FROM 2-1. Sydney-Equator

0339.37 16243.16 On the Upside of Wallow – for a change

As you can see, we’re being pushed west by some pretty solid current, but there’s lots of north there too, thanks to Carla. Carla, so sorry I forgot your birthday – was in my mind the day before, but perhaps Vlad and the drums got in the way. Anyway, you got your birthday wish and we got our wind which we’ve still got. I have teleported you virtual 6 pack Dr Coopers finest. If my aim as bad as for Keith’s, it will have smashed your petunias, but I hope it lands softly close to or in your fridge.

Some good news – wood again firmly touched – donk has been running for nearly 3 hours and no sign of oil. Not yet convinced and will examine carefully when cooled. Also watermaker has made nearly 12 litres in that time. I have put 4 directly into the tank, after tasting it, of course. Sooo…we’re aboout 200 from the equator and I think we’ll have enough diesel and water should not be a problem unless we really get slowed down. And I forgot – I can dismantle a watermaker and put a handle on it for manual operation – so there’s backup. And about 800 to half way.
Later: donk looks ok – small seepage around oil filter, but definitely not enough for concern. Everything to remain crossed please – for the duration.

McQ’s Dad – make her do some real work for the thing! A few poems! Pshaw! If you happen to be in London on June 4, Peter is launching his latest HWS – 6, I think – at Royal Thames YC at lunchtime. Berri has her very own chapter.

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