FROM 2-5. Nome-Tuktoyaktuk (Canada)

K: Oh Canada!

We've crossed the border and entered Canadian waters. Actually, we did so about 10 hours ago, late last night, but things only calmed down enough to swap the courtesy flags over this morning. I did get a brief glimpse of Canada a couple of hours ago – purple-grey mountains with snow. Inspiring. Wish the rain would stop so we could see more of them!

Fairly frustrating night's sailing. The wind came around on the beam so we had to drop our nice stable poled out hankie and put the main back up for some sloppy reaching. The sea is very confused, with swell running in two directions, about 90 deg to each other. We've been lurching and rolling around as the wind dropped down, picked up, shifted a bit, etc, etc, etc. If Huey is out to make our lives miserable, he's succeeding! Anyway, we changed the sail plan after changing flags, so we're now backed to a pole out hankie, no mainsail, and lurching along at 5 kts in the right direction.

97 NM until we reach the first lead mark into Tuk. Then another 40 miles up the leads through the shallows. But in the grand scheme of things, we're getting close to that hot shower. And the boat to-do list is getting longer too. Ray the autopilot seems to have chucked a semi-permanent wobbly. Will find out when things calm down a bit. In the meantime we're still hand-steering (ye gads! how primative).

Chicken cup-a-soup and a muslie bar for breakfast. We've eaten all the easy-to-reach instant noodles.

Today's shade of grey: damp smudged newspaper. Ick.


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