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Apr 25, 2005 - 0000hrs UTC

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We’ve been sitting on our milk crates here in the studio wondering what’s happened to the old geezer who trundles over with a trolley with printouts of all your emails to the website. He hasn’t been since the 21st, so no mail since then. But he just turned up with a few scraps of paper and we think there must have been a problem with Sailmail. There is still a lot missing, but sailmail are pretty good and nothing gets lost when the wires come down – just delayed – so we’ve heaps to look forward to.

Meantime, it really does look as if the gates are creaking open enough to let us through. The Examiner has something else up her sleeve, no doubt – perhaps the NE trades. We’re hooning along at 6-7 knots towards the equator, hot, dry, fingernails and bums coming good, hands drying out – and flaking a bit – and now on subsistence rations of Medicinal Compound. But we’re made of stern stuff here in the studio – we shall overcome! Whatever happened to Joan Baez? Sensibly retired, perhaps and no comebacks.

Lots to report, but will wait till we get another delivery from the old geezer’s trolley so we can respond if anyone has bothered to write.

Meantime, Happy Birthday to Hilary’s Aunty Gladys, who was 94 last week – sorry we missed it, Gladys – thought it was this week.

And it’s ‘Be kind to Fenwick’ week. Hi Allan – so what’s a Kreng then? We’ll try really really hard to respect your feelings and not be rude to you. Difficult, but.

And here comes the trolley man with our printouts – goody. Wooohooo – lots of mail and we may be back in business. Dog watches – thanks everyone and Patrick O’Brian surely must have been joking – even he couldn’t be serious about curtailed? Could he? I’ve never managed to get past the first couple of pages of any of his books, so not able to judge. I’ve been reading Colin Dexter (Inspector Morse) who flaunts his scholarship with such flair and humour – I love it when people with something to brag about do it so well. Some of his quotations to follow – relevant to this little excursion.

Special thanks to Michael G re tropical ulcers. We seem to be getting on top of them, so to speak, but your advice re padding etc really useful. We have 28 tabs Vibramycin and also Cephalexin (not sure what this is for – and our notes got a bit mangled in the knockdown). Unable to get Cicatrin powder any more, unfortunately – that would have fixed an elephant.

On yer bike, Ron – I cant remember what happened yesterday let alone enough for a biography. Should have got on to me before senility set in. Or was it the effects of too many Consultations?

More later – must check the proscenium for container ships, cleen ze teef and sleep for my three hours.

Quote for the day:
Quickly, bring me a beaker of wine so I may wet my mind and say something clever.
(Aristophanes, quoted in Dexter, Colin, Death is now my neighbour, Pan, London 1996)

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