FROM 2-8. Baffin Bay-Nuuk (Greenland)

6410 05225 Approaching Nuuk

Sitting plonking at this thing as the others get some sleep and we motor slowly into yet more current about 8 miles from the channel entrance, then 15 miles to the harbour.

Some acknowledgements:
Pat Hahn – whose advice was critical to our getting through the M'Clintock choker and beyond, and to Sue and Megan and Anna for their friendship and hospitality while we were in Nome.

Peter Semotiuk – huge and grateful thanks for his voluntary and absolutely essential weather and ice service skeds for boats transiting the NWP. Peter works in Cambridge Bay and completed his own NWP in (I think) 1988 with John Bockstoce and Bonnie Hahn (Pat's mum – what a family!)in Belvedere, so he knows of what he speaks. I'll be in touch soon, Peter.

Corey Dimitruk in CB for his hospitality and a very noice sleeping bag that's kept me toasty for the hard bits.

Gary Ramos – wow! – for his unstinting and generous help and advice, while at the same time getting Arctic Wanderer back out into the NWP after 3 years in CB. Whenever I think we're doing it hard, I think of Gary, not, I hope, asleep in Navy Board Inlet with the worst behind him. Onya Gary – and as you say, never, ever give up. Arctic Circle for you too soon, I am confident – but still need to touch wood. Stupid superstitious sailor that I am.

The Amodinos – for their friendship, advice, waterfalls of coffee and mountains of all day breakfast and for diving on Berri's prop in Tuk.

Peter in Tyhina, for his advice and radio relay.

And to all of you at home – friends, relations and just interested punters – for your support, good wishes and company on a long slog.

Thanks all y'all.

Horrible uncomfortable day yesterday – but capped by my first stars (it actually gets really dark here – groan!) since before Amchitka and – and – my very first aurora – glorious swirls of cascading diaphanous iridescence way up above the dark dank cylinder of cloud and murk that was my home at the time. Only a pale version, seen through misty cloud, but wonderful.

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