FROM 2-4. Dutch Harbor-Nome (Alaska)

K: Grr wind gods pt 2

Actually I won’t complain. Since Bol wrote her bit and put her head down for the noight, I’ve tacked and gybed about a squillion times. But that 30 knotter from the north is nowhere to be seen!! Now motoring on in direct to Nome in 4 kts of wind, from anywhere and everywhere with a triangle of heady out to help slow the roooollling around and the main nicely flaked on the boom to stop it flapping and disturbing the peace and quite.

It’s sunset again, and has been for about 3 hours. Looking out to the east we could be sailing through a Gainsborough painting. Beautiful. Land on the horizon and a million shades of purple and apricot. And grey. Out to the east is a different story. The usual Bering Sea murk. I put my rain jacket on about an hour ago expecting to get very wet (and probably knocked flat by 30 kts again by the look of it), but so far nothing. Actually almost too warm tonight to wear the full party kit. Have had to shed layers to stop sweltering & water is a balmy 13 deg C! Tropical!!

Anyway, back to the deck to watch the rest of that sunset, make sure no big drifting trees are sneaking up on us, giggle at the dippy “flying penguins” and wait for the sunrise – should start about the same time as sunset finishes tonight I reckon. Haven’t seen full darkness for a couple of days now.


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