This is Berrimilla’s story: her first circumnavigation around Cape Horn and her contact with the International Space Station which became the inspiration for the second circumnavigation through the Northwest Passage. It is told as a series of log entries as they happened. It tells of subsequent events and travels connected with these voyages.

The story continues – For the rusted on followers of this nonsense, here’s the latest playground for The Examiner: R2AK, Race to Alaska (No motor, no support, all the way to Alaska). Our logs are THERE .

Berrimilla’s Voyages

During her two circumnavigations Berrimilla became the first and, as far as we can discover, the only vessel to:

  • Sandwich a Fastnet race between 2 consecutive Sydney – Hobarts, all under sail
  • Sail to England twice to compete in the Fastnet and then return
  • Sail from Australia to England via the North West Passage
  • Circumnavigate the world under sail via the North West Passage
  • Circumnavigate the world via both Cape Horn and the North West Passage. David Scott Cowper did it first, but in different boats.

The Boat

Photo ©Richard Bennett 1998
Photo ©Richard Bennett 1998 –

Berrimilla, a Brolga 33, kept us cocooned and safe through the worst seas we have ever experienced.

The boat did everything right. She is extremely well balanced and well mannered.

As long as we could get the sail off her in time when hit by strong rain squalls, Berri sailed beautifully in heavy weather with not much pressure on the Fleming self steering gear.