FROM 1-30. To abeam Cape Leeuwin

Nov 27, 2005 – 0716hrs UTC

0716hrs 27 Nov 2005 UTC 46’03”S 101’58”E Ref 591

1900 to go. the crew – s2h 2005 – looks like being jeanne crozier, sarah crozier, james judd, allan fenwick (see, we really do like him) allan’s teddy bear, pete and alex. joanne cackett from yachting world magazine was going to come out and write the story from the inside, but i think the need to make early decisions in the face of the uncertainty of our actually making it made for prudence and sadly, she won’t be with us. jeanne and sarah are pete’s wife and daughter, both ace sailors, james has his own brolga, has done lots of beachball sailing (sorry james, couldn’t resist it)and some serious stuff including a hobart with us and several others, fenwick has an s+s 34, umpteen hobarts and lord howes and has been around the horn as a kid with his dad, teddy has done it all everywhere but we have to keep him away from the gin. the two old farts will be along to do the sail changes. three brolgas and an s+s 34 represented.

we’re slowing down a bit – may be time for the cutdown again. mal thinks 9/12 is still possible – i think it’s a bit ambitious – we’ve been lucky cracking this system. i still think 11/12 may be doable.

[Ed: I said ‘possible’, not ‘likely’ :-)]

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