Topic: Knots

Oct 07, 2005 - 2355hrs UTC

2355hrs 07 Oct 2005 UTC 31’51”S 016’16”W Ref 422

On stuff-ups and rolling hitches.

If you are the sort of sailor who never makes mistakes, checks everything twice, always hooks on the kiteSailors’ slang for a spinnaker the right way round – a golden haired favourite of every skipper – … Continue reading

Oct 08, 2005 - 0900hrs UTC

0900hrs 08 Oct 2005 UTC 32’36”S 015’53”W Ref 423

DB: 114, 7739 gps 132 (all over the ocean yesterday!) 49/61

A PS to my last about rolling hitches. If you haven’t got a convenient halyard winch and your two lee winches are loaded and tensioned, do not despair. Leave the … Continue reading

1-33. Sydney-Hobart Race 2005

Jan 02, 2006 - 1900hrs EDT │Hobart

1900hrs 02 Jan 2006 EDT Hobart

The day after the day before…

FenwickA friend and clearly a colourful character – lovely bloke – went back to the boat to sleep last night after a big meal up here at the Sutherland’s and it was lucky he did. Some idiot – … Continue reading