FROM 2-1. Sydney-Equator

Alex - packing continues....

Marc came aboard yesterday and sorted Airmail and the HF connections for us and we did a test flight storing the diesel containers in the forepeak. Food mostly bagged and McQ has been making lists to be laminated. Can’t believe that we might actually be able to find things.

Gusts in the Gustbook! Hi everyone and welcome back to some of you! It’s 3 in the morning here – McQ is out getting her final fix of partying and I’m thinking of all the hundreds of tiny things that never made it on to lists. Eisenhower said that a plan was useless but planning was everything – and Montgomery is said to have been able to sleep immediately before a battle knowing that everything had been done that could have been. Montgomery I am not.

Today, we will wedge in the diesel containers with packed inflatables, sails, fenders – whatever fits – and perhaps fill them. Take most of the food down and load it into the starboard quarterberth. Pack the papers, books, charts, manuals…Fill the water tank…screw in the spare watermaker…find my wet weather gear…buy dental floss…

Almost time, too, to look at the weather for next week. McQ is stressing that she’s almost never got past Coffs without some sort of headbang so we’ll have to start in a southerly! She does have her HGTTG set though so when the Vogon Constructor Fleet arrives to obliterate Coffs, we will both recognise it and go for the towels. Will be fun to read it all again – Berri at the end of the universe with Marvin out in the carpark.

All very ephemeral at the mo. I remember how hard the last one was at times and I hope we can work this one out as we go along – the benefit of planning rather than a plan.

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