FROM 1-26. Through the Barn Door

Oct 29, 2005 - 1530hrs UTC

1530hrs 29 Oct 2005 UTC 37’57”S 024’55”E Ref 499

Today’s little tragedy – we went to a lot of trouble to preserve our cans of ale by covering them in wd40 and insulating them from the s/s ice boxes – and almost succeeded. I was doing a final count today in the main icebox and, sadly, found that about 6 or 7 cans had deteriorated to the point where they have to be drunk in the next 24 hours or so if they survive that long and two had died altogether. Another two were just expiring. That makes a huge hole in our tiny remaining stock. I think that a periodic maintenance schedule would be needed next time – take them all out at least every couple of weeks and re grease and stow them and carefully dry out any salt water in the box. Big job, but I guess it reduces with time. I hope the few we have in their original packs in plastic bags in the forepeak are still ok. We have so little available storage space that the iceboxes seemed – and still seem – to be the best place for as many as they will hold. Looks like a dry passage from much earlier that we had hoped. Oh bother. A glooomy prospect. PPPP! We Shall Overcome! If they do last till tomorrow, we can celebrate our record passage in style, DV & WP! There might even be a spare to drink the health of the Dame who done it faster.

We have thought a bit about where to from here – the primary focus is the start line and so Bass Strait is looking like the go, with a short stop to clear Customs, refuel and restock the fridge in Eden. Albany with or without Eden is still a possibility but it is looking very much as if we will bypass SE Cape. A pity in a way – it would have crowned the endeavour.
We’ll know more by half way across. Start line is still on the cards but we need a bit of luck.

Had a fast day so far, cracking 7’s and 8’s generally along the Gt Circle but now back down to #4 and 5.5 in 35 – 40 NEasterly on the back of the high. More roll and gyration.

Jo C at YW, you’re on for the S2H if you want to take a punt and I’m sure we could get you a ride with someone else if we don’t make it. Let me know where your head is so we can plan.

From Mark L

Alex, a question  – just to distract you from the interminable clenching. (and because you are my yachting authority).

 My beloved Top Hat (Baker built, Shilland sails – what a coincidence!) – is taking in a litre a day whilst at the mooring. The prop shaft gland (I think that’s what it’s called ) seems OK.. Is a litre a day excessive – or am I just being paranoid?

 Let me know in December.

Mark L – By Jove, I think you’ve got it! About once a minute or longer would be reasonable. Can be tightened with big special spanner from chandler or friendly engineer as long as stuffing not stuffed – else needs restuffing. Also, does it have a grease cap? If so, fill it up with waterproof grease (several times if it has been neglected) and screw down and that might fix without all the rest. I think a restuff can be done quite easily without slipping if you have access but get advice. You can stuff the outer end of the gland with grease if you don’t mind going over the side and that should minimise water intake. Baker boats don’t osmose. Where do you keep it?

From Marcus H

 Firstly a big thank you for keeping all this together. I am sure that thousands of people are following the progress of Alex and Pete in this fantastic venture. It has certainly kept me gripped more than any book I have ever read. In fact it is like reading a “”living book”” with everyone behind the heros willing them to succeed.

  And now to Alex and Pete this is an update on the berrimilla sandwich. I read in your last log (0730 26th Oct) that you have just run out of bacon. Oh Disaster! and just as sales are starting to pick up in the restaurant. I even had one customer tell me that it was the best bacon sandwich that he had ever had.Thank you for the kick start into starting to serve breakfast in my restaurant.I am still trying to sell the hot chocolate and coffee idea will let you know.

I wish you well and still check in every day.Hang on tight and think of the great consultation that all your followers will have when you arrive.

Marcus – glad breakfasts are a success. The coffee is definitely an acquired taste. A bit like The Doctor!

G’day Coombsey – Thanks for your note – I really do miss all that but once past the use by date, mate, it’s definitely time to go. Love to hear from you guys and anyone at SITACS and the Dept. at UoW, but please use, not direct to the boat. Ta.

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