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June 09, 2005 - 1400hrs UTC │Falmouth

1400hrs 09 Jun 2005 UTC Falmouth

We’ve had another somewhat knackering morning degunking slime, mould and all the human detritus that accumulates in limber holes and other inaccessible places as well as the slime off the gelcoat which has cooked on and bored into the surface – what’s in this stuff? – and about a square metre of barnacles from under the counter. Berri now sparkling inside and reasonably clean outside – looks like her old self again – very high in the bows cos no sails and other stuff up front and a bit low at the back cos Kevvo’s still attached with nothing to counterbalance.Falklandsdamage to starboard side superficial but obvious – needs TLC.

We hope to slip her next week so now we are shedbound doing a massive sort to decide what goes racing, what gets stored, sent home or just chucked.

Will probably go to London Monday/Tuesday to visit RORC and get the paperwork done for Fastnet entry and just talk to them about requirements – much better than just doing it over the phone – one can do it over a beer.

From Rowley B.

Package delivered to my front-door yesterday.
Am delighted with my “”Berrimilla Around”” jumper.

As an aside, I note a reference is dispatches to a product “”Lanokote””. Does Berri use this on its prop & shaft?
Antifoul treatment is a perenial problem and I’m looking for a better alternative.
Maybe one of the Berri support crew already has the answer?

Rowley – Lanokote works as an antifoul but you do have to keep checking – havent tried to apply it under water but might go on. We use on earthplates as well. Great on your hands too. You can get spray cans of the stuff.

From Malcom C.

A thought from the southern ocean.  To provide a smoother ride for your towed turbine you may wish to put a springer in place so that the cable to the turbine doesn’t transmit all the motion of the boat to the towed body.  A strong band of rubber (bike tire’s inner tube) from the boat to the cable, creating a slack loop in the cable, will enable the rubber to smooth out the shocks a bit, and smooth out the movement of the turbine.  If the turbine does less porpoising it may experience less cavitation.

Malcom – thanks – good idea. Will have a new turbine with two blades soon!

Rigger confident there is a relatively cheap fix – we’re still working o it but I will let you know when we do it- not yet in touch with electronics bod – next week.

Mark B – thanks – we’ll wait till we get back and contact you then.

Just heard from Leroy – we’ll see him and Karen next weekend (17th). WOOHOO!

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