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1-30. To abeam Cape Leeuwin

Dec 01, 2005 - 0415hrs UTC │Salute to John Witchard

0415hrs 01 Dec 2005 UTC 45’42”S 113’33”E Ref 605

It seems that my dissertation on the extraction method of excretion has aroused some happy and some less than happy memories. Apparently, it is well known to most sailors as ‘pump as you dump’ – is there a Latin scholar … Continue reading

2-9. Greenland-N.Atlantic-Falmouth

Engine problems 5443 03515

Just spoken to Alex on satphone. The engine has packed up (ingress of water) it may or may not start again. There is no need to panic. The most important thing is battery power. LizzieLizzie the Whizzer: Berrimilla’s wind generator (the wind generator) is still going strong. But there will … Continue reading

2-9. Greenland-N.Atlantic-Falmouth

5256 02941

Had a last despairing joust with the engine. I’m afraid it’s a head job and I just don’t have the tools out here – valve compressors and the like – so we’ll live without it for the time being. Pity.

Dave C, if you are reading this in Falmouth (IzzAlex’s … Continue reading

2-9. Greenland-N.Atlantic-Falmouth

5239 02720 Berri's engine problem

For anyone who might be interested – and people who design boats! Berri has a sealed fresh water cooling system that is cooled by raw water in a heat exchange on top of the engine. Raw water is pumped through a filter and anti-syphon device through the heat exchange and … Continue reading

2-9. Greenland-N.Atlantic-Falmouth

5230 02558 Engine part 2

When we get to fixing the little beast, I’m going to try to find a suitable non-return valve to put in the exhaust line between the engine and the muffler – or just a simple shut-off valve, but that would require a special stating procedure – no key until valve … Continue reading

2-9. Greenland-N.Atlantic-Falmouth

Falmouth - can't be! We just left...

Just been interviewed by Deborah Cameron from the ABC in Oz – dreadful interview – I think she was in a hurry to get to someone else and I was too slow to make my points. Difficult when you’re woken at midnight!

Still haven’t quite assimilated the fact that Berri … Continue reading