FROM 1-27. Indian Ocean Examiner

Oct 30, 2005 - 0900hrs UTC

0900hrs 30 Oct 2005 UTC 38’46”S 026’18”E Ref 502

DB: DMG 139 ! GPS 137? Something to do with the great circle? Real current on our side for once? 71/39

So we start another, shorter leg, perhaps. Consultation has occurred, jelly snakes consumed and back to the grind. Dirty grey overcast, rain showers, #5 and trisail, could probably hold more but gusty, big waves, almost beam on, wind due to back and increase. We seem to have a couple of knots of current with us. Malcom, continuous digital readout of T, now 17.8. Tks for ships – I’m sure you will let us know if there’s any possibility of a meeting…Ta.

From Martin S.

Re S2H news “BlankHello Berris – just read your latest log, re going for it balls to the wall, to the max, to get to the line on time, and I am impressed, and humbled, and mad at myself for even thinking that I would have said ‘Sod it’ at the first sign of adversity and headed for somewhere (Cape Town theoretically, probably impossible realistically) that had warm showers and cold medicines on tap.

I can just see Berri arriving on C’mas Eve (I wont say C’mas Day, but am hoping it will be at least a week B4), having a tumultuous welcome, quick Customs, hopefully not a pierhead jump for the S2H crew, re-stock with potions and foods, and then set off to do battle again – an extra 6 days on a 4 month voyage is so insignificant in distance and time that you will be thinking it will be an absolute doddle. I hope. And it will.

Anyways, hope this can be received by sailmail – Stephen, please edit or wait until C’mas if you have to use the Sat-man. We are rooting for you all the way here. Havent posted Merlin the Wizard yet, but will do on Mon or Tues – am pleased a place in Sydney can still resurrect Wizards.

Fair winds, and 8 knots home.

Martin, thanks for encouraging words and the Wizard – I shall cherish him just as I did his predecessor. John H – I hate to think what the EEO coordinator would do out here.

Need new grib so will send this.

Contributed by Ian of Chatham in the UK:

With apologies to all poets, past and present!!

Down in the Southern ocean with seas so steep
Battles Berri onward while landlubbers sleep
Waves crash down from as high as the mast
And the crew want to know how long it will last

 A consultation or two with the doctor each day
Help these two old farts stagger on their way
Not for this pair are the slippers and pipe
Should I bid for their t-shirt using Hammersnipe?

They beat to the north to escape the worst
But it doesn’t work, this ploy of theirs
For the examiner hears of it and scuppers the plan
And orders more waves, then speeds up the fan

But “How did ‘he’ know?” ask the wily old pair
The answer is behind them, up in the air!
Old alby glides by all pink in the light
And reports back to ‘him’ what’s in his sight

The examiner laughs, there’s a glint in his eye
And the bomb doors are opened as alby flies by
They jink to the left and then the right
But it’s too late now, Kevvo’s covered in shite

It gets worse each day, can they take much more
For it’s still a long way to the old barn door
The folks at home read the sitreps each day
While the old farts onboard begin to pray

And it’s not over yet for while the duo heave to
The examiner plans more than a knockdown or two
Over she goes, to one twenty or more
Gear flying about to land on the floor

 But Alex writes on during this terrible spell
For this old sailor has much to tell
Stories of Merlin – defunct, dead, deceased
Lost sandals and glasses on their journey east

Jammed at the table by elbows and knees
Squinting to hit one in three right keys
Pete wedged in the bog, a little unsure
Shouts that this wasn’t in the bloody brochure

And wet socks are the order of the day
For the ferals have eaten the boots away
The doctor’s on ration, this isn’t a jest
The stock is depleted in the medicine chest

Water cannot be made without wrigglies we hear tell
And the genny and solar panel are both shot to hell
The tinnies in the eski have rusted away
Someone should have given them a monthly spray

Wet party gear on to change sail once more
As Berri is nearing the elusive barn door
Then at last, it’s here, they are finally through
And their shout can be heard……


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