Topic: Lessons learned

1-2. Hobart (Tasmania)-Dunedin (NZ)

Jan 13, 2005 - 0617hrs| 45’25”S 155’08”E.

Having launched myself into a new day with yet another sail change and some coffee, here goes with some reality. its been a slow old night – sorry Roger – we’ve spent the first few days discovering what happens out here and – for me at least – it needs … Continue reading

1-20. Belmore and Pete swims

Sep 17, 2005 - 0345hrs UTC │Pete's Swim

Pete’s Swim: (I will add to this as we think of more) What happened: We are not sure how the boat came to gybe. I think that we had used the electric autopilot to tack after we put the reef in and – as often happens – the actuator arm had disconnected from the tiller so the boat was not under the control of either autopilot. … Continue reading

1-20. Belmore and Pete swims

Sep 17, 2005 – 1530hrs UTC │Pete’s view of events

1530hrs 17 Sep 2005 UTC 04’24”N 024’16”W Ref 370

DG 76, 10376 (GPS 76) Seem that’s going to be about par for the next couple of weeks – we’re going to be hard on the wind down to Trinidade, but I hope we’ll get lifted so we don’t have to … Continue reading

1-21. Equator to Left Turn

Sep 20, 2005 - 1000hrs UTC

We had our normal Breakfast Short Consultation today, bulk billed, of course, with the medico from Dublin and then we decided that the crossing should be appropriately celebrated with a southern hemisphere based medicinal potion so – half and half Dr Bundy and ASDA orange squash was the go. Noice. Very Noice – thanks Dave and RANSA. This could become habit forming. … Continue reading