FROM 1-15. Falmouth, Malta, and environs

Jun 22, 2005 – 1015hrs UTC │Falmouth

1015hrs 22 Jun 2005 UTC Falmouth

[ed: I have included an observer update from Alex’s sister, Isabella, who has been a huge help in the UK – don’t know how she puts up with him!]

Isabella writes: They are due inMalta Friday / Saturday. Mum is worrying what to give the lads for breakfast. I didn’t mention a consultation with aTabasco bacon roll, or she’d have tried to organise it.

Just spoke to Alex who is going ape over internet comms being so bad inFalmouth. Internet caff connection has gone down, there’s a queue at the library and the yacht Club turfed him off after 10 minutes.

He can’t wait for the boat to be back in the water so he can use the radio – he says they think they found the prob today with a waterlogged circuit breaker but have to wait until Berri’s afloat again to test it properly.

[ed: now, back to Alex]

Launch day is now crack of dawn on Friday, before we set off for Heathrow [ed: going toMaltato visit Alex’s mum]. The to-do list is looking much more friendly – sails done, liferaft ordered, rudder fixed – Pete did a great job there – had to lift the main suspension plate in the cockpit by a few mm so that it takes the weight off the bottom pin. New cockpit drain seacocks and tubes, desalinator plumbed in properly, tiller being fixed, kevvo due back from the welder today.

Bill, I’ll try to ring you about the liferaft in the next few days.

And the radio is working again WOOOHOOO! The problem was a faulty circuit breaker – we had tried to isolate it at sea but didn’t really know how it was all set up. The acid test will be when it goes back in the water and I connect the laptop and try to contact sailmail. And get some fastnet grib files…

But the usual problems that you will all recognise – as soon as we start on one fix we find another just underneath it so it’s slow going.

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