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Sep 01, 2005 - 0845hrs UTC

0845hrs 01 Sep 2005 UTC 30’10”N 019’34”W Ref 324

We are actually further from Hobart here than we were at Falmouth, by about 200 miles. We have sailed nearly 20 degrees westwards to allow us to get around Africa, and we will need to go a lot further to get behind the south atlantic high once we cross the equator.

However, the DB says: 24 hrs = 130, total 1420/1440 off the GPS but applying the fudge factor, say 125 for the days run, added to the Estimated DMG from last nights email gives 1225+125= 1350/1440 = -90, so we’ve regained 5 miles. That’s the fudge factor method. Or I could plot it all on a chart.

Or I could use my Merlin calculator (remember them? – wonderful bit of kit) to calculate the rhumb line and gt. circle distances between 0900 fixes – which I’ve done and it gives me 124 miles rounded, so fudge was not bad, but we’ve only regained 4 miles. I will use the Merlin from here and assume that we have 12000 miles to go. The new Daily Bull will have the days run between fixes and distance to go, so:

DB: 124, 12000  Still not quite an accurate rendition of DMG but a reasonable approximation. You can work out for yourselves what the run rate needs to be to get us home by Dec 11 as we progress. Why should I do all the work?

Still twin poled,relatively easy sailing, Kevvo in charge and we just look out for ships and do the chores. Have transferred fuel from the cockpit to the main tank and we have 160 litres left within measurement tolerances. And as we eat stuff and Consult, space appears and we can repack things and even find long lost underpants and books and other goodies. I’m still working on crossword no 2 – Think I’m stuck but there’s plenty of time. Pete is reading Morse – all those Colin Dexter quotes from the way up to Falmouth.

There was a tiny white crawly insect on the laptop screen last night and I found it or another on my crossword this morning. Baby cockroaches? Mutated boot ferals – wonder how they are doing – elephant fleas? little dung beetles looking for nourishment? Will investigate with magnifying glass if I find another.

From Ann G.

Subject: Phat

Phat is a bicycle manufacturer in California – elevated handle bars.  Tres cool!
Phat is also a program used in a Windows platform to help install LINUX platform on PCs.
Phat is also a slang word to describe something ‘cool’.
Phat also means ‘pretty hot and tempting’.

Subject: Chuff

A couple of pointers – to chuff is to expell methane from your nether porthole.

To be chuffed is to be okay with life.

I am unchuffed right now because my rather primitive, and probably misinterpreted as not serious, question about avoiding the African coast and going home thorugh the Med was not listed in the questions of the day.  I’m bruised but I shall prevail.

Hope all is going well.  The gulf of mexico (alabama, louisiana, western florida, mississippi) states are reeling under extreme environmental damage due to hurricane Katrina.  New Orleans is under 20 feet of water.  100’s of people dead – so not as devastating as the sunami last year but just as intense.

Ann G thanks twice and sorry about your question – don’t remember seeing it, but actually in my opinion much hairier – less phat – going that way than the way we are going, but for different reasons – we should post the replies – I like the bike manufacturer and I’d worked out a possible acronym that was close – mine was pretty hot and terrific. Tempting is much better.

From Tori P.

Glad to be of help with some trivia..””phat”” means cool, a bit like “”sick”” which means awesome.Used mostly by the skateboardy snowboardy 14 to 25 set.Used by the young kids in Ozzie a lot these days.

This mother has been known to use it too just to annoy the kids!!!

Lovely to keep following you.

Tori too – thanks all y’all.

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