FROM 2-9. Greenland-N.Atlantic-Falmouth

McQ: Stop press- Bollinger Viciousness Scale Updates

Latest Amendments to the BVS
(Apologies if there is some repetition from the last lot!!!)

Baffin Bay: vicious vicious
Davis Strait: vicious
Labrador Sea: vicious vicious
North Atlantic: vicious vicious vicious
Faraday Seamounts: vicious
North Atlantic Low Pressure System: vicious vicious vicious vicious
Mediterranean Sea: Ooooh, one imagines, warm and un-vicious
Bowhead Whale chasing us down a wave: vicious
Bowhead Whale chasing us down a wave with his mouth open: I porobably wouldn't be here to tell you how vicious such an occurance would be
Icebergs: vicious, doubly vicious at night, triply vicious at night with no visibility, where upon they take on titanic viciousness proportions
Swimming Polar Bears: Not nearly as vicious as you might imagine, despite being only about 5 metres away
Kelly: Less vicious than hot hand warmers, in fact, she'd be top of the Bollinger Delightful Scale, should such a thing exist!
Salt Water: vicious in socks, even more vicious in Ernie the Engine
Cold hands and toes: vicious
Crate of Bollinger Champers on the dock in Falmouth: Oh how un-vicious that would be…

Lots of love
ps FF: Darn you, darn you, darn you, if you hadn't asked for an ETA, my brain wouldn't have started thinking about it and I wouldn't have calculated an optimistic 18th Sept and then the engine wouldn't have seized this morning (water, NOT the starter motor!!) in the light winds!!!
I am reverting to my original, 22nd September ETA now!!!

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