FROM 2-10. Falmouth-Crosshaven-Fastnet

Falmouth Workboat Intergalactics

Boats entered from the outer reaches of the Universe – star clusters way beyond the visible – Squornshellus Zeta, the Frogstar, Kakrafoon – boats from everywhere, due to arrive in warp drive freighters riding the background radiation. Sadly, they all ran into the Vogon fleet and they had to listen to 3 days of poetry as penance and missed the start.

So there were 15. Photos of some of them, parked for lunch between races on Friday. I was in Victory, the yellow one in the middle, Pete in Moon, away practising. Some racing images perhaps later.

Now Saturday eve and I think Victory has a very good chance – we have to do something very silly (like, perhaps, starting the last race tomorrow…) to lose it.

Freaky windy calm windy day on Sunday and the mighty Victory emerged as intergalactic champion – perhaps thanks to Prostetnic Jeltz, but nevertheless, the champ. Last couple of pics with the loot on the ferry going home. David Carne (swigging from the can) very kindly gave me the glass trophy as the novice in the crew so Berri has a proper G & T glass…

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