FROM 1-16. Lymington

Aug 05, 2005 – 1620hrs UTC │Lymington

Here we go – off to Cowes tomorrow morning, briefing in the evening and we’re away. Looks like it will be a soft one, with met people disagreeing about wind direction and timing. That will come together before the start.

Party tonight.

Conor from Cork – ex S2H Berri Crewmember from about 2000, has advised us to change our medical practitioner. He thinks we need a second opinion from the good Dr Murphy, so we’ll be Consulting with him for the Irish leg of this cruise. Report to follow.

Berri is super light – she should go well. Full fuel, but only 30 ltrs of water, food for 5 days, only essential tools, sails etc. And both anchors ready for instant use…

We will probably use the electric autopilot when we are not hand steering, but Kevvo is ready to go too. We are more likely to need to follow a course on this one, I think.

Not sure how I will cope with updates – we’re going to be very busy and increasingly knackered as the days go by. Dr Murphy will, no doubt come to the rescue.

Thanks to everyone who has sent us good wishes, messages and various bottled potions. Much appreciated and I’m sorry that I just can’t reply to everyone.  Special thanks to everyone who has bought shirts and raffle tickets. I haven’t seen the numbers yet, but it should cover at least the radio upgrade and the rig repairs.

Yachting Monthly and Yachting World are both doing articles on us, due out about Sept 8th and the RYA is giving us a plug in their magazine too. We won’t see any of it till we get back to Sydney.

So – all the best, all y’all and we’ll try to keep the updates coming, along with toy pictures [ed: like this and this] from inside the race while we are in mobile range..


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