FROM 1-12. 26°S-Nose Brazil &1st circumnavigation

Apr 16, 2005 – 1700hrs UTC

1700hrs 16 Apr 2005 UTC Map Ref 170Map Ref 170

Here we still are, part IV or whatever. Not a lot has changed except that the wind has dropped to 25 and we’ve got some sail up again. General conditions much the same but at least the boat is a bit steadier. Trickling ENE with the #5 and 3 reefs and expecting some sort of change tomorrow that may free us. Still hot, violent and wet and uncomfortable. Had a refreshing draught of the Archer’s Tool to recover from hard yakka putting sails up again.

News: Saw big ship on collision course last night – we were the give way vessel (even tho a sailing vessel, not likely he would have known or cared) so we altered course to starboard (as the rules prescribe) and called him and told him where we were and what we’d done. I suspect he had not seen us – he was then about 4 miles away – but he also altered and we passed down his port side about half a mile apart. Looked like an empty tanker probably en route Cape Town to Rio. Can’t relax at all out here – a radar alarm might help. Jenna – you asked about calling ships – Channel 16 VHF is the international distress frequency and until recently, all vessels above (I think) 300 tons, had to keep watch on 16. It is also the frequency on which to contact other vessels and if your message is long, or there are lots of other vessels around in range, then you go to another frequency. In our case last night, I simply called ‘Vessel at 25 south, 38 west, this is Berrimilla 2 on i6′ and he answered. They don’t always, especially as the rules have changed and a lot of this stuff is automated and a lot of this stuff is automated.

Kim, didn’t actually need to use supaglue on foot – seems that the duct tape and compression have worked. Not sure what will happen if we get really pearshaped again and I have to introduce the boot ferals to a still sticky wound – we shall see.

Arlette – boiled eggs for breakfast – beautifully cooked, but tricky without the cattle dog. Pete was wearing his suit.

I mentioned fingernails in the last one – they are going white underneath and separating from the finger. Interesting – I’ve seen it happen but not to me.

Gotta go – there’s a reasonable ISS pass tonight and must make the arrangements.

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