FROM 1-21. Equator to Left Turn

Sep 24, 2005 - 0930hrs UTC

0930hrs 24 Sep 2005 UTC 09’08”S 027’11”W Ref 384

DB: 145, 9512 gps 147. Wooohooo. And what a day! the Swannies get up, we’ve got 4000 miles in the can, going down the hill.

We had an early email from Jeanne with the result, and then a satphone call. Noice. So we had a little consulting session for the Swans and another 4 4k nm.

From Simon B., Digiboat

[…] just reading through Alex’s adventures and discovered he’s still having USB problems? My own onboard experiences with laptops has shown me that mechanical failures can be common – with the USB joint being levered up and down with normal use, the soldered joints holding the socket does “”crack”” off the motherboard.

If this be his case, then inconsistant and erratic behaviour are to be expected.

However, I did read sonething in his logs that might be important:

Sitrep: 1715hrs 07 Sep 2005 UTC 18’26”N 025’51”W Ref 339
Does anyone know how to permanently remove the serial ballpoint mouse so that it doesn’t boot or isn’t seen by XP?

This is the WRONG idea, he actually wants the wrong mouse driver to install itself (serial ballpoint mouse driver), then to DISABLE it in Device Manager – NOT delete it! (He may need to unplug the offender after it installs itself to regain control of the laptop, so he can get to Device Manager).

Installed like this, XP will now: “”see”” the USB converter as the serial mouse, check for a driver – FOUND – but disabled, so won’t use it as a mouse, leaving it free to be used correctly by other programs.

Anyway, don’t know if he’s resolved it already, or if this approach is the solution, but I offer it anyway.

Simon, I’ve worked out how to disable – but you cant do it if the whole screen has gone ape. I tried on the last crash and got the blue screen. It destroys the active desktop as well and makes a real mess. Deleting the serial ballpoint when it appears (not always) seems to work. Still have to repair the desktop each time..

G’day to all the new Gusts – welcome aboard the flea’s back. We’re racing south as fast as its little legs will carry us.

From John S.

  I Have thoroughly enjoyed following  your voyage since 700 miles west of the horn…I sent an email re super glue somewhere off Rio, but have enjoyed your reference to being on the Fox sound stage and buckets of water being thrown over you at irregular moments….I too am in an upside down cruise liner and a small group of us have been battling our way out since June, we have survived the water and explosions and flooding that happens in an upside vessel and we hope to emerge into the daylight early in Nov…

 We are on the sound stage at Warners in Hollywood, and even tho I am an OZ and live in Sydney ,I am privileged to be able to work on these kinds of films ..I joined with Wolf \gang Peterson to do “”The Perfect storm “” a few years back

The film is a remake of “”The Poseidon Adventure “” and will be released in May 06

Safe sailing

John S., I hope your boat comes in too – and the Vogon constructor fleet leaves you alone.

From Richard G., Malta

I wish both of you the best of luck. I have relatives in Sydney and one of my cousins races his own boat in Sydney Harbour. You may wish to contact me directly maybe you may meet when you get home.

Best regards from Malta

Richard G, I will contact you direct as soon as I can. You can send us more details if you like via

From Bill W., Sydney

Only now just caught up on your logs to current. Great trip (congrats on Fastnet what a great result). See you in december at RANSA.

Bill W at RANSA – we are really looking forward to a twilight or two!

From Jose V.

Indeed, there are people out here that are are keeping an eye on what you’re doing and wish you all the best. Hope you will be able to get some nice wind now – after all you’re following pretty much the route that Vasco da Gama (and Pedro Alvares Cabral – he seems to have been the first European to get to Brazil) followed some 500 years ago. I just hope you’re having more fun than they did!

Jose -I wonder what da Gama and Cabral would have made of GPS and weather by email grib file and above all, a satellite phone? Cabral was probably the first one to find his way back to make a report… Selwyn, G’day.

We’re still a bit gobsmacked by the RORC award – something to be proud of and appreciate for ever. Shame we can’t go and collect it – late again for our second RORCfest.

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