FROM 1-10. South Atlantic-Going up

Mar 25, 2005 - 1400hrs UTC

1400hrs 25 Mar 2005 UTC Map Ref 124

All times back to GMT. We cleared Customs at 1200, departed the jetty at 1300 escorted by a couple of rigid assault boats and entered the Narrows at 1315. We are not running up the S Atlantic on 040M for a point on the equator at about 30 00W. The new generator is working perfectly – thanks everyone concerned with that exercise – and the welded turbine is working too – thanks to J M-B and the RAF.

Arlette – wonderful stay at Lafone and thanks again for everything. Very sad to leave. And to everyone else – lists are too hard – our gratitude and thanks for everything you did for us.

MalcolmR – could you please resend a list of times when the ISS [International Space Station] should be visible – we’ll continue to head 040M for as long as possible, SOG is 6.5 knots at the mo. Ta.

Brittany [Brittany is the NASA scientist co-ordinating the Berri-ISS comms], for your information, in the subject line headers for these updates, the first block of 4 digits is South latitude, the next block of 5 is West longitude, then date/time GMT, then distance to go. I will give you some more specific information tomorrow and keep updating it every day – I think we can start to play tomorrow night, and Leroy can work his own schedule around any convenient night time flypast over the next couple of weeks. With the generator back to full power, we can leave the spotlight on all night. It will be red unless you tell us otherwise. We’ll have the satphone on as well from tonight. Fun by the bucketful and I hope it all works out. When is the spacewalk?

[Brittany’s response]

The EVA (Extravehicular Activity) or spacewalk is scheduled for approx. midnight to 0700 on March 28th. Leroy has an off day on Saturday, March 26th but will probably begin sleep shifting to prepare for the EVA. Depending on when their sleep shifting begins, Saturday could possibly work for Leroy. If things do not work out on Saturday night then you will probably have to try again at the earliest on Monday night.

I have been forwarding your emails to Leroy so he knows what you guys are up to. I know he is excited to try out this experiment!

[Alex’s reply]

Thanks Brittany and Hi Leroy – we’re excited too – how cool can you get. If we can co-ordinate times, we can direct our spotlight towards the ISS if we know where it is and I have asked Malcolm to try send us some times and co-ordinates – Mal, seems we may be looking at Saturday or Monday night. All the best with the EVA, Leroy and we’re looking forward to playing with you. If you are able to call us just before you reach our horizon, we can perhaps get ourselves organised to shine directly at you. Interesting rendezvous! I will be in touch tomorrow afternoon GMT with our likely position for tomorrow night.

[back to normal transmissions]

Happy Easter, all y’all who celebrate it and enjoy the holiday.

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