FROM 1-14. Nearly to Falmouth

May 16, 2005 - 2230hrs UTC

2230hrs 16 May 2005 UTC 25’29”N 035’07”W Map Ref 224 5412nm (2028nm to Falmouth)

full o’cast – high, hazy thin cloud, some lower cu and pale half moon glowing thro directly o’head. #3 and full main – really needs #2 – and mkng – 5 kts )) azores. getting met area 2 egc wx from satcomc so not completely blind. tomoz, will unpack nav qberth again and try to get to 5 amp fuse in radio. cant think what else could be.

satcom seems to be working after frust’ing times earlier. if i had any hair… mal sending ferociously summarised mailcalls to keep cost down. boot ferals laughing again as weather cools – water temp now  23.

almost abeam canaries –  uk, spain, gib, nw africa + newfndld all on nav screen. exciting.

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