FROM 1-28. How Low To Go? Towards 45°S

Nov 09, 2005 - 1100hrs UTC

1100hrs 09 Nov 2005 UTC 40’56”S 048’29”E Ref 538

Steve, interesting re amm – ta, – also re cyc – keep us posted. just transferred to your wet wx gear. noice – mine now v. tacky. further 2 phone call – approx position of following system, h or l, plus likely strength and direstion system moving wd be appreciated – assume your strenght’s are averages so 40=60 etc.

small celebration – just managed to transmit on 18 megs. might mean troubles decreasing. there will be a con. – later – jst a fluke – still v difficult to get sailmail in or out paul has given us some more p’s to add to our 4 at the end – proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance promoting persevering patiently, prudently and persistently. you can see how stir crazy i get sometimes.

From Paul

Do you get any extra speed from your new main, a few megapixels perhaps?

I’ve been thinking about your desalinator, I’ve never used one, or even seen one! Could you point me in the direction of some information? In the last few exchanges I’ve read from you re economies of power consumption it hasn’t had a mention, don’t you need to use it? It would seem to be a pretty essential piece of kit to me. I’m assuming it purifies salt water which must use a lot of energy, would it be more efficient/use less if it was purifying collected rainwater? Can it be hand powered?

I can imagine your delight at finding extra tonic under the new main! If supplies get really desperate do you have the means to make some homebrew? I wonder if you’ve read Desperate Voyage, about a guy at the end of WW2 who tries to sail singlehanded from the US to Australia with no previous experience. He ends up eating engine grease, and his shoes (what would the boot ferals think of that?). Although you have plenty of ordinary supplies to get you home, how far would you be prepared to go to maintain regular consultations?

 On knowledge and wisdom… I was a teacher in the UK & Cyprus for 12 yrs, and then spent another 12 yrs working for a large commercial diving company in the North Sea. Some of the smartest, quick thinking guys I ever met were not professionals the staffroom, they were “”professionals”” in an unusual industry with no formal qualifications! In some places they might have been refered to as “”wide boys”” but they were successful because they were ahead of the game 24 hours a day. The 7P’s ruled their world.Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance! (Now I’m back teaching again which proves I never learned anything!)

paul – watermaker – swiss company called katadyn – they have a website. uses reverse osmosis and ours draws about 5.5 amps while producing 4.5 ltrs/hour. can be hand powered.

From Clive R.

Hi my name is Clive and I live in Lytham St.Annes.U.k.   I’M not much of a sailor but I have read all your logs with great interest .I follow your progress every day and I am amazed that you  are able to reply to all our questions with interest  and full of information .I wish all the luck in the world in your venture and I only wish I had the luck and the balls (sorry) to do the same . Keep the gin flowing,not too much tonic and a very safe journey to you both .Cheeeers. 

g’day clive – thanks for your note.

john m. st 4000 tiller autopilot – won’t cope with southern ocean warehouses but ok everything else – are you morning gold?

From Graeme

Have been reading your logs and can say that it is nice to be here in Oz on East coast with just a bit of rain. Good to see that you have headed north a bit. Hope you are getting the weather you want rather than just what is thrown at you. Have been talking to Gerry F and will do one of his Radio courses over the weekend.

I see that your entry is in for Hob. Hope yoiu have the crew arranged, if not and you can use a useless old  guy give me a call. Dont know if there is anything that you need but if i can assist give me a call.

graeme – you too – wow. thanks for offer of services – i think we’re ok as long as we can get there in time.

we are trying to head back down the gc – bashing directly into short steep corkscrewing sea – very violent motion, this typing not easy – green water past kitchen window, would be nice to get a break sometime and actually get moving. the nailbiting bit of all this is not easy to sustain.

condensation very bad – keeping computer dry is tricky – sitting with head under plastic bag, braced, poking keybd 1 handed.

chris – perhaps wisdom the state or quality of having seen it (or something like it) all before and being able to act on it. simply, the capacity to act – or, specifically, not act – from experience.

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