FROM 1-17. Fastnet Race 2005 (with qualifier)

Aug 10, 2005 - 0620hrs UTC

0620hrs 10 Aug 2005 UTC 50’45”N 008’10”W

Parked, we were, for a couple of hours in Berri’s first ever Irish parking lot. Except we never stopped moving, even though the log said we had. Just about half way across theCelticSeaand half way thro the race distance. Misty dawn, plate glass sea with small waves just enough to spill any wind we’d so carefully conserved in the sails. Bits of seaweed imperceptibly moving past with the tiny bubbles of passage and the little fan of ripples that doesn’t really qualify as a bow wave.

The breeze has just filled in from the NW – a feather brush against the cheek, then a ripple or two on the surface and – bliss – .01 knots on the log – .02, .03… We’ve tacked to the west – slightly better that going north and we’re making 5 knots on 290M WOOOHOOO. 4 other boats ahead to leeward, 2 astern, small ship on the northern horizon. Very occasionally, a seabird.

I can hear all the little Irish barnacles that grabbed us when we were parked laughing themselves silly as they clatter around this very sexy Oz bottom we’ve brought along for their greater edification and pleasure. I wonder if they are immune to Oz antifouling. Or processed medicinal potions.

Will be a special – almost Cape Horn- moment when we first sight the Fastnet. I’ve had it out there since 1961 and I’ve always hoped to be back to go and find it before SOTMC. (one for Malcom or Kris or Hugh). Teeny photos if we are in mobile range, but we still have 64 miles to go, so not till this evening and then only if we get lucky.


Leftovers from being too busy over the last few days – there was thistledown blowing across the water off Falmouth a couple of days ago – gentle white globes of fluff that sometimes settled in the water – lots and lots of it – lovely. The Lizard and Lands End – tide with us, luckily – ships everywhere, boats all around us, just able to keep the wind to get out into the Celtic sea. Floated past our friends on their Cornish cliff at 2 in the morning – I’m sure I saw a candle in the window behind Tater Du?


Great unbating of breath when the Shuttle landed.

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