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It’s the waiting

Aargh Narrows half a mile to the right of the photo… On Wed, Jun 19, 2019, 09:48 Alex Whitworth < > wrote: > The old proverb that a coward dies a thousand times while the brave die > once has always seemed to me to be back to front. Apart from the fact that > cowardice is an outdated concept, courage is about knowing it’s going to be > nasty but doing it anyway. I’ve been sitting here pondering this silliness > as we wait for our moment of furious activity getting out of here and > thinking about everything that can go wrong. Catastrophising madly and > watching every tiny change in wind direction and strength and the turmoil > of waters a quarter of a mile out. It usually helps to have thought through > foreseeable disasters but it doesn’t alleviate the slightly corrosive > dread that comes with the anticipation of possible nastiness. Anyways, > we’re all poised to heathfart wildly into whatever the Examiner chucks into > the harbour entrance at about 1230. So far, it looks a bit better than > yesterday and we’ve turned VG around to the other side of our jetty so she > doesn’t get pinned like yesterday. Our Narrows window opens at about 1300 > which is, in theory, slack water but we’ve noticed some deviation from the > current predictions we are able to access. We’ll see. In the photo VGs > roller furler is just visible against the buildings far left and there are > a couple of tugs pulling a huge log raft towards the Narrows in the > distance. Narrows entrance is half a mile to the left of the photo >

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