FROM 2-1. Sydney-Equator

McQ: Oh when, when will this bobbety bobbing end???

Oh when will this end??? 5 degrees north apparently…anyone advance on that??? weather gods/gurus??? anyone??? If I wasn’t so superstitious I might think about whistling!!! Actually its not that bad whilst we are moving and there is something to be said for gently lolling along at 2-3knots, lots of time to contemplate life and stuff in general. bit like slow food maybe, gotta be good for you somewhere along the line. Its when we stop that it is soooo painful and in this precariously fragile balance between just the edge of enough apparent wind to move and not that all it takes is one slop of a wave in the wrong direction and one lull or gust in the wrong direction at the same time to bring us to a standstill. And then its just the thwack thwack thwack sound of the dacron sail material flogging about, which is just torturous, and if that’s not bad enough, you become acutely aware that every flog of the sail is a potential rip….

Well, I guess if we had wanted to magically get There in no time at all we would have gone in an aeroplane, or on a magic carpet. I always wanted a magic carpet- mine will be red and blue with silver tassles to hang on to on the corners. It will be big enough for two people and the back edge will curl over our heads to keep us dry if it starts raining… oh and we will travel almost as fast as time itself…

Sorry, reality, reality, many thanks Duncan and Carla for CB instructions- both made perfect sense, to me anyway,!!! I’ll be practising in daylight!!! Wholly agree that a double sheet bend infinitely more useful but thought a CB good as ends can be siezed making it flat. Anyway, totally irrelevant now, just nice to have refreshed the memory on such matters.

Time for a snooze and must get outta here (from behind the Cone) before I drown in my own sweat… sounds kinda drastic that, but that’s how it feels!!!!

Lots of love

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