FROM 2-10. Falmouth-Crosshaven-Fastnet

This is what I sent from the boat earlier today

…to the wrong address. To be fixed

Hooning again
This will be the first one from the boat if I've got the address right. We left Crosshaven at 1115 this morning after loading sufficient medication to get us most of the way back to Oz and now we're at 51 28N 007 45W in a 20 kt S Wester and hooning along at about 7 knots towards Land's End. Crosshaven pictures from Falmouth tomorrow.

So nice to have Berri alive again after she's been a rather sad and sorry inanimate object alongside the pontoon. The trip over was a really good workout, even though it was pretty unpleasant from about half way. Now we're in a steepish quartering sea and rolling a lot but it will soon be time for the daily Con – this time with an obscure medical practitioner we found in a run down surgery in the back blocks of Falmouth. And Crosshaven was lovely. Thanks everyone for looking after us so well.

We're at the Longships Lighthouse at Land's End – about 140 miles in 23 hours. Nice little hoon. Should be in Falmouth late afternoon, AGW. Thousands of little dolphins frothing around and leaping earlier – light brown with whiteish undersides – I'll look them up when I can find the book. Jet con trails all over the sky – different people, different lives…

And here we are alongside in Falmouth – a day of amazing cloud formations ahead of some wind tonight. We even managecd a rendezvous with Alan from Crosshaven at Lands End – he was delivering a big powerboat to Cork from Southampton – we'd said goodbye to him in Crosshaven less than 24 hours earlier.

Photos when I have a better link.

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