FROM 1-20. Belmore and Pete swims

Sep 15, 2005 - 0915hrs UTC

0915hrs 15 Sep 2005 UTC 06’34”N 022’08”W Ref 364

Have just spoken to Steve after one of the worst nights ever in my sailing career. As if the Vogon Constructor Fleet parked itself at Fox studios with nowt to do so thought it would indulge in a bit of idle chuck-the-bus-shelter. Plus emptying their water tankers by superjet. So they picked us up in their grapplers and flung us about through the jets – farting and growling and grumbling amongst themselves. Not for fun or anything – they don’t do fun – just because they were there.

Seems we can’t escape this nasty strip of evil weather system – storm clouds everywhere, wind from everywhere, short lumpy sea on big swell from nowhere in particular. And no visible sign of improvement over 48 hours so far. 10 kts to 40 kts from anywhere, but trend from the south. Sail changes, tacks to nothing, headsail up and down, tedious. But could be much worse.

DB: 60, 11543 (gps 99) Yuk! 39 wasted miles…

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