FROM 1-25. Blowing a (super) gale

Oct 20, 2005 - 0900hrs UTC

0900hrs 20 Oct 2005 UTC 39’34”S 010’06”E Ref 463

These logs seem to be rather Alex centred – because, I suppose, they more or less follow the gyrations of my undisciplined mind – but Pete is out there too – as i write, he is on the foredeck taking down the storm jib and setting the 4. When he’s ready, I will go up and work the halyard for him and then I’ll go to bed for a bit. Pete is writing a teriffic journal which he reads me bits of. We will get it transcribed when we get back and integrate it with these logs for The Book. Steve has everything date stamped including your emails so it will be a week or three of sitting at a terminal and two columns of files on a big screen and integrating entry by entry. Tedious but, I think, ultimately worthwhile. Thanks to the person who told us about the authors’ website – was it Caro? The madding crowd becomes a blur when I’m a bit knackered – still amazed by it all and your generosity with both money and personal thoughts and ideas. I think we will have to have two coming home parties – one in Oz and perhaps one in the UK so that we can meet as many of youse as possible and say thanks personally. Would that work? If so, where and how do we communicate? Worth thinking about?

Pete has just worked the halyard all by himself. Stalwart fellow. Makes a big difference – the boat is now balanced and Kevvo isn’t sweating in the yoke quite so much. So I can go to sleep for a bit. Will continue this with the 0900 fix.

3934 01006 20/0900 61/49

DB 100 gps 120; 6133 SEC, 5089 Freo, Not a good day for progress – we are only 24 miles closer to SEC. Mostly the climb to the north. Now have full main and 2. Almost no wind, as expected.

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