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Steve Jackson
Webmaster and geeky genius who looked after us in his own time for the full circumnavigation first time around.
Malcolm Robinson
(Hobart, Tasmania)
Steve’s backup while Steve was doing silly stuff.
Hilary Yerbury

 Alex’s partner and Berri’s first line of defence ashore, along with the two Steves and Speedy.
Isabella and Graham
(Devon, UK)
Alex’s sister and brother in law. Essential liaison in the UK when things were pearshaped on several occasions.
Allen Fenwick
(Lake Macquarie, Australia)
The fall guy for most of our crappy jokes – and a great sailor.
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David Speed “Speedy”
Webmaster for Sydney-UK via the North West Passage
Duncan Wells
(Buckinghamshire, UK)
Author and backup for Speedy in difficult times
Peter Semotiuk
(Cambridge Bay, Canada)
Radio and electronics genius who provided a radio, weather and safety service for boats in transit [NWP]
Pat Hahn
(Nome, Alaska)
Our point of reference for everything to do with weather, ice, bears, survival and local beer [NWP]
Jeanne Crozier
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Dr Pascal Lee, PhD
and Ping Pong
(Devon Island, Canada)