FROM 1-9. Falklands

Mar 17, 2005 - 2300hrs UTC

2300hrs 17 Mar 2005 UTC 51’41”S 057’49”W Map Ref 123

Stephen (the web bloke):

This update is a compilation of a number of conversations and emails over the few days since Berri reached Port Stanley. Since arriving and clearing customs they boys have been busy reprovisioning, carrying out repairs, further refining the operations of Berri on the high seas – they should have it just about nailed by the time they get back to Sydney. They have holed up in a B&B near the port (although everything in Stanley is near the port). The satellite phone which has given so much grief has been retired and a bright new one that actually works.

There are two current projects on at the moment. The first is that Alex has discovered that the annual Falklands Islands Marathon is on this Sunday, and so he has scammed a pair of running shoes and will run – well, will shuffle the full 42.2k just because it is there. Apparently there is a huge field – 30 I believe – and ideal running conditions 7C and drizzle. Will he never learn?

The second project is setting up a 30 min chat with the International Space Station. Astronaut Leroy Chiao is keen to talk with the boys about their trip so far, and they are exchanging photos. There is even some daft scheme to see if they can photograph each other in the mid Atlantic later in the month.

Finally, currently departure plans are for next Wednesday, but as with most sailing timetables, these things are most fluid.

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