Planning & Preparation: 2nd Time Around

With the experience of the first circumnavigation and all those lists, planning for the second one was easier but we had to do our homework on ice, Northwest Passage navigation, weather and all the other things that were likely to be very different.

Preparing the boat

  • Air X wind generator – later exchanged for AirBreeze
  • Sailboard masts to push ice away
  • Remote autopilot control for ice navigation
  • Headsail furler instead of hanked sails – sails need flattener padding in luff
  • High quality radar reflector
  • Extra antifouling under the stern
  • 12v fan for tropics
  • Extra 90m anchor line for kedging
  • Removable furler for loose luffed sail
  • 2 inflatables also for kedging
  • Valve in engine exhaust between engine and silencer
  • Checkstays – new mast much bendier.
  • Broken shroud bypass kit
  • Guy Cotton TPS dry suits
  • Insulation
  • Ice poles & spikes
  • Extra fuel (300ltrs for Pacific, 450 for transit)
  • No extra strengthening
  • Spare prop blades
  • 78 charts to cover the actual Passage from Point Barrow (Alaska) to Baffin Bay (SW of Greenland)