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Here we go......

Alex Blog 1It is beginning to seem as if this burst of silliness has legs (*are we becoming a veritable centipede, infact???*). We have just bought half of Woolworths, and McQueen has spent most of the day sorting it, writing chinese (*and drawing random pictures of cows and carrots, of … Continue reading

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Alex - update -a rather dull one

Today will be all about setting up the laptops with the latest Airmail software and, I hope, Canadian weatherfax frequencies. If all that works, some minor fixes inside Berri and we can try out a stowage plan for all the stuff. There’s a lot of it.

Then we have … Continue reading

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Alex - packing continues....

Marc came aboard yesterday and sorted Airmail and the HFHigh Frequency – usually refers to HF radio which is long range digital radio that Berrimilla used to send all but a few of the logs on both circumnavigations. The radio was connected via a Pactor 3 digital modem to Alex’s … Continue reading

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A Blog from McQueen - Stuff

Kimbra sent an email last week where she mentioned she had ten weeks to go, well here in Sydney there is officially less than one!! Thats pretty daunting!! When customs have cleared us out we officially have to go within 24 hours so I imagine that moment will be when … Continue reading

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Alex - Just the ragged ends..............

Final loading today, except for last minute fresh stuff. I think it’s all going to fit too, which is astonishing. Almost room for the jacuzzi and an exercise bike.

I’ve been pondering this stuff -

It seems to me that we ought to do a bit better doing it … Continue reading

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McQueen- A lot of consulting

After yesterday afternoon’s consultationA regular engagement with alcohol. One might say this whole epic is a Consultation with a bit of a sail round it. See also Conservation Mode; Linear and Parallel Methods of Consultation, and boy was there a lot of consulting going on (til it got dark infact!!), … Continue reading

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Clank and dammy in the pre dawn gloom

Trepidation builds. It’s raining. It’s 0430 and I’m packing my personal clothing which is a bit of a challenge. We will be needing tropical gear and Arctic gear and all the bits in between. Arctic gear less of a problem because if we eventually get past Coffs and up to … Continue reading

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Dilbert at dawn

Awake in the middle of the night again and only one more sleep to go. Cold, wet and bleak outside and makes everything seem bigger and more scary. You’re all out there and somehow we have to make it work. I’ve just been sent Dilbert’s boss failing the Turing test … Continue reading

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McQ -Bloggety - blog

Well folks, things are all starting to happen quite quickly. Can you believe there is only one night of sleeping in a large flat bed left?? Wee Berri is fully laden and there is still more to go on board!!! We really will need to draw the line somewhere: but … Continue reading

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Fortune cookie

Yesterday we were sent a tiny slip of paper from a fortune cookie that said ‘The ship is safer in the harbour but it is not meant for that’. Today is the day that the good ship Berrimilla will become our little cradle on the ocean – the incredibly monstrously … Continue reading

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McQ: Hair Management

I can’t believe today is today, in fact I have spent a lot of time recently in utter disbelief. We really are going now- the hair management programme has started: yesterday HilaryAlex’s partner and Katherine’s mother cut my hair, so at the very least I can begin with neat bunches … Continue reading