FROM 1-26. Through the Barn Door

Oct 26, 2005 – 0900hrs UTC

0900hrs 26 Oct 2005 UTC 37’22”S 018’43”E Ref 488

DB: DMG 42, gps 73 67/43

Making slow progress again – heading SE with 50 miles to the barn door at about 3730 S. The chart shows some amazing seamounts under here – they rise almost vertically from the seabed at about 5000m up to 1500m – and all in a circle about 6 miles across. Old volcanic plugs perhaps? There are quite a lot of them, like huge stalagmites.

We are gradually getting the boat back in order. The generator seems to be close to the end – we examined it and there is a lot of movement in the bearings, especially the rear. We cant take it apart to fix it – the two halves are bonded together in an oven, we were told. And the storm damaged the solar panel array – not sure how it happened, but the back of the panel has been scratched at the edge of one of the discs and there is a green stain. This seems to be serious – but the panel is still working and is running the watermaker as I write. Pete has slaved away up in the forepeak and rearranged sails, stowed empty plastic bottles, retrieved food from the bins under the sails and rearranged the bins and packed them in with sails. He’s now resting the rest of the just.

Fenwick – please pass on our best wishes to the LHI fleet -keep your mobile on and we might try to give you a quick call if the weather permits.

From Colin B.

Hope all three of you are bearing up under the strain. Of little comfort to you, but several hats dipped to you, especially while you’re being pummelled, keep your chins up. A weeks good running and you could be back on schedule, will still try and organise a Brolga escort up to the Iron Pot if you can come this way! 

God speed and my hopes for a fair wind for you.

Colin, Hobart looks doubtful on the way across – we are looking iffy even for the start from here. Hi Maggie and Ian, Martin, Steve W. – sorry cant be there just for the mo!

Just crossed 19E. Woohoo!

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