Topic: Weather

1-5. Mid Pacific to Heading South

Feb 13, 2005 - 0339hrs UTC

0339hrs 13 Feb 2005 UTC 45’36”S 140’07”W Map Ref 61 3263nm

This looks like being a trivia update. We’re sticking to the strategy and following the tops of the lows across the ocean at somewhere between 45 & 50S whichn keeps us in manageable wind strength and waves most of … Continue reading

1-5. Mid Pacific to Heading South

Feb 16, 2005 - 0325hrsUTC

0325hrs 16 Feb 2005 UTC 46’19”S 131’43”W Map Ref 66 3696nm

I’ve been asked what the weather is like down here. We are in the South Pacific Convergence ZoneInter Tropical Convergence Zone, also known as The Doldrums (SPCZ) where warm moist air out of the highs to the north mixes … Continue reading