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McQ: Deranged but the birds are real!!

Hello everyone!!
It's 0330 am but it could equally be 1530!!
We have just passed our Icy Point waypoint and I am pleased to report there is no ice here to hinder progress. Just inside us to the east is the Blossom Shoal- so named, Big A thinks, after the ship 'Blossom' that 'discovered' them!!! I am not so pleased to report that there is no wind here either… and it looks like that for another 12 hours, then light southerlies inshore (BIG southerlies further offshore- good news for blowing ice out of the way!!!) then lightish westerlies forecast at the moment for a few days time… we have 123nm to Barrow so hopefully we can get there and round the corner, with a bit of iron sail assistance at the moment, before any westerlies blow ice back in… never before has turning a corner been so fraught and nerve-wracking, I don't think!!!
There are lots of crazy birds circling about overhead, squawking away. Its quite weird. They are not LFP's or puffins or dodos or emus or pelicans or indeed any other bird I recognise but I am, however, adamant that they are real!!
I had forgotten how deranged 24 hour daylight can make you feel sometimes!!
Hope everyone well.
Lots of love,

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