FROM 1-20. Belmore and Pete swims

Sep 12, 2005 - 1245hrs UTC

1245hrs 12 Sep 2005 UTC 10’07”N 023’57”W Ref 355

Now only 607 miles to the equator, perhaps 300 to the trades. That would take us to 5N, half way down the Atlantic from Fmth to 40S. Too hot by half – and the laptop is hot to the touch. We are making about 5 litres of water per day to stay ahead, using the solar panel alone. Too hot to sleep during the day, not hungry, just grinding out the miles between Consultations. The very best moment is the first sip of G&T at about 5pm each day – even though it’s warm and we’ve used the last of the lemons and are into bottled lemon juice. The first one with ice in it in three months or so will be a bit special, like the one Isabella made for us in Falmouth on June 3. We have a makeshift Coolgardie fridge keeping the ready use potions a couple of degrees cooler, but they are still at about 30 degrees –  the sea is 31 degrees. Roll on the southern ocean – whoever wants to sail the tropics is welcome. I think I’m whingeing too much – where’s that goat? Does anyone know the name of the second goat, Corelli’s restitution? Does anyone care?? The little things that occupy the mind in a tiny, hot world.

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