Corrie McQueen

Role aboard & Voyages

Corrie sailed up the pacific to Dutch Harbour and on through the NW Passage to Falmouth. She and Alex were probably the first people ever to sail from Sydney to Falmouth through the Passage.

Personal story

Corrie grew up in Edinburgh and beside the sea in western Scotland. She has a degree in Civil Engineering from Glasgow University and currently lives and works in London.

She was a crew member on the Clipper 60 Glasgow Clipper in the 2002 Clipper Round the World race and completed a circumnavigation on August 12 2003 at 18. 29.71N, 52.18.97W. 615 nautical miles east of Virgin Gorda, 921 nautical miles north of French Guyana. We crossed her Clipper track in Berrimilla in 2008 somewhere in the north Pacific south east of Singapore.

Since her Northwest Passage in Berrimilla, she has built a Contessa  32 called Tehani  and together they finished the 2011 Fastnet in the 2 Handed division after about half the fleet had retired.