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McQ: Feta Brain

I came in here to write a blog, but was immediately consumed by blasting heat that stagnates behind the Cone, so now I too have Feta Brain and am completely incapable of thinking of anything interesting and sensible to write. Instead, here are a selection of random thoughts that have passed between Left Ear and Right Ear recently:

Will we wobble when we step off the boat? I haven’t wobbled since Portugal ’02

The last time I was in a boot room (a real boot room in the arctic, but on land) there were lots of nice boots and a cabinet too. On the cabinet was a sign that said ‘This establishment prides itself on being a bear free zone, therefore please leave all firearms in the cabinet’

Can an onion, bacon, sweetcorn and a tin of tomatoes be used to concoct a semi interesting pasta sauce?
Can we assume that a tin labelled ‘Tom’ contains tomatoes? (No, of course for I labelled the cans!!!)

What was Hemi really afraid of and since there was one in the North and one in the South, was he stuck and unable to go anywhere?

Southern Hemisphere McQ Out…xxx

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