FROM 2-10. Falmouth-Crosshaven-Fastnet

Banging around on the visitors’ pontoons in Falmouth…

I've been horsewhipped for being recalcitrant, so here's a bit of a blast from the recent past. More very soon.

Pete Goss very generously gave Berri a spot on his blog. I went down to Williamstown to hear his talk and at the end he gave me back the ensign – by then probably the only ensign in this version of the universe that has circumnavigated the world via the North West Passage and the Cape of Good Hope and certainly the only one in two such magnificent boats. Pete was raising money for the Victorian Bushfire Appeal, so we signed the ensign and auctioned it. Numbers are perhaps not important, but Carmen won it for a sgnificant bid and here are the photos.

Thanks Carmen and thanks Pete.

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