FROM 1-33. Sydney-Hobart Race 2005

Dec 23, 2005 - 0800hrs EDT Sydney

0800hrs 23 Dec 2005 EDT Sydney

In the churn

Have you ever tried to sort through about 2 tons of mouldy feral grotted slimy bags, boxes, ropes’ ends, tool boxes, food bins, smelly clothes – all mixed in with Kevvo in severe dismantle mode, engine spares, charts, media interviews, a laptop that for some reason won’t talk to the internet or anyone else and the deadline fast hooning up over the horizon. My house is knee deep in stuff – far worse than the photos of before loading the van a year ago – but there is some order now in the heaps – Pete must be the same. Hilary has cooked and frozen the main meals, we have to go shopping for the complementary stuff and sufficient medicinal compound to get us down there and the margin ain’t so rosy but we’ll make the start with everything in place and working. Hope to do the Cat 1 safety check today – should be routine but if fixes needed we’ve -just- got time.

Massive thanks to all y’all for wonderful emails and encouragement and support – the offers of help have been constant and moving – there will be a Lucky Gust prize, as promised as soon as I can get organised to arrange – and various other prizes and if anyone wants their Berri shirts signed – or anything else – just turn up with the appropriate pen – we’ll apply greasy hand to the job…Berri is beside the clubhouse at CYC for those that live here.

Sorry – no time for more – wx looks a bit quirky for the start – will be interesting.

[ed: later….]

Forgot – thanks to everyone who came out to the heads to escort us in – and went to north Head and Bradleys and CYC – wonderful. heart stirring knee trembler of a welcome – Gobsmacked we were!. And have just had a quick look at the Anarchists on sailinganarchy – blimey – did we really inspire all that purple prose?? Thanks everyone – nice te be able to read it. Gotta go – safety check to organise.

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