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Jul 26, 2005 - 2116hrs UTC │Lymington

2116hrs 26 Jul 2005 UTC Lymington

Today was a big day – we braced the mast, Pete went up and drilled out the pop rivets from the spreader collar, I loosened the shrouds and we took off the collar, took it to the rigger who took it to the welder and it was back in about 2 hours. Gobsmacking!
And back on the mast by the end of the afternoon. Huge worry out of the way and I’ve been funking the thing until we had to do it. Clever bit of bracing – see photos, if they arrived, [ed: they did – kinda small: here and here]. Next ones will be in colour, and we should be able to send pics from inside the start line and the Fastnet rock and all that jazz. Fingers crossed.
Radio at 0915 tomoz. Big finger crossing – breath firmly bated. Watch this space.

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