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Jul 10, 2005 - 0515hrs UTC Frome

0515hrs 20 Jul 2005 UTC Frome
Sorry to be such a lousy correspondent – I’ve been driving around the south of England with Hilary and Katherine visiting relatives and trying to stay in touch with Icom in both Melbourne and UK as well as other people who may be involved in fixing the HF. There are no spare parts is the UK or Europe nor any new transceivers that could be cannibalised and it seems the manufacturers in Japan can’t get parts here in less than a month – apparently they containerise everything. I wonder how they stay in business. So the fallback is that Icom Melbourne is in contact with Icom UK and as of yesterday were indentifying the parts needed and will then send them to Icom UK. I hope they have them in stock, else we have a real problem. Final fallback option is that a friend who is flying over next Monday will bring them if it can be coordinated.

But it’s all cutting it very fine, so fingers firmly crossed. While we can start the Fastnet without it, it would mean no grib weather and no email and no long distance communication. Not really what I would have liked.

Caro – where are you? Glad you’re wet again. Peter D – as far as I know we haven’t heard from you re your prize – do you want a signed shirt? If so, will have to wait till the coming home party! Looking forward to that.
John C, postcard half written – you know what it’s like…

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