reporting of it; even the technical details become an interest
to a non sailor.
Home soon!

Name: Barry Mercer
Location: Driffield, East
Yorkshire, England
Interest: Sailor
Date: 13-Oct-2005

Hi Pete and Alex. Just been introduced to your
website having watched your performance in the Fastnet. It’s
great what your are achieving. I did the 89/90 Whitbread as a
rank amateur on Creightons Naturally so know what it’s all
about and would like too sail my Rancher 41 (circa 1969) IOR
around like you. What about initiating another global
challenge like the Whitbread for amateur yachtsmen. A case of
whisky should be the prize. The Volvo as it is now called is
such a high profile Grand Prix fixture that it excludes cash
strapped amateurs. Perhaps see you in Sydney next year. Good
luck and thanks for the entertainment BM.

Name: Jeanne Crozier
Location: Sydney
Interest: Family
Date: 13-Oct-2005

Hello to everyone following Pete and Alex’s
voyage. Stay in contact after Berrimilla reaches Australia and
let us know of your trips to unusual and interesting places.

Name: Smead
Location: Mezze, Chatswood
Interest: Friend
Date: 13-Oct-2005 03:26

Yours was getting
cold so I drank it! Whilst waiting for my second cup I was
reading the Tristan Times (a break from your logs – are you
sure you’re not is a bus shelter somewhere) and I note that
you are now a Win. What ever happened to your Hit?

Name: Brendan
Location: UK
Interest: Interested Observer
Date:  13-Oct-2005 03:20

Hi guys. Saw your appeal to let you
know who’s reading. Just started reading through the site.
Well done and good luck!

Name: Peter bailey
Location: Halifax, England
Interest: Sailor
Date: 12-Oct-2005

Keep going

Name: John Royle
Location: Anglesey
Interest: Sailor
Date: 12-Oct-2005 15:13

Is it
a gust or guest book!
Just read about your continuing
exploits in The Times two page spread Oct 11th 2005. Fantastic
achievement. Just keep going.

Name: David Gibson
Location: west coast
Interest: Sailor
Date: 12-Oct-2005

Enjoying your saga

Name: Nick Owens
Location: Plymouth UK
& Northumberland UK
Interest: Sailor
Date: 12-Oct-2005 08:43

Hi Guys!
Like a lot of folks over
the last day or two I too first came across your amazing
exploit in the Times. Incredible – well done! I hope you’ve
got plenty of good booze and music on board? As it goes in
Cosi fan tutti “Soave sia il vento …… ”
The photo of the Fastnet start looks hairy! Looks like you
were run down.

Name: Richard Clowes
Location: UK
Interest: Sailor
Date: 12-Oct-2005 08:19

Hello to you both

I have been reading all about you and would like to send
best wishes-Absolutely unbelievable what you are doing but
good luck with the enterprise.

Name: Theo Gerritsen
Location: Glasgow
Interest: Sailor
Date: 12-Oct-2005 08:06

Pete / Alex,

I read your story in the Sunday Herald in
Scotland this last Sunday.
Respect and a thousand fold.

I will be following your guys progress and wish you all
the best.
Obviously I can not denie a mild form of “wish I
was there doing that” feeling but I am by far (and I mean far)
not a sailro experienced to your guys level.
Perhaps, one
day, in the meantime I will admire from afar.

all the best of luck and it is definately worth skipping the
cornflakes for.


Theo Gerritsen

Name: Denis Watkins
Location: Pembrokeshire,
Interest: Friend
Date: 12-Oct-2005

I admire anyone who ignores their age (I am 69)
and does what they want to do. I particularly enjoy proving
that physically you can do what you want to do. My ocean going
is confined to rowing a Celtic Longboat. I like your attitude,
I love the poems and I a sure as hell love your style – “grace
under pressure” Hemingway called it. Good luck. I am going to
be following your progress. (I read about you iin The Times on

Name: John Kennedy
Interest: Interested Observer
12-Oct-2005 03:58

keep pointing in right direction

Name: Foxy Lady
Location: Surrey,
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 12-Oct-2005

Greetings from the suburbs! I should be taking
kids to school right now but I just read Times article and HAD
to check out your website first. I think this is the closest I
will come to a RTW adventure with my current domestic
responsibilites (not to mention rampant sea-sickness!). Good
luck to you and I look forward to checking up on you soon.

Name: Colin Wright
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 11-Oct-2005 18:31

I have just read the article in The
Times tonight, it is 1120 p.m. at present. I have read some of
your log entries and you seem to be having a whale of a time (
sorry about the pun). I am not quite an old codger but nearly
there at 53, i would love to try something like that. My main
interests are cricket and fishing and i would love to make a
visit to Australia sometime and watch cricket and maybe meet
up with you guys.Enjoy your trip and have a drink on all of us
who are following you with interest. What fun!!!! All the very
best Colin Wright

Name: Peter Johnson
Prudhoe, UK
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 11-Oct-2005 18:04

Hi guys, read about you in The Times
(UK) today, 11th October. You are an inspiration to us old
codgers (I’m 63) to keep going – there is always something in
life if you have a mind to do it, whatever your interest. My
sailing is done on ferries and liners but I’m full of
admiration for you guys. If you ever sail up the Tyne to
Newcastle I know some great pubs. All the best. Peter Johnson.

Name: Vincent Kerrigan
Location: wallingford.
Interest: Accidental Visitor
Date: 11-Oct-2005

A toast to you both…in fact two toasts to
you…. make that three…. Brilliant. I came home today from
the office and yet another all day committee meeting. Feeling
the usual mid week yawn, read your article in The Times and
for a while there was no domestic fence, office etc. My thanks
to you both for that. I imagine there are millions of others
tonight uplifted by your trip
For a non sailor you provide
a great window on the experience.
The nearest I get to the
water is racing sculls and fours at veterans regattas. I
thought we old codgers rattled a few cages paddling around in
the winter but hats of to you fellas.
Hang in there and
the best of luck with the rest of the trip


Name: Ian Robson
Location:  London
Interest: Sailor
Date: 11-Oct-2005

Great article in the London Times today and
inspiring website. Enjoy the rest of the journey home and make
sure you’re ready for the off to Hobart again on Boxing day
(or not?!).

Name: Pikey
Location: Gloucestershire
Interest: Sailor
Date: 11-Oct-2005 15:51

Great article in the
Times about you guys – truly inspirational stuff, if a little
bit bonkers.
I do a bit of Dinghy sailing on a pond in
Gloucestershire – not quite the Southern Oceans but we did
have 12 knots of breeze the other week…..still more than
enough for a beginner like me.

I’ve added you to my
favourites – got a bit of catching up to do re logs etc, but
look forward to doing so. Hope all goes well for the rest of
the trip – be sure to bargain hard for the film rights!

Name: Big G.
Location: North Yorkshire
Interested Observer
Date: 11-Oct-2005 15:29

Fellas. I saw a write up in the times today and couldn’t
believe what I was reading to be honest. It’s a well known
fact that the sydney to hobart race is one of the toughest of
it’s kind in the world, but to complete that race and then to
sail back to england to compete in another race then sail back
around the world to do the sydney-hobart race again is just
something amazing. I have shown the article to a couple of
friends and they were quite surprised when they read about
your exploits as well.
The only sailing I have ever done
is when I was on holiday in Venice, and even that was just a
40 minute ferry crossing.
All I can say is that I take my
hat off to you both and wish you all the success for the

Name: Joyce and Rick WYATT
Location: Mersea Island,
Essex, England UK
Interest: Sailor
Date: 11-Oct-2005

We have sailed all our married lives (55 years)
and still do so in our dotage, in a 30 foot wooden sloop
“Endil” which we have owned for 30 years ! We have read of
your achievements with admiration and wish you great success.
A fantastic story of adventure. God bless and splice the
Mainbrace.!! RNSA East Coast Branch, UK

Name: James Smith
Location: UK
Interest:  Sailor
Date: 11-Oct-2005 10:16

Hi guys, you are
certainly 2 inspirational fellas. I took part in the Cape Town
to Sydney leg of the Global Challenge this year so have a
vague idea what you are facing. When I did it I had 17 other
crew members to rely on. It is brilliant that you have set off
in your boat to achieve this – maybe one day soon I will
attmept to follow you.

Good luck with the rest of it
and keep up the humour (and drinking of course!).


Name: Simon
Location: London, UK
Interest:  Interested Observer
Date: 11-Oct-2005 04:13

article in Times today. If you’re finding discipline a
problem, here are some suggestions from the Sesostris Journal
in 1830 to keep you both in order:
27 January 1830 – James
Smith had grog stopped for throwing a bucket of water through
the port
11 July 1830 – Mr Dresser flogged for not knowing
the Compass
12 July 1830 – Midshipmen flogged for not
doing their day’s work
16 July 1830 – Unnamed flogged for
not washing his clothes
6 August 1830 – 4 Main Top men
flogged for not setting sails properly
6 August 1830 -
Cook flogged for sending bad coffee
22 August 1830 -
Unnamed flogged for not being clean
19 September 1830 -
Cook flogged for being saucey
21 November 1830 – 2
Seacurries and 1 Seachy put in irons for getting tipsey


Name: WOC
Location: SYD-EN-EY
Interest:  Friend
Date: 11-Oct-2005 01:04


Name: Austin Calleja
Location: Malta
Interest:  Sailor
Date: 10-Oct-2005 17:30

Dear Alex and Peter,

As a daylight coast hugging Mediterranean sailor whose
personal feats go no further than sailing around the Maltese
Islands in a Feeling 286 Special, I am but awestruck by the
courage, stamina and confidence you portray in such a gruesome
voyage. Ever since I saw your article in YM a week or so ago I
have been signing in to peep at your log on a daily basis. It
has become my daily dosage of armchair sailing adventure in
which I feel I am fully participating!

My compliments
for the wonderful website too.

Keep it up chaps and
please Alex, next time you come to see your mother in Malta
please let me know. I would love to join you in a consultation
with the Dublin doctor at one of the Drinking Holes on the
Island. And, of course, shake the hands of a formidable

Best Regards

Austin Calleja

Name: Riccardo Turolla
Location: ITALIA
Interest:  Sailor
Date: 10-Oct-2005 16:50

Dear Alex, I’m an
Italian ultramarathon runner with the dream to sail around the
world one day. So far I’ve just cruised the Caribbean on
rented boats and in 1992 crossed the Atlantic on a 27 footer
with 3 friends from Newport Rhode Island. But as I do love
running, and especially marathons and ultramarathons, for
which you need specific and long training time even only to be
a finisher, I’m really curious to know how you could train on
board: it sounds incredible! My very best congratulations for
your achievement… on land! I wonder if Pete is not somehow
influenced by your passion…
I will follow your progress
from here, a small town between Milano and Genoa. Next
marathon ;-) ? Take good care of yourselves! Riccardo

Name: Jez Rowles
Location: Maldon,
Interest: Sailor
Date: 06-Oct-2005

What a site ! The two of you at the sharp end are
a fantastic story and I’m becoming obsessive about following
your updates since reading the YM article. They (YM)did a
great job on you in their own right but the overall feel and
quality of your site is just great. Can’t see myself ever
doing what your doing but I know just enough to “feel” it
through your words and thoughts. Thanks for sharing it all and
stay safe.

Name: Ian
Location: Chatham, Kent, UK
Interest:  Sailor
Date: 06-Oct-2005 13:41

G’day fellas

Great site, read your updates each morning b4 work and
evening when I get home whilst having consultation. Jeez, I
wish I could have met you in Falmouth and picked your brains!!
Off round the planet myself next June, in similar size
battered boat, may even chase you up in Oz!! Good luck maties!

Name: Doug Lang
Location: Aberdeen,
Interest: Sailor
Date: 04-Oct-2005

Morning gents,

I have just read the
article about your voyage in this month edition of Yachting
Monthly. What an adventure – it sounds like you are both
liking my dream.

Good luck and take care



Name: Marcus Hayward
Location: Kent
Interest: Sailor
Date: 03-Oct-2005

Hi Alex & Pete, I too read about you in
yachting monthly, Unfortunatly. I have not been able to stop
reading your log for the last two days. My wife and I are
planning to sell up and sail and hope to make it to Oz and
Newzealand. Its a three year plan.Your story has truly
inspired me and your stories of heavy weather sailing, the
worry of us mere mortals has allayed a number of fears.Of
coarse not experienced but forarmed.Our sailing experience is
only across the english channel but building up to longer
passages, I have a restaurant and would be grateful to know
what you guys eat, normal conditions prevailing. I may put
something on the menu Berrimilla style. Good luck through the
present bad weather. Will be checking every day to make sure
you are safe.Is that the same as a consultation? Oh well down
the hatch.

Name: Dave Winwood
Location: Poole,
Interest: Sailor
Date: 02-Oct-2005 16:44

inspirational. I sailed the Atlantic from East to West in 2002
but that was a doddle compared with your trip. I’m hooked on
your web-site so I’ll be following your progress every day and
wishing you the best.

Name: Danny Palmer
Location: UK
Interest: Interested
Date: 01-Oct-2005 04:49

Read the article in
YM … Love your web site and all the pics …Very new to the
sport … Totally blown away with the spirit of adventure you
guys must install in people, particularly in these days when
every one looks for the easy option in life…An inspiration
to us all !!! … Was born in NZ (Hope you do not hold that
against me) 42 years ago and moved shortly after, dream one
day of sailing back there to see family… Look forward to
reading your logs … Thanks
Danny Palmer

Name: Helen O Regan
Interest: Met along the way
Date: 29-Sep-2005

Alex & Peter
Remeber me – Conor
Mansfield’s partner (2000 S2H)…. Well can I tell you that
Conor checks your progress daily. We are on hols and he still
has to find an internet cafe to check your progress. So even
in Italian wine territory far from the raging sea he needs his
fix of Berri progress! I’ve heard of winos and alcoholics but
a Berri holic is something else… Just bloody well hurry up
so we can have a consultation of our own with no
interruptions!!!! (I confess that I also check up on ye both
occasionally…..) God speed and keep up the informative log

Name: Paul Reid
Interest: Sailor
Date: 28-Sep-2005

Another YM reader! Great website, an entertaining
and absorbing read! You’re an inspiration to us all. Good

Name: Patrick Venne
Location:  Germany
Interest: Sailor
Date: 25-Sep-2005

Great to read your log! Wish U both the best!

Name: Richard Gabriele (Capt)
Location: Malta
Date: 22-Sep-2005 10:47

I wish both of you
the best of luck. I have relatives in Sydney and one of my
cousins races his own boat in Sydney Harbour. You may wish to
contact me directly maybe you may meet when you get home.

Best regards from Malta

Name: Selwyn Cambridge
Location: Scotland -
Scottish Borders
Interest: Sailor
Date: 22-Sep-2005

Hi there – read your article in YM, admiring your
tenacity for the really challenging voyage you are embarked
on. I hope all is going well and the winds and seas are not
too severe in the Southern Ocean when you round the Horn. With
best wishes from the Cambridge family for a successful voyage

Name: Bill Watkins
Location: Sydney
Interest:  Sailor
Date: 21-Sep-2005 17:43

Only now just caught
up on your logs to current. Great trip (congrats on Fastnet
what a great result). See you in december at RANSA. Bill

Name: Jose Vozone
Location:  Portugal
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 21-Sep-2005

Indee, there are people out here that are are
keeping an eye on what you’re doing and wish you all the best.
Hope you will be able to get some nice wind now – after all
you’re following pretty much the route that Vasco da Gama (and
Pedro Alvares Cabral – he seems to have been the first
European to get to Brazil) followed some 500 years ago. I just
hope you’re having more fun than they did!

Name: David Waugh
Location:  Liverpool, UK
Interest: Sailor
Date: 19-Sep-2005

Wonderful web site. I know many of the places you
are visiting and it’s great to enjoy them all through you
again vicariously.
Stay safe and keep having a wonderful
time. Fair winds!

Name: Charlie Youl
Location: Tasmania
Interest: Sailor
Date: 18-Sep-2005

A truly inspirational effort and great adventure.
Davenport wrote a book “the voyage of waltzing matilda” it
finishes with their arrival in the u.k. i think she was lost
in the pacific some years later she was a sister ship to
Wanderer( both built by jock muir) a s.hobt. winner.W.M
finished first but relegated.

Name: Jude Hamilton
Location: Sunderland – UK
Interest: Sailor
Date: 14-Sep-2005

Keep going with the logs as they are brilliant
reading – just make me jealous that I’m not doing a similar
trip. Maybe some day as have sailing targets I want to

Name: Lloyd Rumsey
Location: Tolleshunt
D’Arcy , UK
Interest: Sailor
Date: 13-Sep-2005

I came across your story in Yachting Monthly and
then to this web site. We own a 40 year old Catfisher (think
two 30′ North Sea trawlers bolted together) and tonight I
start my Yachtmaster Offshore theory course as the next stage
in our 3 year plan to sell up and sail. Your story reminded me
of Slocum for various reasons and I felt I had to write to
wish you well . I’m a youngster of 53 but the story of ‘Two
old geezers in a battered old boat’ struck a cord as I often
worry that I’m getting too old for my dreams . I guess you
heard the cricket results , London’s shutting down for the bus
tour at 11.00 am . Shane reckons he’s going to delay his
retirement for 18 months for the next series . If it’s as good
as this one you’re in for a treat no matter who wins. You can
keep your sailing boots , we have our own versions plus a
watch strap on me waterproof timepiece that’s gone native , a
very worrying smell.Stay safe and keep it cool.

Name: Peter Nickolls
Location:  Sydney
Interest: Sailor
Date: 12-Sep-2005

Name: Tony Hill
Location: Sydney Oz
Interest: Interested  Observer
Date: 11-Sep-2005 21:28

Best of luck to
both of you. I check your progress every day, just about. I’m
a member of Coast Guard Sydney, and would love to do what you
are doing! Your log is really interesting. Keep on keeping

Name: Brian
Location: Nottingham UK
Interest: Interested  Observer
Date: 11-Sep-2005 08:37

Details of your
voyages read in October Yachting Monthly
A fantastic
website about two fantastic people with an adventurous life on
a beautiful yacht.

Best wishes

Name: Richard Sainsbury
Location:  London
Interest: Sailor
Date: 10-Sep-2005

Again the write up in YBW made me dig deeper. Did
see the local press about you but didnt know about the
website. Good winds and enough of Dublin’s finest to sustain
Safe home

Name: Brian Shilland
Location:  SYDNEY
Interest: Friend
Date: 09-Sep-2005

EFFORT, Sorry have not been in touch sooner. just goes to show
you what a REAL YACHT and CREW can do. Hope the gear is
holding up ok, see you in Sydney soon, safe sailing. regards

Name: Tony Smith
Location:  Ramsgate, England
Interest: Sailor
Date: 09-Sep-2005

Gentlemen, I read about you in the October
Yachting World and then looked at your website. Tremendous
stuff, I will follow the rest of your voyage with the greatest
interest. Very best wishes, Tony Smith

Name: lea ocampo
Location:  philippines
Interest: Friend
Date: 05-Sep-2005

Name: Trudi Smyth
Location: Barbados
Interest: Friend
Date: 26-Aug-2005

Thank you very much for the personal message,
Alex. Well – I am not sure what the requirements for Ham radio
are in Oz, and things have changed recently, as in most
countries morse has been made obsolete, which is a pity in
many ways, as a morse signal would sometimes get heard in poor
conditions when a ssb one is unreadable. At the moment
conditions are too poor for anything to get through, it seems.
Our singlehander on the Lunatic is not doing very well, his
position yesterday at 19.00UTC was 02º25’north, 04º06’west,
wind is SSW 10k, he is getting a bit close to the African
coast, I think, I am not sure that is a good thing…..Here’s
hoping the wind will be better when you get there, keep a good
lookout for all that traffic in you area and fair winds from

Name: Rachel Harrison
Location: Sydney
Interest: Family
Date: 23-Aug-2005

Hey Unlce Pete and Alex, Congratulations on a
fantistic finish in the Fastnet Race, it is so cool. Cant wait
to start reading your logs (I find them really ineresting and
funny, although I get lost in the technical talk)and watching
your progress map for your journey home. I have kept everyone
at work up to date on your adventures/dramas/journey and the
race and they think what you guys are doing is amazing. The
Town Planners at BCC all send their congratulations.
a fast and safe journey home. The whole fam will be waiting to
greet you when you get home. Cant wait.
Love Rachel and

Name: Kevin O’Shea
Location: Sydney
Interest: Sailor
Date: 22-Aug-2005

Congratulations on showing that a small older
boat(I am the owner of Stormy Petrel) can still rate against
the high tech modern boats ,a great result in the fastnet .I
am in awe of your trip so far and await to hear about the trip
home,Good Luck

Name: Joe Squier (M.V.”Hot Ice”)
Location: Lymington,  England
Interest: Met along the way
Date: 22-Aug-2005

Congratulations on the Fastnet race. Good to see
you are both o.k. Rolex promised to check out you smaller
boats in the race and sincerely hope that has happened.

Good luck on the return voyage. The world needs crazy
people like yourselves!!

Name: Martin Smyth
Location:  Barbados
Interest: Sailor
Date: 20-Aug-2005

Thank you Berris for a wonderfully entertaining
account of your adventures so far! And congratulations on
doing so well in the Fastnet! Me has been there, done that, 12
years ago, and once was enough….. (wimp!)
I guess you
have probably left this morning (Saturday), and must be
somewhere SW of Ushant at the moment – hopefully barrelling
along with a fair wind and calm moonlit seas.
My Dad is a
doctor, and whole heartedly approves of daily consultations
with his colleagues – I just hope that potions dispensed will
last for the duration of the voyage….. will you be stopping
at Cape Town to replenish supplies?
If yourselves (or any
gusty readers with an HF radio) are bored any day at 1300 UTC,
please do tune in to the Transatlantic Maritime Mobile Net,
run by Trudi (my Mum) on 21.400 every day, for little yachts
out in the Atlantic.
Its absolutely chucking down with
rain here in Barbados at the moment, courtesy of ITCZ and
various tropical waves in the offing or summat – hope you have
a speedy and safe passage through these tempermental latitudes
and onwards back to the Southern Ocean.

Name: Victoria Wright
Location: South Devon,  England
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 14-Aug-2005

Many congratulations on your Fastnet finish. I
have been following your voyaging since my Australian cousin
drew my attention to your site. Fascinating reading. All the
best for your return trip to Oz.



Name: Lilian
 Location: London
Interest: Family
Date: 14-Aug-2005 09:21


Name: woc and cam
Date: 08-Aug-2005 11:12

Heh PETE cam diD well at world cHAMPS second in B fINAL …BUT 5 TH fastest time at regatta ..we are about to fly to vancouver for some vickery culture….hope you are well and saIling fats in Fastnet was great to catch up for a beer and a mag in lONDON… SAFE SAILING MATE AND GOD SPEED…woc and cam.

Name: Therese (Tess) McEwan
Location: Engadine (Sutherland Shire)
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 04-Aug-2005 08:18

My brother, Kevin Pavlich, knowing of my interest in sailing adventures,developed through my niece Sandra marrying Terry Sargent and their life and travels on Valhalla around Melanesia, acquainted me with your exploits on the Adastra website. Complained to Kev last week that I couldn’t find any updates – voila -. Thank you Stephen. Now I can follow Berrimilla in the Fastnet and home again.

Loving it!

Name: Alan Ewart & Barbara Goldstein
 Location: sydney, Australia
Interest: Friend
Date: 02-Aug-2005 02:42

Alan missing Pete terribly especially Dr Coopers – chips – and an opportunity to smoke a cigar. Al lost sooooo much weight without Pete – must be cutting back on the doctor.

Name: kevin @ denise 
Location: port lincoln
Interest: Met along the way
Date: 24-Jul-2005 08:20

hi guys . we have been watching it all unfold here Good luck in the race for you guys and berri now only a stroll in the park. You will soon be on your way to this great island down south. Any more help with the rig let us know . kevin @ denise

Name: Jim and Jenny Starling
Location: Pittwater
Interest: Sailor
Date: 23-Jul-2005 18:07

Alex and Peter

Read your updates every time (when we are in Sydney) Appreciate what you have achieved because we both sail as well.

Must be your 21st regular!!

Mostly your updates on the sailing aspects of the passage are clear and self explanatory. We don’t feel that we need to add to the complexity of your day by passing unnecessary comments – and neither of us has run more than a few hundred metres for years.

Nothing you have written about P’land urges us to race over there. Consistent with about five other first hand but very ordinary accounts of the place that we have had in the past two months; including one other round the world sailor, an ex-Pom that we met whilst we were on hols a couple of weeks ago, a couple who had taken their long service leave to tour Britain and Europe but decided to cut their losses after a couple of weeks and flee back to Oz and Jenny’s sister – who lives in Somerset.

Much of the rest of the world seems to be too much of a culture shock to us down under. The verdict is we don’t know how well off we are – so lets not throw it away!

Incidentally, the weather here is fine, 20-21 or 22 degrees but not a lot of wind.

Cheers to both of you and we will watch your passage in the Fastnet with great interest – have no affinity with the sailing show ponies any more though. Once would have followed in great detail.

J and J

Name: Wenblatt
Location: Siquijor, Philippines
Interest: Friend
Date: 22-Jul-2005 06:49

Great stuff, Alex! Keep it up!

Name: Tom Marlow
Location: London
Interest: Met along the way
Date: 19-Jul-2005 16:26

Thanks again for a wonderful weekend around Lymington on the Berrimilla with us land lubbers from south London, truly an honour. Look forward to seeing your progress back to Sydney. Best wishes, Tom

Name: Richard Anderson
Location: Brisbane
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 18-Jul-2005 17:54

Hi Guys,

You’re legends – I’ve got lots of time on my hands recovering from C surgery, so your logs have been great. Keep it up. See Sunstone is on the list of things to do – say gidday to Tom and Vicky for me.

Cheers Rick

PS If I could manage to get it down south, wonder if my Custom 30 Bacchus could give Berri a hiding around the cans …. :-)

Name: David Cunneen
Location: Sydney
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 17-Jul-2005 07:45

Hi Alex, Peter,

You are both bloody heros, Alex, as you know i’ve only spent 7 days in a row on Berri when she was called ‘Leven’ (84 Hobart)hats off to both of you, been folowing your progress – what a roller coaster both physically and mentally. All going to plan i will be sailing back to Hobart again this year and look forward to catching up with the both of you.

Keep up the great effort it will all be worth it…….patience and persistence always pays off


Name: Margie Woodforth
Location: sydney
Interest: Friend
Date: 04-Jul-2005 22:32

A followup to Michael Saunders log in the gust book and to let Hilary know the result of her phone call. I rang Phil Davenport’s daughter in Tas. Phil D. is alive and well and she will follow up with Michael re contact. It’s a small world! Good luck for the Fastnet race. Margie

Name: Vivien Wang
Location: Taipei
Interest: Friend
Date: 28-Jun-2005 22:04

The very first time I heard about Alexs plan was from Hilary. I was a bit shocked at that moment; I thought I misunderstood her English.

Is it for real? I was suspicious.

She nodded firmly.

I was still unsure.

Then I had the honour on board Berrimilla in December 2003, before Berri competed Sydney to Hobart. Alex was very kind that I toured a bit Sydney Harbour my very first sail in this life!

I imagined the picture of the tiny Berri in the wild ocean.

Then Alex and Pete started the journey. On this side of the world, I was showing the website, telling my colleagues about that foreigners crazy plan; how he runs his marathons that none of us has ever done at our age (or even younger).

Then Alex and Pete made it!!!


And to Hilary and the families: Congratulations!!! Thanks to your support!!!

Name: Brittany Guillory
Location: Houston, TX
Date: 28-Jun-2005 13:35

Alex & Pete,

I am so happy that you, Leroy and Karen Chiao had an opportunity to meet each other. I bet that was an out of this world experience!

Take care and good luck on your voyage!

Brittany Guillory

Name: Michael Saunders
Location: Canada
Interest: Sailor
Date: 26-Jun-2005 18:40

I was surfing the net and entered Philip Davenport into the Google search engine and your “Gust Book” (or should it be Guest Book) came up. I met Philip and his wife Rosseta way back in the early fifties in Punta Arenas (Magellan Strait).My family were pioneering residents of southern Patagonia and at the time lived in Punta Arenas. I was about 14 then and I became absolutely fascinated by the Davenport’s adventure and as a result spent most of my after school hours with them on Waltzing Matilda during their stay. I guess Philip must have been equally impressed by my keen interest as he chose to immortalize me in his book “The Voyage of The Waltzing Matilda”. As it turns out, Philip and the crew, his wife Rosseta, brother Keith and Don Brown were responsible for inspiring me to take up sailing in later years. I now live in London Ontario Canada, since 1972 and have been an avid sailor for about 40 years. I am on my 5th sailboat a 52′ Jeanneau in which I recently completed a four month cruise up the west coast of Greenland and across Baffin Bay to the Canadian Arctic (latitude 76 N) and then back down the Labrador coast and the St. Laurence to the Great Lakes area. The original purpose of the expedition was to sail the Northwest Passage to Vancouver during which a documentary of the trip would made by a French documentary producer for French TV. Unfortunately the ice did not open up enough that season to allow the safe passage for our fiberglass vessel and that part of the voyage was aborted as was the filming of the documentary. It was at this time that the true adventure began for me. The documentary producer who shall remain nameless for the time being had borrowed substantial sums of money to finance the expedition. As part of our notarized agreement I had offered the vessel free of charge on the condition that all extra equipment such as electronics safety equipment sails etc. supplied by sponsors was to be left on the boat at the completion of the trip. Also as part of the terms he was to supply competent crew and be responsible for all expenses incurred including insurance coverage for the vessel. An equally important part of the agreement was that he and his crew would return the vessel to a safe harbor namely Vancouver or in the event of being unable to get through, return it at St.Johns Newfoundland on the East Coast. In his desperation over his financial stress he tried to extort money from me by threatening to abandon me to my own devises in the middle of the Arctic 2100 miles north of St Johns Nfld. Not only was he going to abandoning me but in addition he was threading to take all of the sponsored equipment off should I not agree to pay a substantial amount of money (about US$21,000). One has to visualize the scenario…Here we are anchored off this Inuit community of seven hundred people in fifteen feet of water surrounded by gigantic grounded icebergs which are gradually breaking apart in the summer heat of 5 degrees Celsius and these guys are ready to jump ship. Any way I guess I am getting carried away here….the saga continued for a further 45 days but I don’t wish to impose on you all so if any of you are interested in hearing the rest of the story and the outcome just drop me a line, (I think somewhere here there could be material for a book).

The real purpose of this note was to ask if you have an address to contact the Davenport family though I did hear that Phil may have passed on. Any info on this would be much appreciated. By the way I take it by reading the messages in your guest book that you have another site recounting a voyage…??? If so please send me the address as I am interested in reading about it….

I look forward to hearing from you.

With my best regards,

Michael Saunders

Name: Noel & Joan Garnett
Location: Sydney
Interest: Family
Date: 23-Jun-2005 23:40

Hi Peter & Alex, Its about time we signed in. The web site is great, we,ve been with you since Hobart sharing the adventure form the comfort of land. Feeling sympathy for the sore bums etc but especially for having to have off days. Good luck in the race, looking forward to reading more & having you home safely. Love Joan & Noel

Name: Michael Boyd
Location: Sydney
Interest: Friend
Date: 21-Jun-2005 02:16

Hello Peter and Alex. Your journey is inspiring. Best wishes to both of you from Michael Pam Jessica Alice Lily and Annabelle.

Name: Ann Graham
Location: Maryland US
Interest: Friend
Date: 19-Jun-2005 14:07

Hello Alex and Pete. My bet was on June 3rd, so you rascals really put the wind in the sheets to cheat me of a Berri shirt!!! I’ve written in the past, particularly when you were rounding the Horn. Met up with Isabella just before you got to Falmouth and she gave me some updates. I am particularly fond of your reflective accounts of the visuals, the solitude, and the ambient conditions. Hope you are successful in competing in Fastnet. Will watch this space with interest as always and will keep fingers and toes crossed for your good luck and safe arrival back in Sydney later this year.

Name: Mark langworthy
Location: Sydney
Interest: Family
Date: 17-Jun-2005 09:11

Had to update my original entry after reading the logs for the last week or so.What you blokes have done has been phenomenal. Of course, it has frightened me out of taking my new boat off shore ever, but other than that I am just so impressed, overawed and generally amazed. Good luck for the Fastnet and on the trip home. Godspeed.

Name: wendy jelinek
Location: Alice Springs
Interest: Friend
Date: 14-Jun-2005 19:49

Good effort you old salts. Eleanore says hello as well.

Cheers Wendy

Name: Jackie Garnett
Location: London
Interest: Family
Date: 12-Jun-2005 17:17

Hi Pete and Alex, Congratulations on making it!! I have been following your journey with much interest. My friends can’t believe how crazy you guys are on this big adventure on a tiny boat. Now you just have to win the fastnet… I will call you this week to plan a visit to Leymington over the next few weeks. Take care and enjoy the dry land. Love Jackie xx

Name: Bob Coombs
Location: Maroubra, Sydney
Interest: Friend
Date: 10-Jun-2005 15:46


Name: mark Langworthy
Location: Sydney
Interest: Friend
Date: 09-Jun-2005 07:17

Looking forward to catching up when you’re back in Sydney

Name: Madeleine Hladnik
Location: London
Interest: Family
Date: 06-Jun-2005 19:29

Xander, so pleased you made it safely inro Falmouth-have been following your incredible journey. Congratulations to both of you. Enjoy your time in the UK and good luck for the next stages. We will be thinking of you and following you along the way. I hope you write a book when you get back to Sydney. Much love Madeleine

Name: Lilian Amato
Location: London
Interest: Family
Date: 06-Jun-2005 17:11

I have thoroughly enjoyed and been most interested in following your journey, reading your daily logs and following the progress maps. I have sent a letter of thanks to Malcolm who has been so patient and persevered in giving us his daily bulletins. Mummy and I have also kept you constantly in our prayers. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH ON YOUR WONDERFUL ACHIEVEMENT. GOOD LUCH FOR FASTNET. HOPE WE MIGHT MEET UP AT ISABELLA’S OR ELSEWHERE

I hope you will both get out to Malta were she is longing to see you Very much love. Lilian

Name: Nick and Penny
Interest: Family
Date: 06-Jun-2005 08:56

Away last week and without internet access so missed your arrival. Congratulations to you both on you voyage so far from Penny and me, we hope to meet up whilst you are here. Nick

Name: Bill Robinson
Location: Oz
Interest: Friend
Date: 05-Jun-2005 20:09

..and former workmate to Alex. Family and friends have been following all the way – highlight of the day has been reading the email! Despite several attempts to get me onto Berri (including an offer of unlimited beer) it has yet to happen – will try that much harder when you get back. In the meantime, good luck for the Fastnet and I hope that you will remain equally informative for the return journey.

Name: Leroy Chiao
Date: 05-Jun-2005 16:03

Hi Alex and Pete,

Really enjoyed talking to you guys from the International Space Station! Look forward to meeting you in England or Scotland!

Leroy Chiao, PhD

Commander and NASA Science Officer

International Space Station, Expedition 10

Name: Michael Giblin
Location: Sydney
Interest: Friend
Date: 05-Jun-2005 01:02

I’ve been wondering how long it takes to stop swaying when you get back on land after all that time at sea. I’m thrilled that both of you have taken on so bravely the challenge of your very arduous and individual endeavour.

Name: Ben
Location: Sydney Australia
Interest: Sailor
Date: 04-Jun-2005 06:40

Hey there guys ,

Just wanted to say a big CONGRATULATIONS on getting this far. You are both doing RANSA very proud. This evening after the Saturday winter series race , Janet from the club gave the crowd your location and your achievments thus far. Good luck for Fastnet and the remaining nautical miles until you get back to Aus. for the Hobart this year.

Name: sal ridulfo 
Location: sydney, australia
Interest: Friend
Date: 04-Jun-2005 04:36

Alex – we are bloody proud of you ! well done from all at home and everyone at keycorp. Enjoy one or two and a nice walk on soft sand.




Name: Bill Ryder
Location: Sydney
Interest: Family
Date: 03-Jun-2005 20:05

Sort of family that is… daughter Alana goes out with Peter’s nephew Gavin…it looks like your near your destination if not already there. As a new to sailing person I take my hat off to you both…absolutely wonderful and I look forward to meeting you both one day and hearing some first hand experiences. Best Regards, Bill Ryder

Name: Noreen Armstrong (Offord)
Location: Paddington and Jamberoo
Interest: Friend
Date: 02-Jun-2005 21:23

Great to hear that you are safely in Falmouth. What an incredible journey – have been enjoying reading your logs – some almost made me grateful for a day in the office! Overwhelming impression is that it wasn’t always easy. Enjoy that first gin and tonic.

Name: Graham Houghton
Location: Hobart
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 02-Jun-2005 18:53

May I just take this opportunity to congratulate you on reaching mother England!! You and your team have achieved something that you should be admired and respected for. Thanks for the daily logs, stories etc and enjoy the rest of your adventure, we will be with you all the way in thought and spirit.

Graham, Ceri, Kaitlin and Sal.

Name: Sue & Paul Harris
Location: Falmouth, England
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 02-Jun-2005 18:18

Congratulations on your incredible journey. We met your brother/sister-in-law on Pendennis Point when he asked to borrow our binoculars to see you coming in. We just had to stay and watch your arrival and made our way home after you had passed by Black Rock. Well done to you both – Best Regards

Name: gary leahey
Location: sydney
Interest: Family
Date: 02-Jun-2005 18:12

Congratulations on arriving in Falmouth…….you deserve a few pints and a safe trip home.

Name: john sutherland
Location: hobart
Interest: Family
Date: 02-Jun-2005 08:31

after so many hobarts arriving at all hours i am sorry i can’t be there to greet you in uk but thinking of you any way

john alex and jane

Name: Gordon Smith
Location: Lake
Interest: Family
Date: 02-Jun-2005 05:09

Name: Robert Baker
Location: Sydney
Interest: Friend
Date: 01-Jun-2005 19:21

Ever since you tried the Sydney to Rio in c.1980, I had no doubt you would go it again…and succeed. And to have Pete take a guernsey, what a team. Robert

Name: greg
Location: down under
Interest: Friend
Date: 01-Jun-2005 04:08

Mother England in sight well done guys. Alex i was thinking of you at dinner in SanDiego last Saturday night on the deck of the USS Midway. May the sea lanes be clear for your arrival in Plymouth?

Name: Rob Keith
Location: Adelaide
Interest: Sailor
Date: 01-Jun-2005 02:32

Luv your attitude.

Concurs with mine

Keep it going

i will watch progress and email eplies with relish

Name: Justine Del-Grande
Location: Sydney
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 31-May-2005 21:23

Ahoy Alex! Best of luck with the final leg of your voyage. Congratulations on living out your dream. Your daily updates (which I occasionally read between breaks at work) have made morning coffees a whole new experience. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

Name: ted harrison
Location: Sydney
Interest: Family
Date: 31-May-2005 04:19

Read your line about the last fresh egg covered with vasoline.Strange.My favourite is hot and runny dipped with little soldiers.Checking your progress every day. Stay safe. Ted

Name: kevin @denise 
Location: port lincoln
Interest: Sailor
Date: 30-May-2005 18:54

Alex @ Pete. A fine voyage for any vessel and any crew. You have climbed the “HORN” the everest of every sailors dream and then sum. In spirit We are on board with you untill you sail safely back through the heads. kevin @ denise

Location: SYDNEY
Interest: Friend
Date: 30-May-2005 05:56

Hi Croz.


I was telling your story to the Headmaster of The King’s School ( Cam’s school) and as an Englishman and a sailor he was very interested ….after your epic how does the challenge of telling your story to a bunch of students appeal ?. mate this straight out of ‘BOYS OWN ADVENTURES”. Alex King’s has a connection with Scott ( Antartic expedition )as an old boy…he went a bit further south!!!.

Enjoy the layover ..I hope I can see you in UK.


Name: Chris Harrison ( Croziers)
Location: Sydney.
Interest: Family
Date: 28-May-2005 01:51

The Intensive Reading classes at Belmore South P.S.are following your progress.

They love hearing about Peter having to sew up the ripped sail and showering in the rain and having a sore bum. Ideas for a children’s book perhaps???

Name: Olivia Whitworth
Location: London, England
Interest: Family
Date: 25-May-2005 23:41

Good luck, and see you when you reach land.

Name: David Forrest
Location: Richmond, Virginia USA
Date: 25-May-2005 19:04

Alex Peter Gang -

I sent you a long email on April 8, 2005 telling you how much I have enjoyed reading your Log since February. I’m putting this short message in your gust book to let you know that I am still reading but I don’t want to take up bandwidth by sending you an email.

If you didn’t receive the April email, let me know and I will send it to you again when bandwidth is more plentiful.

I just found the links to all the pictures of the voyage up to the Falklands. They are so interesting. Thank you for uploading them.

Keep on keeping on …

Name: Simon Blundell
Location: Avalon, Sydney
Interest: Sailor
Date: 24-May-2005 20:53

I hope that my “Software-On-Board” has allowed you to spend less time looking at the sun through a sextant, and more time looking for a space-ship through binoculars! I can’t help seeing some strange irony in that man hasn’t walked on Mars because the sociologists can’t find a crew compatible for close-quarters living for 7 months – your next journey should take you closer to the ISS – I reckon you two would get to Mars without breaking a sweat…

It’s been terrific following your logs, I wish you all the best for the 2nd half of your adventure.

Name: JeanPaul Harris
Location: Sydney
Interest: Sailor
Date: 22-May-2005 18:26

I first met Alex after losing a ride in a Friday RANSA Twilight (It turns out the boat sank, but that is another story). I meandered up to the bar in my best salty sailing gear, asked for a foamy, and yelled,” Anybody lookin’ for crew?”

Several blank stares were returned and few hairy eyeballs were cast in my direction. Feeling smallish, I quickly finished my beer and headed for the exit. On the way out, someone mumbled behind me, “Have a look at the CYC for Alex on Berrimilla, he’s short tonight.” I tossed a quick thanks over my shoulder & smiled. It’s looking up!

Meeting Alex is what I remember most about the first sail on Berri. With the full complement of experience & training a skipper must have, how did Alex find the time learning to become such a well mannered gentleman as well? 10 Minutes of chatting & I felt at home. That was the first of several twilights with Alex and Berri. I hope there are more to follow!

I remember Alex mentioning this round the world trip, & I am glad that he has had the chance to take up the challenge!.

I will follow Alex, Peter & Berri with great interest, and look forward to their return!

Name: Elaine Phillips
Location: Sydney
Interest: Met along the way
Date: 21-May-2005 00:58

Paul Doyle, one of my bellringing mates, suggested I visit your website. He said I would find it interesting and amusing. I have found it that – congratulations on your bravery, perserverance and studied use of your medicine cabinet. I’ve always thought there was a great affinity beween sailing and bellringers. There seems to be a disproportionate number of bellringers who go sailing (or at least that’s their excuse on Sunday morning).

Name: kurt St Amant
Location: USA California
Interest: Sailor
Date: 17-May-2005 22:43

looks like alot of fun- I’m hoping to cruise someday too! I’ve a catalina 27 now and am learning the ropes.


I’ll go have a beer for you right now

Name: Mary Oxley
Location: Sydney
Interest: Friend
Date: 17-May-2005 01:33

Hi Alex & Peter,

Have been thinking alot about you both since you took off on your wild adventure, sorry it has taken me this long to get in touch with you. What you are both doing is just amazing, it is inspiring to have met two crazy men like you. Happy sailing days and you never know might get to see you in the UK, heading back to Europe for a short break. Take care , all my love .. Mary xx

Name: Helen Jackson
Location: sydney
Date: 16-May-2005 22:00

are you going for a guinness world record?

it seems to me that you have not stopped sailing for a VERY LONG time.


Name: Michelle (Crozier) & Michael Drogaris
Location: Sydney
Interest: Family
Date: 16-May-2005 20:33

Hi Uncle Pete and Alex!!!

Love reading your logs!!! You guys are the topic of conversation all the time -we are always taling amongst the family about what your latest news was!! What are we going to talk about when you get back!!!

Stay safe, keep the adventures coming, and keep your bums well padded!!

Name: Siobhan
Location: London
Interest: Family
Date: 16-May-2005 11:57

Hi there Pete and Alex,

Wow, the site now looks terrific! My congrats to Malcolm. I have only ever been logging in to read your log entries, and today is the first day since you set off that I bothered to scroll down… and I find all this great stuff.

Anyway, hope all is well and your bums aren’t too bad.

Looking forward to seeing you in Blighty.

Lots and lots of love, Siobhan.

PS, sorry it’s taken me so long to write in the Gust book, I didn’t know where it was!!


Name: James Dean 
Location: Sydney
Interest: Accidental Visitor
Date: 14-May-2005 03:23

Hello boys! Sounds like I would have needed the stoogies and bucket for some of it. Am keeping tabs on you and considering rides for the S2H. Getting in some training on bow of a Syd 38! (just to maintain the standards needed for berri) and keeping an eye on Hilary!

Name: David Carnwath
Location: London
Interest: Friend
Date: 12-May-2005 13:20

I see Laura has beaten me to it! I’ve been following the whole journey with ever increasing wonder! God knows how you do it but I hope at least some of us will be around when you arrive.

Name: Paul Doyle
Location: Sydney ABC
Interest: Friend
Date: 12-May-2005 08:44


The big question from the lads at the ABC Tech Services (techos) is, was the weight of medicines leaving port greater than the weight of the boat?

Name: Laura Carnwath
Location: Internet cafes around Australia as I make a whistlestop farewell tour…
Interest: Friend
Date: 11-May-2005 23:33

On behalf of all the Scarlettinis and CYC riff raff, plus my parents & sailing buddies at home, keep the updates coming & may all your gusts blow you smoothly in the right direction!

Name: Dianne and Richard Petrie
Location: Sydney, Australia
Interest: Friend
Date: 11-May-2005 01:43

Hi there Pete and Alex – we are back from our 4 weeks overseas which seems trivial to what you are doing. We have left Ben behind in the UK!!! Looks like I have a lot of reading to catch up on so we will get the boss over for a meal and get the gossip first hand. Cheers from Gusts Dianne and Richard

Name: Dave
Location: Australia
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 10-May-2005 08:09

I think your trip is fantastic and shows a whole range of people what can be done on a small yacht with (I assume) a limited budget. It’s a really great effort.

Interest: Friend
Date: 10-May-2005 06:44

Really enjoy following thejourney,mind you I don’t envy you both in the conditions you have experienced. Keep smiling,and churning out the news. Safe sailing.

Name: Allan Fenwick
Location: wangi wangi
Interest: Friend
Date: 10-May-2005 05:04

Friend,sailor, met along the way, and interested observer. Constant critic of this pair of boofheads living thir dream, but with them and support them in every way. Good luck boys, Where do I send my $10 to start the fund to get you back.

Name: George Gondor
Location: Canberra
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 09-May-2005 22:10

I’ve met you shortly in Hobart, and I follow your trip regularly.

Good luck George

Name: Mark Macaulay
Location: Drummoyne
Date: 09-May-2005 19:30

Gary Leahey alerted me to your site. I’m a lifetime ‘boater’ and have been following your voyage with interest. Good luck for the remainder of the journey.

Name: Rik Dovey
Location: Singapore
Interest: Sailor
Date: 09-May-2005 04:35

Now it’s 21 or so following along, good luck guys and just remember the southern knockdowns were preparation for the weather you’ll “enjoy” when you tie up in the UK (suggestion: keep going).

Name: Mitch Miller
Location: Neutral Bay
Interest: Sailor
Date: 09-May-2005 01:35

Your entries are addictive reading and it’s great to be transported to your world with each entry I read in the Log.

Name: Graham Jackson
Location: Gosford
Interest: Sailor
Date: 08-May-2005 22:14

Name: Hugh Ellis
Location: Mount Eliza Victoria
Interest: Sailor
Date: 07-May-2005 05:44

Owner of Northshore 38 (swordfish) met at CYC before returning my boat to Melbourne. I will be sorry to see the guys finish as it is a fantastic trip to watch form home.

Name: Helga Diamond
Location: Sydney
Date: 05-May-2005 19:53

Hi Alex & Pete, it’s Helga (Sylvara sheet person), I’m the one in the York Street office dreaming about exchanging my pc for a little yacht travelling round the world. But only as long as it could call into a port every night….

Anyway, just wanted to mention, are you 2 strapped in? You can’t tell by the photo at the top of the website. My brother and his mates were taking a boat from Florida across the Atlantic and they were hit by a freak (unexpected) wave. He’s only still there because he was strapped in and his mates hauled him back on board. Then he stayed in his wet clothes and ended up with hypothermia, but that’s another story. Am enjoying your log. It makes a great and realistic read….

all the best for the next leg


Name: Caro Sternberg
Location: Birmingham England
Interest: Sailor
Date: 05-May-2005 12:31

Don’t know if I’m a friend or sailor since I’m now living so far from the water. Maybe friend while in England and will be sailor again when I get back to Oz. Look forward to sharing a beer and a few tales when you get here.

Name: Phil Walker
Location: Queensland. Australia
Interest: Sailor
Date: 05-May-2005 10:23

Hi guys! Thanks for; ensureing my long night shifts are complete with entertainment and education. In particular appreciative of preparation and provisioning details. Don’t forget to keep giving insight by describing the the things and processes you take for granted – like your watch system and how it came about. I’m already looking for some ‘gucci’ dorade vents.

SV Glory Days, Sayer 38, Mooloolaba

Name: Peter Shute (ex Adastra)
Location: Brisbane
Date: 05-May-2005 07:53

While searching the web site to sign in as a guest

And write a line or two in jest

I found I had been relegated to being a gust

So all that I have to say in the matter is just


Name: Biddy
Location: currently Europe
Interest: Family
Date: 05-May-2005 07:22

Hey Pete!! I have been following your progress, however lately I have been a bit slack as I have been travelling. I am in England at the moment and will probably be here at the beginning of the Race so I may come see you off at the port seeing as I am missing the Hawkesbury this year. Have Fun. Bid

Name: Bill Beale
Location: Manly, Sydney
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 05-May-2005 06:31

Hi guys – great stuff. I’m new to sailing at 61 years of age after developing a love of the ocean from doing some marathon ocean surf ski races. Just got a 41 foot Beneteau with a view to doing some serious cruising. I’m still a danger to shipping but learning fast. Mark Knapman, whom you’ll know, from Manly LSC suggested I follow your site. Inspirational! And good luck

Name: Maggie & Ian Browne
Location: Turramurra NSW
Interest: Friend
Date: 05-May-2005 05:33

Maggie worked with Alex for several years.Ian is ex sailor and ex MN (UK).

Love your work guys. Great achievement and your logs bring it all home very vividly. And you reckon that YOU get nervous!! Never miss a day. Judging by the congregation you’ve got a lot of great support. Pity we can’t stand a watch or two for you.

“Consulting the Doctor” has now passed into the language for ever.

Here’s wishing you “Fair winds and smooth seas” guys.

Name: Rick Fielding
Location: Sydney CYCA
Interest: Sailor
Date: 04-May-2005 22:30

Keep going guys and your shore based crew!!!! Fantastic effort so far and we have been following from the beginning. Your log is great reading and will be a wonderful keepsake in the future. All of the crew from the yacht “spearhead” are in awe of your achievements so far. Keep sailing safely and i hope the wind direction is favourable for the rest of your travels in the “mighty Berrimilla”. What a wonderful woman she is!!! take care. from Rick Fielding (owner spearhead)

Name: Scott Preston
Location: Canberra
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 04-May-2005 09:35


Great work to get where you are – the logs make a really good read too. If you get back in time for the Sydney to Hobart, I might just fly down there to catch up on the adventure when you hit Constitution Dock.

Safe trip, Scott.

Name: Les & Karen
Location: Sydney
Interest: Sailor
Date: 04-May-2005 00:00

Les from Komatsu crew here.

Been following from the start, well done Alex and Peter. Karen and I will be in Cowes this year, so will make the effort to track you down (shouldn’t be too hard I wouldn’t think) and shout you a pint or 2.

Well done to date and look forward to catching up in Cowes.

Bet you have often thought about sitting in the sun having lunch at the Taste of Tassie, a few deep fried mushrooms…………….a cold pint………..

Will all be worth it in the end.

Name: John R Hamilton
Location: Beecroft NSW
Interest: Met along the way
Date: 03-May-2005 20:28

The advantures of Alex and Pete makes very interesting reading, especially on a Sydney train – at times one wonders which is going faster, Berrimilla or the train! Keep going guys.

Name: Nick Jolly
Location: U.K.
Interest: Family
Date: 03-May-2005 12:30

I well remember the excitement of the reviewing of the fleet. I did’nt need to be dragged from Beech Hall School Macclesfield. Fond memories ,havimg just returned from living in Africa my initiation was to be beaten up for not being black, obviously a severe disappointment to me and them. My Mother and I spent the night at a friend’s house in London, before taking the train with you (I think)to Portsmouth. I remember the awesome size and number of ships and being given a chart showing the name and anchorage position of all of them. Sadly long since mislaid.Hope you enjoy your “crossing the line” ceremony sometime tomorrow. Nick

Name: David McKay
Location: Sydney
Interest: Sailor
Date: 03-May-2005 06:17

Fantastic effort. To have got through so many storms is a testament to your endurance and the boat’s seaworthiness. It is almost a shame that these yachts are no longer produced. Would have been the marketing coup of all times.

Name: Gerry Williams
Location: Clunes, NSW
Interest: Friend
Date: 03-May-2005 02:02

Known Pete & Jean for about 35 years, got onto boats in the Med for a few months after intros from them, around 1973, had a great time. now I surf regularly, that’s about the closest I come to the waves. This website is an epic, far bigger than ben hur, and much more gripping. all the best Pete (and Alex).

Name: Jennifer Rezek
Location: Sydney, Australia
Interest: Sailor
Date: 03-May-2005 01:05

would like to think this Guest Book came about, at least partly, through my Anzac Day email suggestion to Alex and Pete … but then again, probably suggested by lots of others too!!! Absolutely fascinating log (the space station interaction really caught my fancy) and the fact it is almost real time, is sometimes a little hard to grasp. I sincerely hope my estimate of 15/07 is waaaay later than the real arrival date. On second thoughts, a slab of Pete’s home brew wonldn’t go astray, so maybe 15/07 it should be :-) Should be a fabulous party when Berri finally makes it back to Sydney and more than a little fun to meet in person the many people who have helped make this adventure so personal for you and compulsively interesting reading for each of us.

Although I have done quite a bit of offshore yacht racing/delivery, I don’t think I would have ever conceived sailing so far in such a small boat. I dips me lid to you both. Best wishes for fair winds and god speed.

Name: Dave Giddings
Interest: Sailor
Date: 02-May-2005 06:53

I have been following your adventures over the last couple of weeks, after I finally read the RANSA newsletter and looked at your Website. I am absolutely fascinated by your logs and I lack the will power to take the rough and tumble you are putting yourself through. You have confirmed my thoughts of confining my cruising to SW Pacific. Maybe I will mature one day and be more adventurous.


Name: Ben Boyd
Location: Sydney
Interest: Sailor
Date: 02-May-2005 06:45

I met Berri and Alex after sailing to Hobart on the Young Endeavour when it was radio relay vessel. I’ve since sailed to Hobart once on Berri (’96) and twice back (’95 and ’96) as well as doing various twilight series and a few other races. Good luck guys – really takes me away from sitting in front of a computer.

Name: Kevin Pavlich
Location: Brighton Le Sands NSW
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 02-May-2005 06:35

Compulsive reading for an old Adastra crewman, nearest I come to your passages was as crewman on the Survey (Grimsby Class) Sloop HMAS Warrego in 1951 rounding Cape Leeuwin in a decidedly rough one, must admit slightly larger than the Berrimilla though. After daily sitreps, we (here) lead a dull life.

Keep going to eventually arrive at Falmouth June 5 (05!)GMT 0800. Cheers Kev.

Name: Bryan Cunneen
Location: West Ryde
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 02-May-2005 02:05

Having taken Berri (then called Leven) to Hobart three times (’84-’85-’86) I

know what a wonderful little boat she is. Am absolutely delighted to know she

is still loved & cared for.My regards & respect to you both.

Name: Brian and Jen
Location: Dunedin NZ
Interest: Sailor
Date: 02-May-2005 02:00

Hi you 2, just back from holiday to Cape Reinga, looked at some loverrrrly yachts. Trying to find one to follow in your wake in a few years. Jen has started the newsletter for the Dunners Yacht Club, they are keen to learn of your adventures. I was thinking of using some of your transcript for a speech at Toastmasters when I get back there in a few months (Toastmasters, too busy at the mo)

You are both never far from our thoughts. Safe sailing Brian and Jen.

Name: Doug Morrison
Location: West Ryde Sydney
Interest: Met along the way
Date: 01-May-2005 18:31

I have spent every day this year looking forward to what is happening out there with Alex and Pete – the frightening bits are now part imbedded in my brain – like many we were “almost” there too. I have met Alex once or twice through my interest and writing on aerial survey history – his old Adastra images of aircraft and personalities being evocative. Alex and Pete thanks for enriching our lives – you have done that you know. regards

Doug and Estelle Morrison

Name: fiona smith
Location: sydney vettery
Interest: Friend
Date: 01-May-2005 10:51

well i’ve put friend ‘coz I’ve decided I’m not a ocean sailor ever again & those are the only real sailors. I’m afraid you will have to stay out there, or at least in the virtual studio boat – what will I read at breakfast when you get ashore again. Luv yus both fionaxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Name: John Clark
Location: Sydney
Interest: Friend
Date: 01-May-2005 09:28

The Sailing Finger writes; and, having writ,

Moves on: nor all Alex’s Piety nor Peter’s Wit

Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,

Nor all the WAves wash out a Word of it.

Keep writing

Name: Julita
Location: Sydney
Interest: Met along the way
Date: 01-May-2005 07:37

Ahoy Alex and Pete. I have joined you on your journey and it has been fascinating! May the Weather Gods be friendly and send you fast winds, may Neptune look after you in this great adventure and may the Guiness never run out! Best wishes (and stay dry) – Julita (Your dentist Alex. I hope you remembered to pack your toothbrush…)

Name: Stephen Cowdery
Location: Sydney
Interest: Sailor
Date: 01-May-2005 06:46

We have a mutual acquaintance in the form of one Gordon Smith, schoolfriend. Still trying to pin him down for a dinner and a squiz at the website.

Name: Mick & Julie Minion
Location: Paddington Sydney
Interest: Friend
Date: 30-Apr-2005 23:15

Hi Pete – we met Jeanne while walking the other day and she told us of your epic journey – fantastic experience! we’ll keep reading with interest – ain’t technology amazing being so far away but as close as a computer keyboard – best wishes.

Name: Ian Nursey
Location: Sydney
Interest: Met along the way
Date: 30-Apr-2005 21:45

I am absolutely loving reading the minutiae of your epic voyage. It is an awesome feat for two blokes in a liitle boat. I really look forward to your daily updates.

Peter’s wife Jeanne is in my faculty at Pendle Hill High.

Name: Teena Hughes
Location: north of Cairns, soon to be Sydney, Australia,
Interest: Friend
Date: 29-Apr-2005 22:20

Congratulations to you both for achieving so much, and for sharing your wild and crazy adventure with us, as we sit here precariously perched on our typing chairs at our computers, and you are steering by the stars, finding black holes in the universe, and conversing with albatross … bravo!

I’m a friend of Alex’s sister Isabella in the UK – we met online through an arty group. I lived around the corner from Alex in Cremorne and never knew! I’m in awe of the courage of these two possums and their incredible journey.

Name: Ian Woodforth
Location: Sydney
Interest: Friend
Date: 29-Apr-2005 07:24

Hi, met Alex through Hillary and the sea-scouts. I’ve been rivetted by the gruesomeness. Completely tangentially, my wife Margaret went to school with Phil Davenport (“Waltzing Matilda”)’s daughter Stevie, and when he built another WM (of wood) we sailed with him on it in 1974. Wish you both well in a real epic.

Name: Graham Houghton
Location: Hobart
Interest: Met along the way
Date: 28-Apr-2005 22:10

Through Malcolm have met Alex once at the end of the S2H and managed to have a look around Berri after the race with the kids. My son was most interested in the en suite bog!!!!

Read the web site every day and have nothing but admiration and a little envy at your braveness on what must be the adventure of a lifetime.

I understand that you are both runners also and whilst I have e-mailed you before and mentioned this thought it would be in order, if you did not get that e-mail, to let you know that there is a Guy called Jesper Olsen who is in the process of running around the world. He started from London and has run across Europe, Asia, Australia and is on the final leg running across the USA before running downhill from Scotland to finish back in the UK at the end of the year. How sad that your schedules do not quite cross that you could meet each other. His web site is

The other question I had asked was if your journey was made into a film who would you like to play you?

Best wishes for the rest of your journey and will be keeping a daily watch on your progress

Name: Mick Clark
Location: Scotland
Interest: Family
Date: 28-Apr-2005 12:12

Alex keep right on till the end of the road. And get your finger out Hilary is awaiting.

Name: Graham Barrett
Location: Devon, England
Interest: Family
Date: 28-Apr-2005 10:35

I’m Isabella’s other half and inevitably press-ganged (how appropriate) into enthusiastic and brother-in-lawish support – and a general admirer of Whitworth Tenacity. I don’t know Pete but reckon the video pictures of such calm reading and sleeping command respect. Having once done some sailing and having had an enjoyable, amateur day on Berri at Sydney, I can easily imagine what it’s like – and can relish it all vicariously without personal discomfort or exertion. My dog uses the dogbowl and we don’t have to grow beans in the bog. There’s a lot to be said for other people’s ferals and tribulations – so well done with the log and for carrying out your dream.

Name: Penny Boyd
Location: Sydney
Interest: Friend
Date: 28-Apr-2005 07:45

Hi Alex and Pete. I’m Ben Boyd’s mum. Ben sailed with Alex to Hobart one year and regaled us with stories of mountainous waves etc. My sailing experience has been limited to once up the west coast of Scotland and twice around the Whitsundays which was scary enough for me!!!! I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing your experiences of life on board particularly tales of the doctor and breadmaking and even the bottom sores!!! Keep up the emails!!!

Name: Barry Duncan
Location: Artarmon Sydney
Interest: Friend
Date: 28-Apr-2005 03:24

Hello all,

I have known Pete, Jeanne & family for many years through holidays at Jamberoo.

I was a fine weather sailor in a former life, starting in the Sea Scouts on the high seas of Sydarb in a Whaler and have progressed as owner sailor of a V J, Laser and Windsurfer.

I was forced ashore by arthritis. My Lasered knees were replaced and now I enjoy this EPIC, blow by blow, as an armchair sailor.

I occasionally get a bit of the feeling by standing under a cold shower dressed in party gear, drinking a drop from the doctor and I email dubious advice to Alex and Pete.

I wonder if the film will be as good as the log.

Here’s to a southerly,


Name: Thorry Gunnersen
Location: Melbourne
Interest: Sailor
Date: 28-Apr-2005 02:36

The crew of Tilting at Windmills are following the progress of Berri with close interest, sending good wishes, discussing progress, sharing your hopes and fears.

Name: Chris Nixon
Location: Sydney Ultimo
Interest: Sailor
Date: 28-Apr-2005 01:52

Pete & Alex

Janet and I have read every entry. We have photos of Janet presenting you the RANSA pennant and are really happy to hear of your safe progress. We are with you every mile. We don’t want to lumber you with traffic, just know we are thinking of you.

Janet & Chris

Name: Alan & Cheryl Stevns
Location: Broke NSW
Interest: Friend
Date: 27-Apr-2005 22:34

I have the great honour of sailing with Pete, Jean, Bobby boy and George on the good ship Anna. Pete also did a top job renovating our flat, though we wont talk about how long it took.

Cheers & safe travels.

Name: Simon Uren
Location: Brisbane Australia
Interest: Sailor
Date: 27-Apr-2005 21:19

A friend did a Hobart on Berrimilla and have been following Berrimilla ever since. Just missed catching up with them in Hobart this year before they departed. Bugger! The logs generally manage to put a smile on my dial every day and a twinge of wanting to be doing the same, well while the wind is below 40k that is :->.

Name: Judy Lee
Location: Darling Point, Sydney
Interest: Sailor
Date: 27-Apr-2005 21:06

I had a small share in the original Berrimilla with Alex about 100 years ago. I would love to sail around Cape Horn but after reading about the conditions on board I wonder if I could have coped. It all makes great reading. Who is plannning the welcome home party ? You’ll need to hire the Town Hall !

Name: Rowley Beckett
Location: North Sydney
Interest: Sailor
Date: 27-Apr-2005 19:52

Articulated in emails at key milestones. Email #2 is in the typewriter as we speak. (Owner: Baker-built Brolga “Django”. Hooked on… Your momentary flashes of intelect & wisdom… obviously assisted by all to frequent visits to the Doc, Your whimpering, Your Whoopee and the Powers of Observation of two great sailors in a remarkable vessel.

Name: George Sirett
Location: Paddington, Sydney
Interest: Friend
Date: 27-Apr-2005 19:25

Peter is a good friend to myself and ‘Anna [a Northerner 28′]’ who with Jeanne Crozier and myself managed to win our Division in the CYC/BMW Winter Series a couple of years ago. Jeanne also enabled ‘Anna’ to come a credible Second in a Compass 28/29 Regatta this year!

Name: Melissa McCann
Location: Sydney
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 27-Apr-2005 19:10

The closest I’ve been to doing a brave adventure in a boat was a ferral canal boat holiday in wales with 10 other blokes and 3 girls! I’m really enjoying reading the logs – it’s the first thing I do each morning when I get into the office – a good coffee sipping exercise. Good luck – oh yes and my parents and half my family in the UK are also reading the logs.

Name: tori pollard
Location: Mosman, Sydney
Interest: Friend
Date: 27-Apr-2005 19:07

Gordon Smith and Fiona have both sailed on Berri to Hobart and Alex took me for a sail on Syd Harbour one day. (I currently sail a 44.2 xboat)Fiona and I go diving together and Gordon caters for me regularly.(Read that as you will)

I knew about Alex’s plans long before they came into fruition so have been dribbling over my fruit and yoghurt reading reports with avid interest.

I would like to email them but feel my connection is a bit dim for Alex to remember me.

Fiona and I are off to see the new Hitchhikers movie today and will report back as I am sure they will be interested.

When it boils down to it, with brains the size of a planet you wonder why they are both out there doing it!

Tori Pollard

Name: Doug Murchison
Location: RANSA
Interest: Friend
Date: 27-Apr-2005 18:46

You have made me rethink my ambitions to take Rough Justice for a long cruise, I was expecting 10-15% poor weather, certainly not what you have been allocated.

A magnificant effort so far and I am sure that only your persevance and vast experiance has got you so far. On behalf of all RANSA members and the crew of Rough Justice we wish you fair winds and kind seas for the rest of your voyage.

Great reading, what a way to start my day.

Cheers and Beers Doug Murchison

Name: Andrew Mclean
Location: Clontarf , NSW(MHYC)
Interest: Sailor
Date: 27-Apr-2005 18:28

I sailed to the BBQ on Neds Beach last Nov on board Athena(thanks to Drs McKay). The return home was to say , interesting , given the several storms we went thru and could not get back to mainland directly.Eden in Dec was not much different in the end. Can really appreciate and enormously repsect what these 2 fine gentlemen have and will endure . Fascinating reading , and I would love to try the Dr Coops when they return home and hear more.

Best regards

Andrew Mc.

p.s Did send some e-mails , but guess they did not get thru.

Name: Gary Leahey
Location: Sydney
Interest: Friend
Date: 27-Apr-2005 18:19

It’s great reading ; I would/could not possibly undertake this journey unless it was in the Queen Mary so reading the daily antics is almost like being there

Name: Ron Cuskelly
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Interest: Friend
Date: 27-Apr-2005 18:13

It’s only fairly recently that I got to know Alex through my involvement as honorary Webmaster for the Adastra Aerial Surveys history project. During his time with Adastra, Alex was a diligent photographer and he has generously made his photos available to the Adastra website. His photos are not your average snaps either. Check out his portrait of the legendary Lionel Van Praag

Anyone wishing to gain an insight into Alex’s time at Adastra is invited to visit the website but you will have to be content with searching the site for “Alex”. My suggestion to Alex that he should devote his considerable idle time towards writing his biography for the Adastra site only brought a suggestion involving a velocipede.

God speed Alex and Pete and the good ship Berri.

Name: Tim Baker
Location: Sydney
Interest: Sailor
Date: 27-Apr-2005 17:55

These days just an arm chair sailor due to work commitments. Happened on the site by accident when Berri & co were somewhere between Hobart & Dunedin. Having done the ’93 Hobart & finished I can appreciate what its like out there in filthy weather although from the Logs Berri & co have experienced much worse.

One question is Berrimilla the original name of the yacht. I have vague thoughts that it might have been Take Time which was a Brolga 33 sailing out of the CYCA which always seemed to get there!! keep the logs coming I am looking forward to my continuing early morning sailing fix. Good sailing

[From Alex: Berrimilla was Leven in 1984.5.6 S2H, Finished them all, owned then by Brian Cunneen and before that was called Nea. Take Time still around, now cruisy, lives in North Arm near Forty Baskets]

Name: tricia robinson
Location: Hobart
Interest: Interested Observer
Date: 27-Apr-2005 13:28

eerr my interest is actually looking over Malcolm’s shoulder, asking lots of nosey questions and waiting on the end of the pier at various destinations when hes finished a sailing race. Im probably what you call a vicarious sailor by association but would rather prefer dogs and doing pottery. I’m really enjoying watching the progress of the lads and how this whole thing has blossomed and reached out to all involved included the men in space!! Go Berri

Name: Isabella
Location: UK
Interest: Family
Date: 27-Apr-2005 12:03

Writer of regular trivia-to-berri and occasional fixer; current project cockpit cushions for sore bums.

Name: David
Location: U.K.
Interest: Family
Date: 27-Apr-2005 11:18

Well someone had to be second in line.

Name: Malcolm Robinson
Location: Hobart
Interest: Sailor
Date: 27-Apr-2005 09:57

Someone had to be the first to put something in here and there were technical reasons why it had to be me!

I’ve known Alex and Peter since a very fortuitous meeting after the 2001 Sydney/Hobart. They’d decided to do the Sailing South regatta in Hobart and were kind enough to give me a ride on Berri.

During the course of that regatta it became obvious that she is a great little boat and that the crew worked well together and watched out for each other. I thought at the time that, if I were to ever do a Sydney/Hobart, that boat and that crew would be the ones to do it with!

To cut a long(ish) story short, Alex subsequently invited me to do the next Gosford to Lord Howe race and then backed it up with a Sydney/Hobart that same year. I’ve said it before but it’s worth restating – there aren’t many home-comings more fantastic than being at the helm of the boat, driving her up the Derwent and crossing the finish line to the cheers of family and friends! It’s right up there under the heading of “Dreams Come True” and this boat and these blokes made it possible!

I’ve now had the privilege of having done 3 Sydney/Hobarts and 2 Lord Howes on Berri and I can’t imagine a more reliable boat or more competent crew to undertake this amazing endeavour.