FROM 1-31. Sooo close to Hobart

Dec 03, 2005 – 2215hrs UTC

2215hrs 03 Dec 2005 UTC 45’04”S 122’02”E Ref 616

A later forecast and the centre of the low should pass right over us at 04/0000 utc – in about 26 hours. We’re twinned again, 4 & 5, vmg >6 going east afap. Interesting to speculate – i think the wind will increase to about 40 kts from the N, then NE and round to the SW very quickly after the centre goes through and abate, leaving us in some nasty seas but much closer to home. Uncomfortable but I like it! Baro now at 991. 48 (-7) hr wx fax in a couple of hours should give me more to go on.

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