Videos & Audios - 2nd circumnavigation


Berrimilla in Dutch Harbor

Commentary by Alex Whitworth


Captain’s Bay, Dutch Harbour (from Mount Ballyhoo)

Commentary by Alex Whitworth. Copyright Berrimilla 2008.  


• Berrimilla Leaving Dutch Harbor

 [Date] After leaving Dutch, the crew of the Berrimilla successfully navigated the Northwest Passage, only the 26th small boat in history to achieve safe passage in a single season.


• The Barrow sea ice webcam, from Sept. 2007 to Aug. 2008

The Barrow sea ice webcam Alex watched while parked in Nome.
See log 2-4. Dutch Harbor – Nome (Alaska)
This is a time-lapse of the web cam located in Barrow, Alaska, overlooking landfast ice in the Arctic Ocean. One photo per day, it covers the ice season from autumn 2007 to autumn 2008.  Berrimilla leaves Nome at minutes 2:09 and passes Point Barrow at 2:17.

Departure from Falmouth: Berrimilla’s Journey Home to Australia

[xx September 2009] Alex Whitworth and Peter Cozier embark on the long voyage from Falmouth to Australia in the 10 metre yacht Berrimilla.


Berrimilla Goes South!

Alex and Pete crossed 5 degrees west at 0045 on the 25th November. Having travelled over 6314 nautical miles they are now 4750 nautical miles south and east of Falmouth from where they left. To celebrate – locals in the Chain Locker join them for a drink at 6PM SHARP!

HMP Research Station: Alex Whitworth Signs Shirt with Pascal Lee Map

19 August 2010: Alex Whitworth was the first person to sail around the world by including the Northwest Passage. He talks about how Pascal Lee inspired the route for his second circumnavigation with a hand drawn map, and signs a tshirt with Pascal’s map on the back.


•  November 2009 – Mid Atlantic, on the way back from Falmouth.

7 short videos on Kevvo (Fleming self steering windvane) and how it works (YouTube)

(1) 1:48
(2) 0:53
(3) 3:45
(4) 0:43
(5) 0:38
(6) 1:08
(7) 0:52


interviewes ON the ABC (AustraliaN Broadcasting Corporation)