What worked & what did not

Lessons Learned

Some of the things we learned on the way around – some hard lessons and some pleasant surprises.

Things that worked

  1. AIS – needs digital VHF and software to integrate with nav system
  2. Air X & Ampair generators –both need management
  3. Breadmaking – but fried, not baked
  4. Chefsway dried meals
  5. Closed cell foam insulation
  6. Cutdown No. 1 for twin poling
  7. Desalinator – Old PUR – now Katadyn
  8. Dogbowls
  9. Duct tape – plastic version, not “Duck” tape with linen base
  10. Finisterre fleeces
  11. Fleming Self Steering unit
  12. Gill wet weather gear and after sales service
  13. Guy Cotton TPS dry suits
  14. Inflatable cockpit cushions (Thermarest)
  15. Kiwiprop
  16. Laminate everything – charts too.
  17. Lanoline – as Lanokote and spray-on (also as antifoul)
  18. LEDs for headlights and all boat lighting
  19. Majestic dried foods – soups, dried vegetables, seasoning etc.
  20. Margerine with olive oil
  21. Mooring snubber in preventer line and rig two lines for slop.
  22. Mugs, wide based, rubber footed half litre plastic, with lids
  23. Neck warmers, fridge hats, thin balaclavas – face masks
  24. Packaged bacon
  25. Panasonic CF18 Toughbook laptop
  26. Plastic bins with strong lids – need proper stowage
  27. Portable 12v battery pack with cigarette lighter sockets plus modified 12v drill
  28. Rolls of BIG industrial paper towels (ex RN…)
  29. Rubber gloves – latex and industrial
  30. Sailmail
  31. Satellite phone – Iridium – with data package?
  32. Sea rugs: warm, shower proof, drip dry blanket.
  33. Second forestay for twin poling
  34. Snaplock bags – not zipper version
  35. Software on Board navigation package (with AIS if digital VHF)
  36. Solar panels – big and small (small for recharging portable battery pack etc)
  37. StaLoks
  38. Vaselined eggs
  39. Waterproof socks (SealSkinz), with liners – also glove liners
  40. Weather plotting charts – laminated
  41. Witchard engine
  42. Xantrex battery monitor

Things that didn’t work so well

  1. Electrical switches, sockets,junction boxes, fuses – must seal and coat with lanoline. Most so called ‘marine’ electrical fittings are not up to the job
  2. Fiddles – not high enough
  3. Flexible fuel tanks – need to be reinforced and padded
  4. Lee cloth: Berri’s substantial lee cloths not substantial enough
  5. Liferaft lashing with single pelican clip not sufficient
  6. Plug in exhaust outlet – not sufficient as water pools in silencer
  7. Pushpit safety gear: anything strapped to the pushpit is vulnerable – washes away in heavy weather – throwing line best?
  8. Rainwater catchers on mainsail – need to be usable when reefed: need to slope down towards gooseneck
  9. Razors: cheap 2 blade disposable razors clog too easily – need old type with removable blade
  10. Stainless steel: most stainless steel tools and appliances will rust and corrode – knives and in contact with salt and aluminium cans – also needs to be greased
  11. Swages on lower shrouds will fail
  12. Unenclosed shelves: everything not locked down will fly around in even a partial knockdown – enclosures for shelves highly desirable
  13. Ventilators: useless without blower of some sort and need proper plugs for knockdowns – in tropics and inverted
  14. Wine casks: will chafe and leak – take bladders out of boxes and pack so that they don’t chafe

Lessons Learned