FROM 1-28. How Low To Go? Towards 45°S

Nov 11, 2005 - 0900hrs UTC

0900hrs 11 Nov 2005 UTC 42’07”S 052’21”E Ref 543

DB: dmg 63 GPS 104 day 83, 46 to go, 3924 to SEC.

Not a good day – becalmed for 6 hours – back on the road now with good wind. Run rate required getting higher every day. I think this is the first time since Tristan that we have been twin poled in a good westerly making ground in the right direction and doesn’t it feel good! I was expecting the IO to have about 65% of this, more like the S. Pacific. We’re supposed to be able to dial up the wind down here, just by choosing the latitude to run. It ain’t necessarily so!


We have just completed a complicated sail change. We had the #2 poled out to port on the inner forestay on a genoa halyard with a lazy sheet and the cutdown poled out on the outer forestay on a kite halyard and we changed to the #4 on the inner, but to starboard (effectively gybing the boat)and the #5 on the outer to port. Tricky – All done leaving the poles set up – drop the 2, tie off the working sheet through parrot beak to pulpit, rerun lazy sheet to the starboard side and tie off on foredeck. Roll and bag the 2, drop down the hatch and hank the 4 on to the inner forestay, attach lazy sheet. Take port genoa halyard back to mast and bring fwd the port kite halyard and clip onto pulpit. Drop cutdown, tie off sheet through parrot beak to pulpit, roll and bag and drop down the hatch. Attach cutdown sheet to #4, bring fwd the stbd genoa halyard, attach to 4, haul back pole and hoist. Boat now sailing again. Hank #5 on to outer forestay, attach sheet, attach kite halyard previously brought fwd and hoist. Part of each hoist requires significant adjustment of sheets from the cockpit, plus rearranging pole positions using downhaul and topping lift against sheet. Took about 20 minutes, halved the sail area, took a knot off the speed – at least – and stopped the surges and rolls.

Satcom C definitely not transmitting messages. No obvious reason – assume the account has been paid and the equipment seems to be functioning properly.

From John McC

Thanks on the ST4000 advice, I will be fitting one for cruising. If I end up in southern ocean warehouses my nav is really screwed up.

No I am not Morning Gold, the S&S 34 association records a Charles McHardie owns her out of RANSA.  I have done some crewing at RANSA on Fridays in a variety of boats and have seen Morning Gold there.

I bought a Pittwater based 34, Morning Bird, launched in 1984. She has spent 15 of her 20 years of life racing around the cans in Wednesday arvo RMYC races. The previous owner, who had her built, got crook and didn’t use her for 5 years so I have just rebuilt the engine in my garage (goes back in on Tuesday) and am doing plumbing, rigging, instruments etc. I have been boatless for 2 years so am looking forward to getting her going.

Cruising is the intent, up and down the coast and to Lord Howe, maybe around Oz.  I will have her at Cat 2 standard so may put a crew together to go to Coffs in 2007. I have done a couple of Coffs and they are gentlemanly races for sailors like me.

I expect you have lots of volunteers but if you need a crewmember when you return please let me know.

Stay upright.

John McC – will have my spare 2nd hand factory recon with new motor etc.(July this year)ST4000 tiller actuator arm 4 sale on arrival @ half RRP. You’d still have to buy control head and fluxgate. Will have done perhaps 100 hours. Also recon Ampair generator with wind kit and 2 spare turbines.

Malcom – fax  good idea tks but unlikely to be much use talking to them. Different if could meet ship and get diesel etc.

From Ross & Liz

Its 32 degrees in Sydney today, sultry & it looks like thunderstorms. I was going to ask you about the party gear but I notice you changed into Steve’s. Has it held up well the Gill gear? You should get sponsorship for possibly the longest continuous use under harsh conditions.

Hi Ross – the Gill gear has been fantastic – we both use it – I’ve got their inside and mid layer gear too.

Finally sent 11/1630

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