FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

McQ: lets all ride the demon rollercoaster…

I think we got our tide times all wrong!!! I think tide is going to be with us according to graph from 6.50am which is 1.50pm thios afternon local time… or maybe I have been staring at the graph for way too long!!! Fortunately there isn’t really enough tide to make to much difference to the theory. Out here though it feels like wind agaisnt tide- so feels like tide with us and about 20 knotters of wind from in front of us- we are fairly lurching around all over the place!! Feels like a completely erratic 3-D demon rollercoaster- ie, doing its own thing entirely, completely without your control, and you have no idea which direction the next lurch is going to go!!!! If I ever run a fairground the main feature attraction ride is going to be wild and called ‘The Amchitka Pass’ and there’ll be a gigantic plastic but scary clown on the way in going ‘mwaaaahh hahahahaha’ as you walk past- maybe you even go onto the ride by walking through the giant plastic clowns big open grinning mouth, accompanied, of course, by the honky, squeeky noise of an amateur saxophonist. I’ve lost it. Must be all the time travel. We’ve gone back to the future too, I think we’ll be going between today and yesterday (or today and tomorrow, depending!!) all day long!!! Grey oot still. Had museli and apples (from a tub,in juice- yum!!) for breakkie. Definitely lacking in antiscorbutics that don’t come in pill form… If I could have anything at all right now it would be a gallon of freshly squeezed orange and pineapple juice!! (followed by a really rare steak and salad and mushrooms!!!!) lots of love Cor xxx Carie: Harriet and the Urgle Gurgle Monster????? No idea why Harriet sprung to mind. And was the urgle gurgle monster what we said since we couldn’t remember. I thought I’d got it in the middle of the night- had to get up and write it down, but feel i might just be going a little mad out here??? Bol xxx

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